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Reluctant to marry into the Tibetan royal family, the wilful Princess CHIU YEUNG (Charmaine Sheh) has to find herself a husband as soon as possible. Owner of a gold store TING LOI-HEI (Kwan Kuk Ying) recommends her second and third sons, KAM DOR-LUK (Moses Chan) and KAM DOR-SHAU (Wong Ho Yin) to the Princess, hoping that the royal marriage would bring them out of financial crisis and somehow save their family business.

Not wanting his brother to sacrifice for the family, DOR-LUK offers to marry the Princess himself. Shortly after the marriage, YEUNG begins to show her true self. She needs the KAMs to treat and respect her as a distinguished princess instead of a family member. Even the spiritual leader of the family Granny KAM (Lee Heung Kam) is not spared.

YEUNG's handmaiden SZETO NGAN-PING (Fala Chen) is a haughty young woman who has no regard for anyone, not even the government matchmaker TING YAU-WAI (Ma Kwok Ming). The KAMs cannot put up with YEUNG anymore and decide ally and fight back. But to everyone's surprise, NG SZ-TAK (Linda Chung), the most vigorous maid of the family takes YEUNG's side and goes against the KAMs.

After back and forth bickering, LUK and YEUNG are on the verge of breaking up for the third time. The matter is drawn to the attention of the royal family and finally settled by Emperor TAIZONG. Marrying the Princess is supposed to bring LUK wealth and honour, but all that glitters is not always gold, especially when the bride is such a self-willed shrew.

Sei Duk comes from a poor village, her parents have both passed away. When she was young she met a young boy on a white horse, who gave her a 長命鎖. Since then, she always hopes to meet him again to repay for his kindness.

Credits astro on demand

To make a living, Sei Duk came to Chang An, she's almost forced to prostitution, luckily she is saved by Do Sau/Raymond and she becomes a maid in the Kam family. Sei Duk is strong as an ox, she is used to menial labor, has a big appetite, she likes to say: "OK, no problem!", everyone loves her.

Sei Duk and Do Sau have feelings for each other, but SD feels her status and DS's is miles apart, she feels ashamed and wants to back out of the relationship.

SD and Chiu Yeung (Charmaine) both come from the same hometown and they become good friends. But suddenly CY is accused of imposing as a princess, the real princess is actually Sei Duk!

Sei Duk meets the boy on white horse 宇文公子 (I think this character is played by 王浩信/Vincent Wong), 宇文 declares his love for SD, SD is now in a dilemma and needs to choose between Do Sau and 宇文.

credits travelbug@asianfanatics