[News] Linda Chung Saved Enough Songs, Ready To Hold a Concert

Yesterday Linda Chung attended a promotional event for her new album Love Love Love and had many fans there to support her. It was said Linda is her record company boss Herman Ho's favorite; he was there to support her as well. Linda expressed her album had only been selling for a week and already reached number one on the chart of top selling albums. She was extremely happy: "This is my favorite album and it is the closest to my life, considered my wish fulfilled." She expressed she hopes next year she could hold her first concert, she said: "The first choice is at KITEC (located Kowloon Bay) because the seating is just right, not too many, not too little. I've been in the music scene 4 years and haven't had a concert before. Now that I've saved enough songs, I hope to hold one."

When asked if rumored boyfriend Philip Ng bought her album? She said: "He's just a rumored [boyfriend]! All my friends will support me. (Did he buy it?) Ask him to find out." The clever Linda immediately changed the subject and said 2012 was a good year for her. When speaking of her nomination for TVB's 'Best Actress' award, Linda said: "I don't have much confidence, but I support Tavia Yeung because I've always liked her acting and she's my good sister." As for Aimee Chan's Best Actress nomination for The Last Steep Ascent should have been for Supporting Actress? Linda said: "Ask TVB. Artists are very passive."

Also, a reader spoke up for Linda and said she had 4 series this year, but wasn't nominated for 'My Favorite TV Female Character' award, Linda said: "I am disappointed. I thought the charts would be really good for me since I had 4 series, but unexpectedly I don't even have the chance, especially for Witness Insecurity. (Do you think your opportunity to win the award is exploited?) I am disappointed, but artists are passive."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/