Linda & Moses’ “My Favorite Couple” award + Best Smile award Acceptance speech

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Host: Alright. My Favorite TVB Couple award goes to…Yes Sir Sorry Sir’s Moses Chan and Linda Chung!

Host: Congrats! Lets invite Mr Chan to give out the awards, there are two as they are a couple!

Host: Alright, thank you Mr Chan. Okay, tell us your thoughts!

Linda: Yes Sir Sorry Sir is a TV show that I really like. I’m really happy to be able to win this couple award with Moses Chan. Although we didn’t end up together in the end, but everyone supported us. I really thank Moses, because I think you’re a little like my lucky star! Why? Because all the series that I’ve starred in with you have received very good audience response, and many people liked it! So thank you!

Moses: Thank you all for your support and resulting in us winning this couple award. Umm, do you guys like to see me bully Linda Chung? I realized in all the shows that we play a couple, I seem to be bullying her. And now I’ve won this award. So does that mean that if I keep on bullying her, I’ll continue to win awards? Just kidding!

Hosts: Wait, so the theory goes that if you keep bullying her you’ll get awards? Then we should win awards too! (Host 2: Ya! Why don’t you hit me, and we try? Haha!)

Moses: But really, I’d like to thank Linda for being such a wonderful partner. I hope to be able to continue working with her.

Host: Alright thank you.

Linda: Oh and I thank Starhub too!

Host: Okay, next up, you two need to stay on stage, for we are going to need your help in giving out the next award, the best smile award. Lets invite our next guest of honor, Miss Huang.

Host: Alright, now let’s invite Moses Chan to give out this award.

Moses: Alright. Starhub TVB Awards 2012 Best Smile Award goes to…Moses Chan! Thank you!! Haha. Okay okay, it goes to the lady next to me, Zhong Jia “Yin!” (Linda’s mandarin name)

Linda: It’s Zhong Jia Xin!!

Host: Let’s invite Miss Huang to give out the award. Thank you Moses. Thank you thank you! Linda, don’t go!

Linda: Actually I think Moses should win this award! Because he’s really adorable when he smiles. Thank you Singapore Starhub for giving me this award, actually I think the people I really should thank the most are my parents, because my smile is from them! Because I inherited their smile! And especially my Dad, because he always said to me, “Daughter, I’d like to make a request, you have to be a happy girl. Why waste your time, you know, grinning and frowning, when you can be smiling, you know?” I hope everyone will smile more, because, if you put it simply, there are so many things that we can be thankful for! So I hope that everyone will cherish and be thankful for the things we have. Yup! Smile, smile, smile, I love you!!

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Lynne: Linda is so cute! Especially in her Best Smile Award's speech :) Hehe loved how she also spoke in English here. Very sweet :D