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I know I have not been updating as much as before, but I still follow Linda's news regularly :) So from now on, whenever I am busy, I'll be posting some quick links in the chatbox! They'll just link to the updated news of Linda, which I will later post on the site. This will help when I can't post right away, but everybody will still know what's going on and we can also start discussions on the chatbox :)


Chibi: Linda Chung and Bosco Wong

Sorry for the lack of updates lately!!! I hope that everybody enjoyed L'Escargot!! And I will catch on with Linda's weibo update soon!!

I saw the picture on Linda's Weibo and decided to draw a chibi version! Haha I haven't drawn for like...half a year? Didn't to a "good" copy on the computer since I still prefer sketching more...But hope you guys like it! lols the gun is a fail though xD

Whenever I see a picture I like, I will definitely draw more!


NEXT TV Awards 2012

The Next TV Awards!!! Let's all support Linda, who's nominated in 3 catergories with a total of 7 awards!

Top 10 TV Artistes (pick 3)

Top 10 TV Program (pick 3) - Linda's series this year consists of: River of Wine, Yes Sir Sorry Sir and l'Escargot. She is also a guest star in Super Snoops.

The Sponsor Awards - Linda is nominated for 3 awards: GlamSmile, Moiselle and Toshiba.

Fill in the information. - (I was personally confuse with this since I can't read chinese, but there are instructions on the fill out at Sehseh's blog - HERE )

I would like to apologize for the late update of this. BUT HOPE THAT EVERYBODY CAN SUPPORT LINDA! VOTES ARE DUE on FEB 26th


L'Escargot's theme - Linda Solo Version

Linda recording her solo version of L'Escargot's theme :)
credits 老虎JOE@tudou

Thoughts: Aw a solo version for Linda :) Ron also got his version too!! :D


[news] Fala Chen has no special privileges when releasing her debut album

Stars Shine's artists Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Joyce Cheng, Alfred Hui and Elanne Kong got together to attend a special ceremony to celebrate newly joined artist Hubert Hu (from The Voice). TVB executive Virgina Lok and Calvin Choy and his wife were also present to show their support. Also, Alfred Hui was presented with the Gold Disc acknowledgement at the celebration.

Soon to step into the music scene, Fala Chen reveals she has already recorded two songs. When asked if her boyfriend (Sit Sai Hang) got to hear it first? She said: "I haven't let anyone hear the songs yet, it's a business secret. (Do you have any privileges to go out traveling to shoot the album cover?) Why would I? Any girl wants to a beautiful cover, so I do hope I can go on a trip to do the cover shoot."

Elanne had just got off her flight from Singapore and rushed over to the event. Since Fala and Elanne are releasing their albums around the same time, Elanne is not worried the resources used on her album would be reduced. When speaking of the earlier Mainland incident where she was left abandoned on the high way by an angry driver? She said: "It's the past, leave it. I don't plan to take any further action, just considered me bad luck. Not long after, I was filming and got hurt, but the bad luck should be over now."

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum


[News] Linda Chung: “There are double standards for women cheating in love!”

In Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, Moses Chan cheated on Linda Chung’s love, upon which he was branded as the “Century’s Most Deplorable Man.” In L’Escargot, Linda Chung portrayed the character of “Kwan Ka Lok,” who cheated on boyfriend, Ron Ng. Linda had an affair with her superior, Michael Tse, due to gratitude. Linda’s cheating character in L’Escargot aroused much controversy. In last night’s episode, Linda once again slept with Michael after having a few drinks.

Netizens scolded Linda Chung’s character for acting pitiful to gain sympathy. Netizens counted “Kwan Ka Lok’s” sins as being “lustful, greedy for money, and being a liar,” while crowning her as the “Century’s Most Deplorable Woman.” Netizens even cursed that the character will not have a good end!

Regarding called the “Century’s Most Deplorable Woman,” Linda felt that her character, “Kwan Ka Lok” was very successful. Each character possessed traits that the audience liked and disliked. Linda noticed that the majority of the audience scolded “Kwan Ka Lok” and did not scold Linda herself. Aside from the audience being fully immersed in watching the drama, her colleagues often discussed the plot development as well. The public’s lively reaction to the drama made Linda happy.

Linda commented, “The world is not fair! It is considered normal for a man to cheat in love. However, it is a big deal for a woman to commit any wrongdoing! I am only portraying the character of ‘Kwan Ka Lok.’ Since she acted wrongly, it is normal for people to scold her. In real life, I am not like her.”

Earlier spoilers for L’Escargot revealed that Linda’s character will not have a good ending. She will not reconcile with Ron Ng, instead going to study abroad by herself. Linda said, “For my character, this is a good ending. She can reflect on all the things that happened while studying overseas. She can find her lost direction and path in life again!”

Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: Jayne @ JayneStars


Just the Way You Are ft Linda FANMADE MV

Made this video yesterday :) I hope you guys would all like it! Sorry that the quality isn't so great though...


Daddy Good Deeds Airing!!!

"Daddy Good Deeds" will air after "The Hippocratic Crush" on March 19th 2012, 9.30 p.m. time slot., confirmed by Producer Mui's Weibo.

credits as labeled and jerebtvb@asianfanatics

Thoughts: Totally excited for this!!!! haha all the screencaps looks so funny x)


Dangerous Protection Filming Pictures 2

credits as labeled