Linda's Message Booklet

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR MESSAGES!!!  I REALLY APPRECIATED IT AND I BET LINDA DOES TOO :D  Hopefully Linda Chung Thoughts can continue to work on projects like this in the future :) haha
As many of you guys have seen beforehand already, this is the cover of the book!  And if you take a look at the second image, it surprisingly came out a lot thicker than I expected it too :P

-The first page on the left.  Ignore the horrible black writing though.  (Found out that day that I cannot free-write.)
- Flipping the green page from the previous image, on the back is actually an envelope.  One fan should recognize this? :P  Also the message aside it; the picture above was submitted by a fan along with her message.

- Onto the next page.
- The image of Linda from "Legend of the Demigods" actually flaps open because the message was longer.  (I just forgot to take a picture of it.)
- ALSO you may have noticed that if you've submitted in a personal photo, they will also be blocked in the upcoming images too.

- The page afterwards...

- Next...
- Notice once again the odd shape of the blue page ("thankU") is due to the fact that on it's back is an envelope.

- Next page....
- btw that is Linda and Ji sung.  I DID NOT realize that the pictures I chose of them turned out to be matching until I printed them off :P  Such a nice coincidence? haha

- Next...
- The message on the right; if you notice it, the lower part is actually an envelop.  Inside it is the fan's message :D

- I think this was my favourite page....lols my creativity just flew here.  Love the stick person x)
- The page where the stick girl is on actually opens to the message, since the message was quite long :P haha

- Next...
- Once again another flap and an envelope.
- Messages in the envelopes were the longer ones.

- Next page...
- A bigger envelope this time haha.  A fan scanned her message to me. 2 pages :)

- Next...
- One fans message on the top and another's in the envelop beneath.  The message underneath was actually a photoshopped message sent by the fan :)
- Also underneath you can see some sticky notes.  These were some quotes Michelle sent to me.  Unfortunately, there were only a few used...and I've also missed the ones mentioned by some others :(  Sorry guys!!! OTL

- Next page...
- the heart....pulling on that heart opens up the message :)

- As you may have noticed, the pages seems to have gotten duller and duller...that is because I soon got tired of gluing =.=;;;;;
- the images on the right were also suppose to be on colored paper and stuff....but that sadly did not happen.  Same goes for the picture beneath.

- The last two messages were mine and another friend.  I actually didn't write it until the day of the failure there.  And linda0409 was there to witness it all ^^;;;;;  I tend to leave things till the last minute...that's why I did 1/3 of it the night before...OTL

SO!!  I hope that you guys like it....and hopefully Linda liked it too :3  If anybody here have a chance, please ask her if she liked it.  Since she had to go to Toronto right after, I'm afraid that she may have left it in Vancouver and may not have seen it yet...but either way, was soo happy just to be able to give it to her :) hehe


Weekend with Linda, Kenneth, Ruco and Sonija in Vancouver! - DAY 1 (Lynne)

***Please do not re-edit/crop the pictures
(they're not good anyways :P I don't have any good cameras....90% of the pictures turned out to be blurry (motion blurness) and so I only have a few here and even then they're blurry OTL)

PS If you want to share YOUR story (of meeting the 4 artistes either in Vancouver or Toronto) or pictures on 'TVB Horizon' or 'Linda Chung Thoughts', PLS email me!!  Just simply email me your writing and your pics! :D
If you're wondering why there are only 3 autographs instead of 4, there's a sad story behind it that you'll read about later in the post Q.Q

Okies! As you guys know, these 4 artistes came to Vancouver to attend Fairchild's 20th Anniversary! There were two parts to this: the autograph session on Saturday at Aberdeen mall and the Extravaganza show on Sunday at The Centre. For the second event, tickets were not available for public sale BUT luckily I won two tickets to the show from their Facebook event!

A break down of what happened on Saturday:
- The autograph session was suppose to start at 6:30pm but was delayed to 8:30pm because the artistes' flights were delayed.
- Being the kind of person who always likes to arrive early, I arrived at the mall at 2:30pm. So yah....6hrs early :P
- Went to buy food (after I see that some people were ALREADY lining up) and got in line.
- Sat there and around 3pm, a friend spotted me. Thank goodness she recognized me (we've never met before but scheduled to meet up for the event)!!!! Haha definitely less lonely sitting with some other people :)
- So time went by. Got to talk to a few other fans :) haha I think we were the first 10 in line!
- Time goes on again and I started to finish up the scrapbook (the one I made for Linda).
- I also started to write my messages to Kenneth and Linda (I did not do it until then :P)
- No matter how many times I rewrite the messages though, fact is...I cannot free-write. *FAIL* So in the end, I went to Daiso (store) to buy some lined 'paper'.
- Got all the Linda's and Kenneth's gift together....but there was still 2 hrs left.
- Lols one of my other friend finally arrived.
- Event starting with the MC's handing out gifts/playing games etc
- ..........9pm and the artistes still have not arrived yet :P

- Finally!!! After the long wait, Linda, Kenneth, Ruco and Sonija made their appearances! Lols the crowd went wild!
- Each of the artiste took turn walking up the stage and signing the big board. Then all sat down.
- Each artiste then got to pick a fan out of the crowd (they got to win tickets to the Extravaganza...all tickets were somewhere in the first 10 row)
- Hehe I didn't exactly pay attention to who Ruco and Sonija bias =.=
- Anyways, Linda picked the friend (who I said I've never met before but scheduled to meet up)!!!!!!! Hehe all due to her SUPER DUPER AWESOME banner!!!!!!!! She's a big fan of Linda's and put in alot of effort into coming to the event and creating the banner :) Was so happy for her!!!!
- As for Kenneth, he chose a 'grandma' (po-po) in the crowd :) Lols the grandma hugged him so tightly and for so long! Even gave him a kiss on both cheeks....I think the security guards started to get a little concern there :P But Kenneth was so cute though...he looked kind of stunned haha. After handing her the tickets, the grandma went over to hug Kenneth again and he didn't refuse :) lols I think she stole another kiss on his cheek? Security came in there....
- So after the tickets were handed out, the artistes began to take pictures with the sponsors. Guess what happened? Kenneth got taken advantage of again :P One of the ladies who went up suddenly pecked Kenneth on the cheek and ran down the stage. Kenneth's expression was...priceless. Totally stunned...again.
- I honestly feel bad for Kenneth (all these surprises coming at him)...but his expression were too darn cute!

FINALLY!!!!!! After all that, we got to get the autographs! Due to time constraint though, the artistes were asked to sign the autographs quickly and fans were rushed off stage as soon as they can. Some managed to get pictures, but some like me......did not :P Why? Ugh....I am pretty reserved, so I only smiled and said hi to the artistes ^-^;;;;

- First artiste in line was KEnneth Ma. HE is just too cute!! Remember I said I had gift for him? Well, I quickly handed to his assistant (who rushed me forward) but before I moved on...I pointed at the gift and then at him, telling him that it was for him. Haha he made eye contact with me and smiled, so hopefully he got to see the gift later!!!!

- Second artiste in line!? Linda Chung :P I'll be honest...I was kind of speechless when I was in front of her. But since I was being pushed forward by one of the staffs, I quickly put the gift bag down in front of her and told her that it was for her. She sounded so sweet, "Aw. Thank you so much." Eye contact there!!! Ugh...I wish I got to take a picture with her...but...I was too awkward to do anything. lols REALLY REALLY hope that she reads the scrapbook!!! And hope that she likes it too :)

- Third artiste in line? Sonija Kwok. Lols...I didn't say anything at all beside 'hi'. I had no idea what to say...honestly it was like that for all of them. I was in too much of a shock seeing them upclose to even say anything =.= Oh may I add though, Sonija was absolutely stunning!!! I've always think she's pretty onscreen and such but...never found her so beautiful as I found her to be after this weekend!

- Fourth artiste in line...Ruco Chan. This is the time where I'll tell you guys why I don't have his autograph.
Either one of these two things happened:

1. After walking off stage, a fan I talked to when we were lining up got hurt and so I rushed off to where they were standing to see her. During this time, I may have dropped Ruco's autograph without noticing. OTL
2. This is actually the more likely answer; when I approached Ruco onstage, he was looking at me directly in the eye and smiling at me. All I remember was that I smiled back, contiuously looking at him (and said absolutely nothing!). Then there was this staff that rushed me off did I grab his autograph at all? I actually have no idea! I just remember being stunned by memory of grabbing an autograph.

If the second answer is true, I would feel so stupid. More so, I can't believe that I just didn't take a picture with him (since the fans were actually all on the other side with Kenneth and Linda). OTL

- I was pretty upset that I didn't get Ruco's autograph......Ugh.

- Anyways, going onto the second floor with my friend and her parents, we were just looking down at the crowd. Haha my friend and her mom started screaming out Linda's name, hoping to catch her attention. Guess who turned to wave at us instead though? Ma Ming :P Lols he's always looking around and waving at everybody!
Soon the pictures for the autographs ran out and then they announced that fans can now go onstage to shake hands with the artistes.
- Shaking hand with Ruco; I don't remember? Lols a fan in front of me said something to him and both I and Ruco turned out attention to that fan haha :P
- Shaking hand with Sonija; her handshake was quite loose. Haha her hand was so small compared to mine though! x) She's so pretty...
- Shaking hand with Linda; Aiya...when I reached her, a staff suddenly called her and so she turned her attention to the staff Q.Q But still got to shake hands with her before being pushed forward! :D Just wasn't enough time to make eye contact.
- Shaking hand with Kenneth; priceless. Let me say this, Kenneth always look at his fans directly in the eye and smiles very sweetly :) I also remember that his handshake was also very firm. No wonder he's so popular. After this event, I find him very sincere and respectful...loved by both the old and young :)

To sum this all up, despite the 6 hrs wait...everything was worth it!!  More so, I was a great experience to be able to meet Kenneth, Linda, Ruco and Sonija up close!  Some mini notes on the artistes:

Kenneth Ma: Like what I said before, he's very sincere and sweet.  As for his appearance, he was quite slim compare to when I see him onscreen but he's still very tall :)  Though I've always said that he was one of my fav actors before....after that night, he became my ultimate fav actor!  All due to his adorkable personality :)  Hmm..what's more?  Since I already have a site for my tvb thoughts and one for my fav actress, what about one for my fav actor? :D

Linda Chung: Linda is Linda :)  Haha you know I am a big fan of hers, so being able to meet her up front was incredible!  She's the same as she is onscreen without much differences (maybe it's because I watch too many videos of her functions and stuff already) haha.  Like I had expected though, she's more reserved than the other artistes.  Her voice was so sweet when she said thankyou; it's still ringing in my ears. hehe. Oh!  I want to add that her clothes were really nice!  It looks simple in the front but during this one moment when she turned around, I managed to take a peek at her back; the back was designed with a slice down the middle and the fabric, though black, was kind of see through.  Personally loved the style and Linda rocked it!

Sonija Kwok: Like I said before, she was absolutely stunning!  Never realized how beautiful she was until now...Also quite friendly too :D

Ruco Chan:  While I think Kenneth is cute, Ruco Chan would be the one I'd use the word 'handsome' to describe!  Lols I've mentioned before how I was stunned by him....that was cool he was :P  His eyes are so....magnetic! haha I think I'm losing it there....Aside from that, like Linda, I did not know much differences in appearances of him live compare to onscreen.  As for his clothing style, he rocked it!  I think he has a great sense of style and absolutely adored what he was wearing!!!!

PS. I HATE that musical fountain!  Used to love it before but after sitting there for 5 hrs with it constantly showering me with water....I just can't forgive it -______-

Afterwards:  Got home at like 12:30am :P  Was so tired since I only got 3 hrs of sleep the night before haha.  Lols after that, I slept straight for 12 plus hours!  I'm the kind that (after going out all day..even for hangouts with friends and stuff) need to rest on average, 3 days, before I can go back to my normal routine again.  Weird?  Haha it's mainly because I need to sleep early (tend to sleep at 10pm).  Waking up early is no prob (a morning person), just need an early sleep despite whatever time I wake up at. lols