Vol: 476 - Falling in Love with Linda Chung

Being in the industry for 8 years, Linda Chung got a lot more fans from a very sexy deep v advertisement photo. It was such a shock to see Linda’s sexy side.

Linda’s life has been amazingly smooth. She finished school, then entered the beauty pageant, and got into the entertainment industry. Her first drama brought her to the first line but it is also because she has the beauty for it.

In many peoples' eyes keeping a good image is very hard, and a lot of beautiful new artists will go on magazines and all; but to leave everyone with a pure feeling is very rare (so that is at the moment).

Linda is starting to believe “My real home is at Canada, Hong Kong is just a place to work, I believe that at the end I will return back to Canada.” But Hong Kong does bring a lot more opportunities to her, “Income here is much better than an elementary school teacher back in Canada!” I can also collect rent from properties I own in Hong Kong and I can also have a nice house for my parents.

But Linda will have lonely times, her family is on the other side of the world and rumored boyfriend doesn’t have any more news; she is all alone just making money. This just concludes to Linda being a good girl, and putting this name to Linda definitely suits her well.


Even though Linda is very young she had already experience a lot. But if you’re expecting Linda’s current news, her ups and downs, the work she’s done to get to where she is now, or the sob stories. Sorry! Linda cannot help you, you just need to provide care like a little girl; but within this you will not feel a bit of boredom.

Being in the industry does create a lot of pressure to one, at times it also creates anxiety, emotional problems, and all these almost lead Linda to explode.

“I am a pressured person, especially with work but it’s just growing up. Having so much pressure it changes my attitude too! For example, when I was younger no matter what type of situation I was in I would feel really nervous, even for awards I would feel nervous, I would start with hand shaking, palm sweating. To be honest I don’t know why this happens I just believe that, that was the beginning of my anxiety. 4-5 years ago, I started to experience insomnia, it was the serious kind! Consecutively for 3 months I couldn’t sleep, even my friends say I look like a zombie, I was totally out of it and I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

Linda tried many different ways to cure her insomnia, even a trip back to Canada, and hope that she’ll finally go back to normal. “At that time I was really down and my friend suggested for me to go back to Canada, and stay in Canada since you can't handle your job in Hong Kong.”

“I finally decided to go search for god, so god can accept the fact that I have insomnia; gladly my insomnia got cured. Even though I rarely go to church, I believe that as long as your heart belong with god, it will be fine.”

She then got baptized, and she has been catholic for 4 years now.

Hardworking Linda

Working in the industry is not like any other jobs, if you can’t get notice or get any attention, you should just drop out.

That is exactly where all Linda’s pressure comes from; she pushes it to the limit when it comes to getting awards and doing her best within her job. Mama Chung would always bring Linda to the temple to know her luck for the year.

“Since I was small I would always go to the temple, and usually follow my mom around. She also believed in Fung Shui, so our house would always be filled with a lot of stuff. I tried asking a shifu why wasn’t my past good? He said, it’s because I’m consider as a rat and this and that. Then said that I’m a very smart girl, and I’m consider the king of rats, and how I would be very successful. He also mentioned that within the years 2012 and 2013 she will be the most successful within her career, she’ll get awards but I don’t believe that at all. I mean every single year I have a chance.” “In fact after I got baptized I got calmer, I know that god will tell me to be happier, enjoy my job, and love people and it’ll be fine.

Lonely Linda

Linda’s outer appearance is a very simple person, and talks very politely towards everyone. But just looking at her outer appearance you can already tell she is very lonely.

“My personality is very chicken, really afraid of things, and will absolutely not do anything risky. Almost all my friends think I would be the first to get marry and have kids, but instead I’m actually one of the last ones, some of them already have 2 kids.”

But she was given the gift of being able to work in Hong Kong, where Linda automatically stayed and worked. If she stayed in Canada, she would not be where she is today.

“I can only say this; I’m really grateful coming to Hong Kong to work and the results that arose are amazing. Especially with the income, if I were to stay in Vancouver I would have been an elementary school teacher and the income wouldn’t have been too well, but it was my two best friends and my dream job. Plus finding a stable teaching job isn’t that easy.”

Right now Linda has some properties in Hong Kong so she can collect rent, and just purchased a new house for her parents in Canada, but it’s all because she’ve been hard at work in Hong Kong.

“Working alone in Hong Kong makes me feel very alone. I really cannot live by myself. In Canada I would have my older sister to keep me company; we would even go to the washroom together! During days when I’m free I would usually stay at home and cook soup. Sometimes I would go out to shop, but I would quickly get what I need then head right home.”

Finding Love…

Linda is 28 and you may not have noticed but she has been living in Hong Kong for 8 years. Even though she is used to living the lifestyle in Hong Kong, she will always consider Canada as her home. She says that she will come back to Canada to live and start her family there.

"I do not consider that my path in life is wrong. I'm doing my favorite job and everyone has their own path. Before I planned to marry around 24-25, a shifu said I will absolutely get married before I turn 30; right now I just want to get married at the age at 31."

The only problem is that Linda has announced that she is single and has not found her ideal man yet. During many interviews, every time Phillip Ng’s name (rumored boyfriend) was mentioned, Linda would not be very happy.

"I will get married but I will not purposely find love and let it go with the flow. My mom always rushes me too but I say that it's better if you don't. The more you rush me, the more I rush myself and the more I get nervous can lead to finding the wrong guy instead. It's even worse to get married then realize that we have a problem between each other. All I know is that I will have a child because my mom said having a baby is what all women need to have. This is because women have received the gift of giving birth to children. Having a child makes everything perfect."

After placing a goal of marrying at 31, Linda still doubts the fact that that’ll be accomplishable  First of all, Linda haven't found her ideal man yet and second of all, her TVB contract will be done when Linda is 33.

“I have no comment! When love comes I still need to have money to support myself first! “

Linda actually has a second side to her!

Prince Charming Leon Lai

Linda was born in Vancouver, the environment she grew up in much differ from Hong Kong.

Straight until high school graduation, Linda’s dream/ideal man was one of the 1990s Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings, Leon Lai. “Leon’s voice is so sweet, and don’t you feel static from his eyes! Don’t you notice it?” “Before I would day dream and see that Leon will come and pick me on a white horse, dressed as a prince, so we can go live in his castle.” Linda said while laughing.

“But since I got into the industry I still haven’t met him, I always wanted to and I still have the same love for him!”

To be honest, Linda back then was just like a little crazed fan girl who chased after many celebrities. Linda would always say she didn’t find her ideal man so: “I am just waiting for my prince charming to come, but he just haven't arrive yet!”

Just like any of my friends, after knowing Leon and Gaile were about to get married, I immediately bravely posted on Facebook. Leon succeeded many years of chasing after Gaile. But now Leon is back to being single, this news should be good for single ladies.

Linda are you ready for your prince charming?

Source: linda garden
Translated by Wendy@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca

Thoughts:  Wow...Linda only have a few years left in his contract...didn't realize that.


Malaysia's AOD My Favourite TVB Drama Awards 2012 Nominations

This year, Linda is nominated in 5 catergories :)  Voting is only for Malaysian fans, so fans in Malaysia, please do vote for Linda!

My Favorite TV Actress in a Leading Role

Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)

My Favorite TV Drama Series

Witness Insecurity

My Favorite TV On-Screen Couple

Bosco Wong & Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)

My Favorite TV Theme Song

Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)

Top 15 My Favorite TV Character

Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)

Source: Astro On Demand
Credit: http://asianuniverse.net/forums/


TVB 2013 Calendar

The artistes are dressed very nicely...but odd background, and Linda looks so left out Q.Q  Cast off to the side, and is the only one smiling....lols I used my hand to first cover up Aimee, Kate and Raymond...just to see Bosco and Linda together.  Then I covered up Bosco, Aimee and Kate to see Raymond and Linda.  She looks nicer with Ray...maybe because his suit is black, which matches her outfit better.

Overall, if you guys have seen the other months too...seems like tvb rushed through it.  Didn't spend enough money either :P  Eh...I still want one though because of the artistes.  *sigh* was expecting more...

credits starphoto


Yes Magazine Vol.1127 - English Translation

Linda’s drama series has normally been followed by one after another, but with none at present she is still making appearances on our television screens. Linda is currently focusing on her singing career at the moment, working hard on music recordings and making special guest appearances on music programs, promoting her new song “You’re my other half”.

Earlier in the year, Linda promised she’ll be releasing an album, and her fans were worrying when this will actually happen as the year comes to an end. Fans need not to worry as Linda has just finished recording all her songs, confirming the release date of her new album to be on the 23rd November, highlighting that love will be the main theme.

Whether or not we have heard her songs, I’m sure we will all be infatuated with Linda personally singing!

MV in uniform (p.26)

Recently Linda was shooting her music video for the song “You’re my other half”, which revolves around the story of a nurse (played by her) and her patient whose a member of the triads (played by a Japanese model). His occurring injuries and their time seeing each other eventually develops into a love story.

In the MV, a male Japanese model is involved with Linda saying, “I‘ve waited so long for this opportunity. My previous MV’s have mainly been just me, now there’s a male model and it’s the first time I’ve collaborated with a Japanese guy, so really excited! When I initially started shooting, I wanted to get Bosco Wong as the patient due to the similarities when we were both in “Witness Insecurity”. In the drama series I was waiting for him so felt this too would be similar. But Bosco is currently busy, so I’ll find him next time when he’s free!”

If Linda and Bosco will really shoot an MV together in the future, “Witness Insecurity” fans will definitely be delighted!

Young Sailor Moon (p.26)

Linda’s new look, dressed up like a tender angel clothed in white clotes, is a new and interesting area for her to explore.

“Having starred in a lot of drama series, I have never acted as a nurse. This time I can actually have a feel of trying on a nurse’s uniform. My childhood dream was actually to become a nurse, but as I got older I felt scared, feel sick and could not breathe whenever I see blood or operations. In the end I pursued something else; I really loved children so I wanted to become a teacher instead.

Linda also confessed whilst she has never worn any uniform, she loved playing dress up when she was young; “I dressed up and posed as Sailor moon and would steal mum’s clothes to play!”.

Actually Sailor moon is a type of uniform, so maybe Linda did wear uniforms before!

Album singing “Love, Love, Love” (p.27)

Linda has said for a long time she’ll be releasing an album, which will finally be released on the 23rd November with the countdown already beginning!

It was announced earlier that she had finished recording the last song, and she can now focus on advertising and promoting her new album. The new album "Love, Love, Love", with love as the central theme, focuses on different aspects of love so there will be plenty of slow songs.

“There are currently 11 songs, including the recently released 'Vaccine' and 'You’re my other half', there will also be my newly created song 'Simple Friendship'. Plenty of stress involved whilst working on this album; these included a lack of sleep and bad skin complexion.

Regarding pictures for the album, previous pictures revolved around the feeling of “hurt”, but this time happiness will be the main focus, hoping it’ll leave a positive and happy impression.

Always looking to improve (p.27)

Linda’s performances so far have been eye catching, at the same time as an artist, this comes along with the associated pressure of singing. “I have jumped from the tv screen to the music industry, afraid of people thinking that I am not taking it seriously. So every time I perform, I do my best and set myself high expectations”.

“There’s still a long road ahead with plenty to learn, so I hope to sing with different styles. Audiences tend to think of me as good and obedient, don’t know a lot of things, don’t know how to dance etc. But I want to change people’s perceptions. I want to try out new things every year, to progress step by step, to change people’s views that I can only sing slow, love songs to singing fast and wild songs”.

Besides releasing a new album, Linda has also started shooting a new drama series! “I have just started shooting “Big Wheel”, recently been doing research on different films, drama series, new acting techniques and new ideas. This time I’ll be collaborating with Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu and Louis Yuen, hoping to create good chemistry between us!

Wow...shooting and promoting the album at the same time, Linda is indeed very hard working!

Source: Linda Garden
Translated by Jwan@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

Thoughts:  As promised, here is the translation!  Thanks Jwan ;)

Aw...so Linda initially wanted Bosco to be in her mv?  Too bad that didn't happen :(  I miss seeing them already....haha I want Bosco to be her partner during tvb's anniversary/awards...or Ruco Chan would be nice too x)


[News] Linda Chung and Ruco Chan Dating in the '80s

TVB artistes Linda Chung and Ruco Chan were in Jordan filming a Sales Presentation clip for the new series "Big Wheel". The storyline was about Ruco, who portrays a cop, saving Linda from the hands of a robber. Because of this, the two develop feelings for each other.

Linda, who had an '80s look, said, "In the series, I go from ten-something to forty-something. This is an '80s look. In the series, I portray a wealthy girl who dates Ruco without caring about family pressure. There are many romantic dating scenes. Will even have a short hairstyle after becoming a successful woman...will be performing in a wig".

Ruco has great expectations for the new series. He said, "I really like the script...has a lot of feeling. Because there are many Hong Kong stories intersecting, will have the feeling of watching 'The Greed of Man' and 'Vanity Fair' in the past. I will go from young to old. I have great expectations for this series. Hope that it will become a series that will resonate with viewers and bring memories".

credits hyn@http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.ca/


[News] Linda Chung Suspended Up on 7th Floor, Risk Life For TV Queen Title


TVB anniversary awards is approaching soon, the TV King and Queen battle is the center of attention. This year's TV Queen top five include Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Michelle Yim, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung. "Netizens' Favorite" Linda had just been accompanying the race for several years, but this year she can no longer be ignored since her performances in L'Escargot, Witness In Security and Daddy Good Deeds were outstanding. Unfortunately, those series were broadcasted too early, looks like its quite a disadvantage for Linda.

To win the momentum back, recently Linda has been busy shooting new series Big Wheel and is putting exceptional effort into it. Yesterday she personally filmed a dangerous scene herself without using a stunts double and putting her life on the line. She just hopes to gain some appreciation from the TVB executives and audience!

Yesterday Linda and Ruco Chan were working near a large industrial building in Kowloon Bay, where Linda was suspended on wires up from the 7th floor of the building. She posed like a superwoman in front of the cameras and appeared excited. However, the staff helping her buckle up the safety belts were a lot more tense, checking and testing the positions over and over again.

After Linda was suspended up to the 7th floor, it was lead actor Ruco Chan's turn to climb out from the window to save her. Because they had to accommodate the different camera angles, the two did the same scene several times. At one point, Linda started screaming because it was necessary for the scene, and that attracted a lot of bystanders. When she finally finished shooting and came down, the bystanders applauded and cheered for her. Then Linda and Ruco got back on wires and did a scene where they both fall from the 3rd floor down to a cargo truck.

Linda expressed the moment she was suspending on the wires, she was a little frightened: "I was a little scared at first! But then, I just pretended that I'm on a free amusement ride and I've done costume dramas before where I had to pretend to jump off a cliff. TVB bought insurance for me." Dressed in the 90s fashion, Linda laughed and said she had to borrow her mother's wardrobe and her mother even became her costume director. Ruco plays a police officer in this series, and also praised Linda for being so calm. He reveals he has a lot of car chasing and gun fighting scenes, "The action director and other staff are well experienced, I trust them that they will take all the safety precautions needed. What I have to do is make myself fitter."

Linda and Herman Ho are just like Father-Daughter

Also, Linda had just signed under Star Shine as one of the singers. It was said Star Shine's boss Herman Ho gives her special treatment, which has frightened her. Regarding this rumor, Linda frankly expressed over the phone that Herman was already helping her since her debut album. Up until now, it's been three years of collaboration. Because of this, they have a closer relationship, but it is just the father-daughter type. Linda said: "I just think it's strange, every time I release an album, news like this will pop up. I feel scared inside, but I'm not scared of my boss. Also, these reports always say there is some 'insider' exposing the news, but just who is this 'insider'? I hope they don't act like this anymore!" When asked if she'll keep her distance? She expressed no because they have collaborated for many years and she denied the rumor that Herman gave her diamonds.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/


[Interview] Radio Interview 10/23/12 - Linda Chung Talks about Wong Hei and Paul Chun

2012-10-23 wonghei paul ge by longan_182

Linda Chung and Wong He first collaborated in "Twilight Investigation". Wong He is well known to be very demanding, which worried Linda.

"I really enjoyed working with Wong He. Before collaborating with him, many people told me that he was difficult to work with. I was afraid, what if he thinks that I'm stupid? But it was not true, he's actually very nice. He believes in Buddha, that there may be conflicts in our beliefs, but in the end we're all people with compassion."

"He's a very cute person, often fang sheng (releasing animals), even when he sees a dead cockroach, he'd pick it up and find a place to bury it. I find him very compassionate and don't understand why people says he's scary."

"He helped me alot during filming. For example during this scene where I acted as a ghost, I was hungry and wanted incense. According to the script, I only had to speak the lines but he told me to sniff it too. He taught me everything or else the role would've been killed/wasted."

"Then there was one scene where he fainted, and I had to wake him up. Because we were already so close, I was acting and joking with him at the same time, tickled him, making him yell, "Wah, you're so crazy!"

".....Like during his birthday, he received alot of cake, and even the colleagues who didn't work that day came to the studio to congratulate him. I really admire his acting, and he's also such a compassionate person."

Linda Chung and Paul Chun collaborated in "Witness Insecurity", under the advice of pa pa Paul Chun, the role of Linda Chung's reached a new level. For the first time, Linda Chung publicly thanked Paul.

"During the filming of "Witness Insecurity", Paul encouraged me alot, even though he may not have notice it. When I act, I often thought of how to create a breakthrough and that's when I was told I will be working with Paul. I knew he have a lot of experience, good acting and he helped me alot. There was one scene where I hyperventilate, because I have psychological problems, crying while speaking. He taught me first to imagine myself losing air, feeling pain and then cry. Before, I only cried but he taught me how to show the difficulty of breathing and crying at the same time...slowly releasing the emotions."

"He showed me what a focused actor is like, his experience in acting is very rich. A veteran like him is very good, even in evil roles."

"I was scared when I first filmed with him, had to quickly memorize my script, cannot come late. But after knowing him...find him quite sweet. One time he was sick, a cold, his voice was like a little kid's, very cute."

Paul Chun says that Linda Chung is a very hardworking actress and gets into her role well.

Translation by lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.com
Viet translation by LA@http://www.facebook.com/lindachungvn

Note: I do not know chinese :P  I only saw the Vietnamese translation by LA and decided to translate that to English, since I wanted to practice my Vietnamese.  This is not a "word for word" translation though....so take notice of that when you listen to the actual interview x)

Haha it took me so long to translate it, since I only knew like...90% of what was given, so struggled with some parts for quite a bit.  Then when I tried to listen to the interview I was like....wah, I recognized the words, "stupid, crazy, scared and ghost"  lols.  After 3 years of watching tvb series in cantonese...that was all I understood :P

I love Wong He.  Too bad tvb didn't treasure him :P  I find him quite sweet....remember the time he specifically came to tvb's studio to give Linda a Christmas present?  That was sweet!  I'm a bit confuse though.....didn't they collaborated in The Gem of Life?  So Twilight Investigation isn't the first one....just the first one they paired together in.  Really hope they can film together again one day though...personally liked them together alot.  hehe good chemistry..but more as friends in TI than a couple.


[News] With Top TV Ratings and Popular Among The Audience, The TV Queen Award Is In Sight For Linda Chung

Having lost out the TV Queen Award last year with her performance as Miss Koo, Linda Chung has had to start all over again this year and has been heavily promoted by TVB. The drama "Witness Insecurity", in which she was partnered up with "Lucky Star" Bosco Wong, has received the highest average rating for a tv drama so far this year. This year, Linda has four dramas which were aired one after the other and so she has a high chance of challenging Myolie Wu for the TV Queen Award. Her dramas "Blissful Ferris Wheel" and "Big Wheel" are still to air this coming year, so her popularity will only rise in the near future!

With the TVB awards ceremony in sight now, the candidates for the TV Queen award has become clearer. Last year's TV Queen Myolie Wu has had three dramas aired this year, namely "Wish and Switch", "Ghetto Justice 2" and "House of Harmony and Vengeance"; however, Linda Chung has caught up and four of her dramas were broadcast later in the year, which were "L'Escargot", "Daddy Good Deeds", "House of Harmony and Vengeance" and "Witness Insecurity". Apart from being praised for her role as the third wheel in "L'Escargot", her drama with Bosco Wong, "Witness Insecurity", also has the highest average rating for a tv drama so far this year.

When talking about her achievements this year, Linda appeared to be very satisfied as the response to all four of her dramas have been good. She said, "I have been really happy this year as I have been able to try out a range of roles. Regarding awards, I just want to go with the flow and see whether I whether I am destined to get it! To be able to receive the praise I have this year from the audience is already something which I'm very happy about; it doesn't matter any more whether I get an award or not."

When asked about her chances of succeeding Myolie as the new TV Queen, Linda said, "Tavia Yeung has also been great! Myolie was also really good in "Ghetto Justice 2". I don't want to use the word "fight" (for the award). I hope the word "fight" doesn't appear in Linda Chung's dictionary. I would be really happy just to be nominated because every actress has given their all and we all support each other. I really haven't given this too much thought since awards are not the most important thing. I am already happy and satisfied that the audience have been able to call me by the name of my character in dramas and that they have praised my performances. I just want to go with the flow since there are so many factors behind winning the awards, for example, what my company thinks about my performance."
This year, TVB is looking to implement a system where the public also gets a say in who wins the awards. Linda has always had a strong and loyal fan base, so when asked whether she was confident that she would pull in many votes, she replied, "Yes, I'm confident! When I went onto the show "All Star World Exam" and the audience had to vote for a winner, I won! I have a lot of fans, and I have realised for the past year that it has increased. Everyone's response to my performances have been good and the audience seem to support my roles, so I hope people will vote for me!"I think the "one person, one vote" system is good since the hardest thing as an actress is to win over the audience, so the meaning behind the award will be greater."

Last year, Linda was a big favourite for the "My favourite female character" award for her performance as Miss Koo, but eventually she lost out on the award. She expressed her disappointment by saying, "The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment, so I will not be expecting too much."
It is understood that Linda really likes her new drama, "Blissful Ferris Wheel". Earlier, when she was shooting the drama with Jason Chan and Brian Chu in Sai Kung, the normally quiet Linda often chatted with Jason Chan and even started singing together. She laughingly said, "I have always been really relaxed, it's just that you guys don't see it very often!" In the drama, Linda Chung and Jason Chan work for an organisation which aims to find missing persons. They have to find Linda's brother (who is portrayed by Brian Chu) who gets hooked onto drugs again and tries to commit suicide. Linda's character, thinking she is the one to blame, then goes everywhere with Jason Chan's character and they try to find him.
Even though the plot is very intense, the shooting process has been fairly relaxed. Not only do Linda and Jason chat together, but Linda also frequently pulls faces at other workers, making the atmosphere a lot lighter. Even though it is only their first collaboration, Linda praises Jason's performance. Jason states that he has channeled the pressure on him into positive energy and has been able to create sparks with Linda very quickly.

Source: Sing Tao Daily
Translated by jackie@ LindaCottage

Thoughts: Hehe love reading about Jason and Linda.  Even though I am sure about seeing him in a leading role, Jason reflects such a positive image....full of sunshine, on weibo :D  Remember how he uploaded a picture of Linda's album, that he bought, with her autograph on it?  So sweet ;)


Linda's Weibo Update 10/21/12


Linda: 收工之后的休息时间, 跟家姐吃快乐餐 :) :D :) @李亞男LL
Leanne's reply: 阿妹!早D 睡啦

Eng Translation:
Linda:  It's time to relax after work by happily eating with my sister :) :D :) @Leanne
Leanne's reply: Sister! Go to sleep :X

Thoughts:  Omg they're so cute!!!! :D haha yet again...beware of my translation :P


[Pics] Opening of Hong Kong Design Gallery 10/19/12

Linda looks lovely in the dress :D I especially love the color of the dress...the shade of red is very nice!
credits: hktdclifestyle and 喵喵和33@http://forum.linda-chung.net


AME - For the Love of Shoes

Linda's Weibo Update yesterday:


Eng Translation by Audrey@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

"Am very happy to share my collaboration with online store Ame with everyone - where I'm taking part in this project as both the creative director as well as the spokesperson! Although I cannot officially disclose all the details at the moment, I really can't wait to invite you guys to the launch party held in December. You just need to go to http://www.shopame.com, enter the password "linc", follow the instructions to "like" and invite your friends to take part too. The top 10 members with the highest referrals will receive invites to the party. Please support, thanks!"
There is an "English" version, so remember to press that guys!  And as stated above, the secret code is "linc".

After that, log in with your facebook or email address!  (For email address, you have to first "sign up for a new account" then they'll send an activation link to your email.)

So this is what you'll get to see in the end!!  Hehe who is going to try to get the VIP invitations?  Feel free to "invite" me via email :D  Oh!  Remember to keep track of our rank with the rank bar!

Can't wait for more info on Ame.  I'm guessing that this is the fashion business that Linda was talking about before ;)


"你是我的一半" ("You're My Other Half") - Lyrics Translations

***credits joyrich003@youtube
為何事事沒心機 怎會句句亦嘆氣
Why is there no motivation to do anything, and also a sigh with every sentence?
無論吃盡美點 再好也覺得無味
No matter how delicious the food may be, it’s still tasteless
為何日日受不起 同伴也話我應該爭氣
Why do I find everyday unbearable; even my friends say I ought to buck up

還強調 要有寄託在上班 不相戀哪會死
And they even emphasized that I must dedicate my attention to work; that I won’t die from not missing him
直到終於決意一鼓作氣 環遊北歐轉換場地
Until I finally decided at one go, to tour Europe in order to have a change in environment
回望錄影卻也沒你 我再記起
Looking back at the video, but you were not in it; I remembered

如若註定你是我的一半 給我他人亦不喜歡
If you were meant to be my other half, I would not like anyone else
掛念你 心中的一位哪可替換
Missing you, the irreplaceable one in my heart
其實註定我是你的一半 等你歸來 其他不管
Actually it’s meant to be that I’m your other half, I’ll wait for your return and not care about anything else
缺乏你 憂鬱都充塞了血管
Without you, gloom thoroughly fills my veins

明明昨日在身邊 何事要在今天不相見
Clearly you were by my side yesterday; but why don’t we meet anymore nowadays?
最痛苦 與你快到達沸點 一失足到冰點
The most painful thing is that we were almost reaching boiling point, but a moment of folly caused us to fall back down to the freezing point
恨我出走也要唉聲嘆氣 沿途風光好得要死
Hate that I run away sighing in despair, but the scenery along the way is most beautiful
無奈未可以震憾你 如何回味 
Helplessness cannot shock you; how to reminisce

如若註定你是我的一半 給我他人亦不喜歡
If you were meant to be my other half, I would not like anyone else
掛念你 心中的一位哪可替換
Missing you, the irreplaceable one in my heart
其實註定我是你的一半 等你歸來 其他不管
Actually it’s meant to be that I’m your other half, I’ll wait for your return and not care about anything else
愛定你 一生必須給你托管 功倍事半
Set on loving you, I’ve to entrust my whole life into your hands to achieve twice the results with half the effort

如若註定你是我的一半 給我他人亦不喜歡
If you were meant to be my other half, I would not like anyone else
掛念你 肯花光青春與你交換
Missing you, am willing to spend my youth in exchange for you
其實註定我是你的一半 只要一齊 其他都不管
Actually it’s meant to be that I’m your other half, as long as we’re together, nothing else matters
缺乏你 心中的空隙太過寬 失去後援
Without you, the void in my heart is too big that I’ve lost its backing

Source: http://www.my903.com
Translation by Audrey@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

Note:  This is a very literal translation, as the song was really metaphorical.

- For Viet fans who, unlike me, can read Vietnamese...there are viet subs for this song done by the members of LindaChungVN.  View here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1-y2cwwBLtM


Yes Magazine Vol. 1127

The translation for the magazine will be on it's way :D

***credits yesmagazine.hk


Linda Weibo Updates on the filming of 巨輪 ("Big Wheel")

Linda: What a happy day @李亞男LL @陈展鹏煎pang @謝雪心Susan_Tse

Leanni Li: 倆個傻姐妹,齊齊開「巨輪」
Linda's reply: I love you dear!! 真的很开心可以跟你演姐妹!!!

Eng translation:
Leanne Li: Two silly sisters, enjoying the filming of 巨輪 ("Big Wheel")
Linda's reply: I love you dear!! Really happy to play as your sister!!!

Thoughts: Haha please excuse the errors in my translations. lols I used google translate (I just fixed the wording) :P hehe Linda must be very happy to be filming with Leanne! So happy to see them together!! So cute!


[Clips] Yan Oi Tong Charity 2012

Sorry for posting the clips abit late! ^-^;;;;

View pictures: http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/2012/10/pics-yan-oi-tong-charity-2012.html

*clips credits suman0715@youtube and 520stars1@youtube


巨輪 [Big Wheel] Blessing Ceremony

Linda Chung Resists From Bed Scenes

Yesterday afternoon Linda Chung, Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu attended the blessing ceremony of TVB new series Big Wheel. There will be a kiss scene between Linda and Ruco in the series, Linda expressed she's fine with kiss scenes, but will avoid bed scenes as much as possible because she personally fears those scenes and its her limit. When asked if it's because rumored boyfriend Philip Ng doesn't allow her to do so? She stressed it's solely her personal choice and has nothing to do with her image. It was said Kate Tsui's rape and bed scenes in Highs and Lows made it a breakthrough for her in the TV Queen battle? Linda expressed to get the TV Queen title, actresses don't necessarily have to do bed scenes, it is all based on personal choice.

It was rumored Moses Chan declined to collaborate with Ruco in this series because he doesn't think Ruco is up to level yet, therefore he turned down Big Wheel. Ruco said that's impossible and it's all fabricated news. If he and Moses meet, there won't be any awkwardness between them. He just feels lucky that TVB is giving him so many opportunities and he will cherish it.

A few days ago, Edwin was driving rumored girlfriend Gigi Ho and got into an accident. He crashed into a mini bus and damaged his car. Asked if his girlfriend was frightened by the accident? Edwin quickly corrected reporters, "You are talking about my rumored girlfriend right? She was fine, she's been in a car accident before and has the experience. She was calm and even gave me advice on how I should handle the situation." Edwin said his damaged car has already been taken to the shop for repair and a good friend of his let him borrow a sports car to use while his car is getting fixed.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/