[News] Linda Chung Touched by Herman Ho's Promissory Note for a Mini Concert


Linda Chung Touched by Herman Ho's Promissory Note for a Mini Concert 

Linda Chung jumped out of the television circle and into the music industry. Earlier she released a new album Love Love Love, which had been a popular hit and achieved Gold Record sales. In order to thank her fans, yesterday she held a special "Linda Chung <Love Love Love> Happiness Autograph Session" in Tai Po. Linda dressed carefully for the event and attracted nearly 200 fans. Her record company's boss Herman Ho was also present to support his favorite artist.

Beside singing, Linda also played games with her fans. The fans wrote a message to Linda wishing her to "hold a concert in the Snake year". On stage, Linda frankly shared her New Year wishes, she expressed she wants to hold her very own concert and release dance songs. Linda also expressed she wants to take on new challenges, "I hope to try something I used to be scared of, such as dancing and portraying villain roles. Although I don't have a dance background, I believe just as long as I have the heart, I can do it." Linda revealed she'll be spending Lunar New Year in Canada with her family.

At the end of the event, Fans gave Linda their giant DIY concert ticket, while Herman immediately wrote a date down. He promised Linda that she will be able to hold her own mini concert in August or September of this year. Linda was so touched, she had tears forming in her eyes. As for her fans' enthusiasm, Linda expressed: "Today, besides being here to sing, I also have to thank my record company and I really have to thank my fans even more. Just now, I wanted to cry, but I told myself to take a deep breath and hold it in. Of course my boss treats me very well." Herman was asked if he treats Linda the best? He said: "I treat everyone well, but I've collaborated with her the longest, since 2008 when she entered the industry, I watched her improved."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Thoughts (by Ginny) : I know I havent been very active here recently since I'm so busy, but when I saw this, I really felt like I had to post it up here, I'm so excited for Linda! :D Linda is so sweet to her fans...wish I had asked someone to get an autograph for me since I have family in HK that live in Tai Po x) I think it would be awesome if Linda could release dance songs, different is always great :D And I love how she's trying something she's scared of, it just shows how strong and brave she is :) Im confused. The article says Linda will come to Canada but in the video Linda says she doesn't know yet and will go to Canada only if she has time...? But if she really does come, then I'm secretly wishing that she'd be travelling around so I could meet her maybee xD Ohh & I'm SOO HAPPY that her she can be able to hold her own concert :D

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  1. I was so upset that last time when she was in Canada, a few fans saw her and took pics with her at places that I could've easily gone to :( But it was during exam times....so I only got to see the pics afterwards, I was so jealous :P haha xD

    Definitely sweet of the fans to create her that DIY ticket <3 Also sweet of Herman to write down the 'dates' hehe :D Best of luck to Linda!