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Hey guys!  This is the list of people who I've received the messages from.  Some were lovely long essays while others were sweet short messages ;)  Hehe thanks for sending them all in guys!

****IF I do not have you on the list BUT you sent in a message, please notify me!

April is approaching its end, so be sure to send in your messages ASAP!!!  Email me, leave a comment or DM me on twitter!  :D

Currently printing them off and is in the midst of putting them together ;)


'Form'please fill it out and send it into me at lynnetvbhorizon@gmail.com :)  Deadline would be the end of April!  But if you can, please send it in asap? :D
Age (optional): 
What animal would you be? Why? (optional):  (read about this below) 
LOVELOVELOVE: (read about this below) 
Message: (can be typed or written (scan - please ensure that the writings on your scan are clearly visible)) No limit on length. 
Picture of You: (absolutely optional.  I am going to put my photo on there, so I added this in just in case any other fans may want to share their picture with Linda.  It does not have to be of you either...maybe your pet if you want :) )
More info:
I think Linda would love to know about you guys too :)

1) What animal would you be? Why?
Haha this can tell her alot about who you are :)

Example: I would describe myself as a turtle. Though I would not say I am particularly 'wise', but I do try my best to learn from others. Turtles are slow at times and that's something that really fits me. My reactions are quite slow and I cannot act quickly on my feet. Another feature of the turtle is that when it's scared, it would hide into it's shell. I do that too when I am scared to try something new. Haha but the most important factor of all is the fact that I love turtles! It's my favourite animal :P

Linda often writes on her weibo about the blessings she sees in her DAILY lives; what are yours?

Example: Mine? Coming home everyday to eat my mom's cooking and the accompany of my shit-szu!

3) Other 'stuff': Got anything else? Questions?  Please tell me :)


[Variety Show] Tailor-Made Tour


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a tour guide for Ekin Cheng, Linda Chung, Alan Tam and Wayne Lai? If you have, then this is your one in a lifetime chance! TVB is launching a new variety show called, "Tailor Made Tour." Lucky fans around the world will be chosen to give these four awesome artistes a tour of their home country! Sounds exciting doesn't it? If you're interested, don't miss the application form :P

Application Requirements:
Dunno. Gotta get back to you guys later about this ;)
Or if you guys don't want to wait, please check out all the information they have right here:

***You have to have HK ID or HK birth certificate (info credit lindachungvn@facebook)


[News/Pics] Linda Chung Wears Jewelry Worth 300 Million HKD

Linda Chung appeared at a jewelry showcase wearing a jade Guanyin that's worth 300 million HKD. She was constantly touching it, worrying that it's going to fall off because it's quite heavy. Still, Linda thinks the piece of jewelry is very pretty. She then revealed that her mom loves jade and has save some as a dowry for her daughter.

A few days ago Linda went to Guam Island for a photo shoot. When asked, Linda said that she wore a bikini but also had on layers of fabric because the photo shoot focuses on the feelings of happiness, not the body. Since Guam Island is full of sunshine and sandy beaches, of course she couldn't go into the water with something like a sweatshirt on. The most enticing shots of Linda will likely be her eyes since the rest of her body was underwater the whole time. Will rumoured boyfriend, Philip Ng, complain about her wearing a bikini? Linda awkwardly replied, "Don't know how to answer." As for the photos, she says that they will be release in July and the money that she earned from the job will be donated.

Original Source: http://orientaldaily.on.cc
Vietnamese Translation: longan@http://forum.dienanh.net/
Translated by Lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

Pictures credit: WoSoLoo@wosoloo.mygallery.biz


[News] Curious Little Linda Chung Flies Out of Car Frightening Grace Wong

Grace Wong and Linda Chung are good friends, one is active and the other is quiet. In real life, their personalities are really flipped around! The normally gentle Linda shared her most naughty incident that happened during childhood - she flies out of the car! Grace was so frightened, she shouted calling Linda crazy! As for the usually active Grace, she actually very meticulous in her daily life. In real life, the two have completely different personalities, which is really fascinating and interesting!

Met at a Stage Performance

Grace: Baby, do you remember how we met?

Linda: I remember we were at an awards ceremony in Mainland. You were doing warm ups and the splits on the floor before your dance performance. I went over to you and said I'm really nervous, but you said to me: "You actually get nervous?"

Grace: That was about 4 years ago, I looked at you, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam and Myolie Wu, I just couldn't believe you guys would get nervous at all. I still remember that time you had the microphone in your hand and was shaking. I thought you were really cute!

Linda: I don't remember what we chatted about that day, but you gave me a very positive impression, very real, very much like a Western girl and someone who would be a good friend.

The Laid Back Image

Grace: Then we became more and more familiar, and started going to each other's houses!

Linda: Actually, I really want my house to be clean like yours! Because I'm not a good organizer, my house is a mess....

Grace: But I really like how you are. When I'm at your house, you have your glasses on and your hair tied up. Very awesome and real!

Linda: On the contrary, when someone goes to your house, you have to look prettier, gentle and neat! As for me, I would have my PJs, T-shirt and some other strange looking clothing on! Even if the delivery man came to my house, I would open the door looking like that!

Grace: (*Laughs loudly*) Then did they ask you if you were Ms. Linda Chung?

Linda: Actually no! I don't know why I didn't think about that! One time it was even funnier when I was doing facial. The facial lady said to me: "Usually when artists come to do facial, they came neatly dressed and their clothes would be hanged up neatly, but why do you leave your shoes lying around? I think you are a pretty true person!"

Grace: Actually when I go to your house, you are very laid back. I actually think that's pretty comfortable. I can sleep or crawl where ever I want. I could laugh or cry if I wanted to. I don't have to have a formal dinner with you!

Linda: Being a friend, the most important is to take off the mask, comfort is the most important!

Flies Out of the Car

Grace: Do you remember we chatted until 3am one night?

Linda: That time we were talking about our childhood. When I was 10, my mom was driving and I was sitting in the back seat. Out of curiosity, I asked her: "If I opened the door, what happens if I fly out?"

Grace: (*Couldn't-Believe-It* Look) You crazy!

Linda: Because I wanted to see what the feeling was like, so I really opened the door and of course I flew out. I ended up having bruises all over my body from all the rolling and a mouth full of sand and stones!

Grace: Have you used this experience in acting?

Linda: (*Laughs loudly*) Not yet, haha! Actually I'm pretty brave!

Grace: You are! But did you not like to talk to people before?

Linda: Before I entered the industry, I had a lot to say, but I turned autistic after entering. I slowly began to find myself again! Also I'm more familiar with this industry now and I'm starting to have more confidence. I don't have as much to think about as before, I'm just being myself and I don't need to worry whether people accept me or not because each one of us are very special!

Grace: Actually learning to like your unique characteristics is something very difficult. Many people like to compare themselves to others. Actually if every individual can just be themselves, then this would be a beautiful world. Just like a beautiful garden. If each flower is the same, then wouldn't that be really boring? Instead, if there are some bigger or sharper flowers around, then that be perfect!

Linda: Did anything crazy happen when you were a kid?

Grace: I'm not as crazy, at least I didn't fly out of the car! My naughtiest thing was going out to party, but now I'm much more behaved now!


At the end of the interview, Linda recalled her first impression on Grace. One time in the makeup room, Grace was so loud, Linda couldn't refrain herself from having the "O" expression on her face. She said: "You were incredibly loud, but then I later realized you were chatting with the Miss HKs of your year!" When Grace heard this, she wasn't upset, but laughed out loud instead: "That time I was talking to Kayi Cheung and Lorretta Chow in English! Nowadays when I see the new Miss HK or MCI talking so loudly in the makeup room, they remind me of the time when I just debuted, haha!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


New Zealand Photoshoot - Jason Chan and Linda Chung

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!!!!!!!  Haha I like the scenery alot :P  That picture where Linda and Jason hides behind the menus is so cute! lols

Pictures credit:  World TV Group FB


[Pics/Clips] International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship

Lols Poor Linda had to hold in her laughter when Jason Chan and Anderson Junior wrestled to throw each other shoes off the stage :P haha I laughed throughout the whole clip....dunno how Linda managed to hold in hers! haha With Jason there...knew that there were going to be a few laughs since he's such a big ball of sunshine xD course there's the comedian Anderson Junior too!

I thought it was so funny when the two rolled on the floor and in the end, Linda had to step off stage to escape their grasps :P haha xD This video made my day!

video credits jcywu@youtube

Pictures credits World TV Limited's FB

More Videos credits DEARCHlANG@youtube