Linda's 2012 Tvb Series - Review by Han

Now that 2012 is over, let's review Linda's TVB series for 2012.  This year Linda was part of 5 different series.  Here are my thoughts on the roles and the dramas.  **warning: contains spoilers
L'Escargot - Kwan Ka Lok
At the start of the drama I really liked Linda's character.  She cared a lot for her family and this will mean she will do anything in order to protect her them.  However, due to her naive and innocent nature she easily made the wrong decisions, which led to a whole mess in the storyline.

I felt that the character was too inconsistent in terms of development, though I can't help but pity Ka Lok.  She is so pure and naive and this was how Michael took advantage of her. Then again I was so frustrated when she didn't have the courage to tell Michael to 'get lost' or tell Ron the reason why she cheated.  I'm sure he would have understood.  It kind of showed in the scene where he spent a day to rethink and finds out that he truly loved her and decided to go find her, but Michael beat him to it arghh.  After Linda's character cheated with Michael Tse the character development just went downhill.  Why can she not make up her mind on who she likes?  Why did she run away from Michael saying that she hates him and then comes running back to him, it just doesn't make any sense?

She had a loving partner played by Ron Ng.  Ron was simply the sweetest guy that every girl would dream of having.  I really hoped that when the truth was revealed, she would be able to gain Ron's trust again and they can be together in the end.  But life is not always like fairy tales with happy endings.  At least she was able to finally wake up and slap Michael (finally).

On another note I liked the scenes when she's with her family.  She and Michael Miu makes a convincing sibling relationship.  It was sweet to see how much she cared for her siblings, Oscar and Him Law, which was why she thought borrowing money from Michael will help them pay off Oscar's debt.

Overall not my favourite series however I did enjoy Linda pairing up with Ron Ng.  They were such a cute couple, I really hope to see them collaborate again.

Daddy Good Deeds - Ko You Chu
This is Linda's fifth time collaborating with Steven Ma and I really love this pairing.  I never get bored of Linda and Steven since they have such great chemistry together.  This was one of the series that I really enjoyed Linda's character, especially since it was also a comedy (Her facial expressions were really cute!).  I really like family-comedy dramas because they are entertaining to watch.

Linda portrayed a cop who was quite clumsy but had a kind heart.  I felt sorry for her character when she found out that Chris had cheated on her.  She was standing there, watching her dad yell at Chris and crying silently.  It was sweet of Steven to lend her his shoulder.  The scene where she sings Rayamond Lam's song 'Ngoi bat kau' with so much emotion, it really proves no matter how strong you are love can tear you apart (perhaps not the best way to describe it, but well you all know what I mean).  I really did feel her heart break and especially since the song was about 'letting go'.  I really enjoyed the scenes with Steven, they were just too cute.  I loved the badminton scene when she took Steven's racquets and used it to catch the thief, that was hilarious!

Not only did I enjoy Linda and Steven's character, I also liked Edwin's role as Ah Yap.  He was too adorable and made me laugh so much (his haircut was very unique).  I really liked the relationship between the three friends, it was really nice to see them care for one another.  So sweet!

I'm glad there was a happy ending for the two and they even have a kid.  It was similar to A Watchdog's Tale, where they also started off as a bickering couple and ended up together and with a kid.

Again great performance by Linda.  She really did make me laugh and the overall storyline was enjoyable.  My family loved it!

House of Harmony and Vengeance - Bin Yuk Yin
One of my least favourite Linda series of the year so not much I can recall for a review.  I felt Linda's acting was too unnatural portraying an evil character.  Though I guess she performed well, since I felt sorry for Myolie's character most of the time because Linda was so nasty to her.  I also couldn't watch the pairing between Linda and Bobby and Evergreen Mak.  It was too weird.

On a side note I really liked the costumes in the drama, except the hairstyles.  This was the only hair style I liked on Linda through the whole series:

Witness Insecurity: Hailey Kiu 
This was my favourite Linda series of the year, I will write my thoughts in another post since I have a lot to say.

Lastly, Missing You
I have yet to see this series, but I have been catching snippets of it.  Can't wait to watch it fully.  Linda's character reminds me of her character from Heart of Greed.  Also this is Jason's first time staring in a leading role so cant wait to see it, even though I've heard reviews saying that his acting is not that great.  However they do look cute together.

This ends my thoughts for Linda's 2012 series, so what was your favourite Linda series of 2012?