[News] Linda Chung Welcomes Rumoured Boyfriend to See Her Concert


This upcoming August 22 and 23 Linda Chung will be holding her first mini concert, "Love Love Love". Since this is her first concert, Linda is quite nervous. So aside from filming Linda have been saving time to practice for the concert. Talking about the concert, Linda smiled sweetly, "Have been in the music industry for five years and the goal is to hold a concert. So thanks to my company for giving me this chance."

With such a rare opportunity, Linda will be giving all her best and will not neglect her practices nor her health. Linda wants her audience to see the best of her, "My body is not as good as before. That's why even though I am filming Tiger Cubs 2 right now, I'm still saving time for practices. I know how to play the piano but that was so many years ago. So I am practicing and hope to do well for everybody to listen to."

Linda Chung revealed that she'll be inviting two guests to perform at her concert. When asked about her parents Linda says she does not plan on inviting them because that will be too much pressure for her. AS for her rumoured boyfriend, Linda will welcome him if he attends.

Source: IHKTV
Viet Trans: TVBVietnamFanClub
Translated by Lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

Thoughts:  I wonder if Raymond Lam will be one of her guests? xD