[News] Linda Chung's new series involved in square of love, no kiss scenes

Linda Chung, Steven Ma and Ha Yu attended TVB new series Prosperous Father's blessing ceremony yesterday afternoon. Earlier Linda and Steven were shooting for a traffic accident scene and was interrupted by a passerbyer because she misunderstood the accident was real, so she called the police. Linda felt that its possibly because the scene was too realistic. At the time, when she saw the police she felt surprised too.

Linda reveals that she will have a relationship development with three male roles in the series, including Steven, Chris Lai and Edwin Siu. Will she have any kiss scenes with any of the three men? Linda said: "This is a warmhearted series focusing on fathers, love is not the main theme. There shouldn't be any kiss scenes. This is my first time playing a female cop, very challenging. I often have to shoot thief chasing scenes. One time I didn't have enough sleep, and the next day I had to film from morning to night. I ran so much, that my legs felt numb and pain." Does she rather shoot thief chasing scenes or kiss scenes? She laughed: "Most important is the results is good to watch. All three of them are good guys. (Which one of them fulfill your boyfriend requirements?) All three of them do. I collaborated with Steven 5 times, we really have the chemistry. Chris Lai is my good friend and Edwin Siu is a very good person. However, we won't develop a relationship. Acting is acting, I keep work and personal life separate."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/