Meet the Team

Linda Chung Thoughts is a small fansite dedicated to TVB artiste, Linda Chung. Opened on September 26 2010, we aim to provide all fans with the latest updates and news on Linda in English. More than that though, we hope that Linda Chung Thoughts will someday become a place where all Linda fans can come to share their thoughts and communicate with each other.

How Linda Chung Thoughts came to be: To be honest, I am not sure why I started Linda Chung Thoughts in the first place. But whatever it is, it had kept me going for that past 2 years!

The name "Linda Chung Thoughts": Beside serving as a news source for Linda fans, I do hope that we can take a further step and establish a fans community here. Step by step, we've been trying to get fans involvement. Initially starting from a one person team, we now have a big strong team of translators and contributors! No words can describe how grateful I am towards all of them and for all the work they had dedicated to the site.

Translator: Wendy

Translator: Bell
Translator: Alanna
Translator: Audrey
Translator: Jwan
Co-Author: Han
Co-Author: Ginny

Blogmistress: Lynne
Country: Canada
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Favourite Series: A Journey Called Life
Favourite Character: Sze Ka Ka in A Journey Called Life
Favourite Co-star: Steven Ma
Favourite Song: "Swear" from The Legend of the Demigods

How I started to like Linda Chung: It all started with Tvb Musings. For tvb fans who've been online for at least 2 or 3 years, you should know what I'm talking about :)

Why I like Linda Chung: Long story short; kind, modest, hardworking and particularly a sense of relatability (probably because I am from near her place).