[News] Linda Chung Asked to Give "Protection Fee" in Mainland

Yesterday Linda Chung, Kristal Tin, Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu attended TVB new series Brother's Keeper promotional event. During the games, Kristal pretended to kiss Linda; Ruco and Edwin embraced pretending to be gay. When speaking of Ada Choi's "kidnap-like" incident in Xi'an, Linda thought it was very terrifying: "I will have the highest level of alertness when I'm working in Mainland. I usually have my manager with me, but I've once encountered a small mishap too, someone tried to get 'protection fee' from the crew." It was said she could get rumored boyfriend Philip Ng to teach her a few defensive moves, Linda said: "It's useless to know martial arts when you don't have the physical strength."

Due to No. 8 Typhoon Usagi hitting Hong Kong, Linda's original schedule of shooting Tiger Cubs II promotional clip and a commercial were cancelled. She took all her safety measures and hopes the typhoon will keep viewers at home to watch Brother's Keeper premiere and bring high ratings.

Edwin was very pleased Brother's Keeper brought him more jobs. He laughed and said he still needs several years to save up enough "wife savings". He is currently busy shooting Wong Jing's series World of Turbulence in Mainland. Wong Jing paired him and Yiu Yiu together, Edwin hoped they can be as comedic as Stephen Chow and Sandra Ng, but unfortunately they don't have any kiss scenes. Edwin's most memorable scene was when he danced with sexy girls. "It was awkward, they were swinging around, their hair were flinging here and there. It felt like a ghost went into my body, luckily I was able to withstand it." As for TVB's HK$900,000 anti-competition fine, Edwin said: "Joey Yung said it well, if we weren't asked to speak Mandarin, our Mandarin wouldn't have improved so fast."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net