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Hello everyone, I’m Linda Chung! This is the real me, anyways I’m very happy today since yesterday, November 13, was the release of my new album called “LoveLoveLove”.  Okay let me try to find a proper copy, can’t find one. Anyways, it’s this CD “LoveLoveLove”.  This is one of my ultimate favorite albums.  Since I’ve become a singer for so long this album best relates to me because a lot of the lyrics, tune, and the entire idea of this album, really relates to Linda Chung’s experiences within the last few years.  I really hope this album could emotionally affect you guys and also help everyone to love love love… Like to love and don’t be afraid to love.  To be honest, I don’t know if you guys have already heard it already or have already purchased it but first and foremost, I need to sincerely thank you guys for purchasing it, for actually using the money to buy it.  Within the making of this album it had a lot of effort, creativity, and there are a lot of people supporting me throughout the entire making of the album; so inside the album there is a “Thank You” Letter.  I also personally want to thank my boss, Herman, because he really understands me and helped me create an album that I really like.  Anyways, like for me and this CD I personally will constantly listen to it, because it will match my different feelings for each day.  I also hope that this CD can give you guys these feelings of relation, so whenever you come to ups and downs in your life or having relationship problems or when you’re really happy, I hope this can be your soundtrack.  Once more I need to thank you guys for your support!  As you all can see, today I’ve been so awesome, when did I start signing?  All these albums have been signed already, and these are just covers, if all this was stacked it’ll probably be really high and frightening.  So, I think I started around 7 something, and signed till now, 10:34 and I’m finally finished!  These are for a lot of supportive fans, and this is my support for them. I really really want you guys to like this!

Brief Introduction of LoveLoveLove
Linda Chung’s CD has been released called “LoveLoveLove”!  Are you really happy?  Because releasing this album is to show everyone to face everything with a positive attitude, and to hope communicate love for love.  So here’s a little unboxing of the album, so when you pull off the cover, whoa, what do you see?  You see me with the “love sign” then we open it, so pretty.  I really shouldn’t say these compliments to myself!  You guys should be the judge of that.  Then you open that too, and to let everyone know inside there is a booklet and inside this booklet.  So this, this is what my makeup artist Kenny help me draw, the meaning behind it is so that everyone can use love to compromise all problems.  We are just so busy sometimes that we forget the fact that we should use love to solve our problems, and then letting a little frustration affect us a lot more than it should.  I put this on my hand as a reminder, to remind myself that you can solve many problems, and face up to life easily with love; because when you use love, everything just seems to fall into place, becoming smooth and easier.  Anyways, there’s a thank you letter, you’ll see it when you buy my CD.  I personally wrote all of it, there are some of my thankful words, and there are just my thoughts about the album. Then there are some beautiful pictures, and some more cute pictures, and some lyrics and stuff.  You guys can take a further look into it when you have it.  I won’t talk so much about it now.  I want to talk about something else.   There are some pictures on the surface of the CD, I see people leaving comments online asking, “Hey are these pictures drawn by Linda Chung?”  And the answer is yes, I did draw them! I just drew them as an idea when we were brainstorming at the production meeting.  I actually didn’t think these drawing were going to be used, next thing you know the very creative and smart Herman thought, “Why don’t we put these cute little drawings on the CD?” And now the final product looks so artistic, with a lot of graphic designs.  Anyways there's a CD and a DVD, so you guys can slowly listen and enjoy it. What else?  There’s really nothing different, I just really want everyone to know how committed and serious I am about music, and also hope that everyone will support me because it’s not only me.  There is a whole bunch of people behind me who helped me and worked very hard.  This album is really my favorite, I really hope you guys can support, and I need to thank you all one more time.

New Album Autograph Sessions
Coming up there will be some autograph sessions: November 18, November 25, and December 9.  I hope I will be able to see you all there, can you please take a shot of my boss since he is right there.  And he’s always been there to support me and all of the songs were chosen by him so all this appreciation should be going towards him.  Anyways, yeah thank you so much, love love love all of you, alright bye bye!

Translated by Wendy@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

Thoughts:  This was a very long "speech", so it took abit more time to update and so even more thanks to Wendy for translating it for us :)

Anyways, for the lucky fans who've received their "LoveLoveLove" album already, hope that you're all enjoying Linda's new songs and pictures :D  And for those who're vacationing in HK,  hope that you got yours signed...or will be able too!