My copy of LoveLoveLove!

Thanks to the amazing Irene over at Cottage, I was able to get my own copy of LoveLoveLove!!!  Can't thank her enough for bringing it back all the way from HK!  xD  And to my surprise, it was even signed by Linda with my name as the recipient!!!  (I literally jumped in happiness seeing it!)  Hehe all in all, a million thanks to Irene and of course, our dear Linda!  haha...

Here are some pictures that I took to share it with you guys!  Got the poster, cd, dvd and there was also a small booklet that consisted of: a message from Linda, her thanks and more pictures!  The message she wrote was very cute and especially how it was written in an informal style, it felt very personal :)  

Referring to "Got LoveLoveLove? :D"  I just updated my picture onto the page!  If you've got the album, share a picture with us!