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A year after signing with Stars Shine, Linda Chung is finally back with a new album. Love Love Love is the popular TVB actress/singer's fourth album, which features the Johnny Yim-produced main plugs "Vaccine" (Track 2) and "You Are Half of Me" (Track 1), as well as her Witness Insecurity drama theme song "The Most Blissful Thing" (Track 4). Linda has written and composed a Mandarin number called "Friendship is so Simple" (Track 10), while also covering the Grasshoppers' "Forgive Me is Me" (Track 5) and Teresa Teng's "The Moon Represents My Heart" (Track 9) on the album.
The album comes with a bonus DVD containing 3 music videos.

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01. 你是我的一半 - You're My Other Half
02. 預防針 - Vaccination
03. Love Love Love
04. 最幸福的事 (TVB[護花危情]主題曲) - The Most Blissful Thing (Witness Insecurity's theme)
05. 原諒我是我 - Forgive Me for Being Myself
06. 落差 - (two translation ver.) 1. "Drop"  2. "Differences"
07. 就算沒有明天 - Even If There Is No Tomorrow
08. 死症 - Fatal Disease
09. 月亮代表我的心 - The Moon Represents my Heart
10. 友愛是這麼簡單 (國) - Friendship is so Simple (mandarin)
11. 你是的我一半 (國) - You're My Other Half (mandarin)

01. 你是我的一半MV - You're My Other Half MV
02. 預防針 MV - Vaccination MV
03. 最幸福的事 MV (TVB[護花危情]主題曲) - The Most Blissful Thing MV

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