[Pics/News] 2013 Sales Presentation Ceremony

Thoughts: What did you guys think of Linda's dress?  Contrary to many other, I actually quite like the dress.  It gives off a very cozy feeling of Autumn and I thought Linda's hairstyle matched quite well with the dress.  Maybe I'm a bit odd but I also really like the gloves she wore lols.  

Nearly 200 Artists' Attend TVB Programme Presentation 2014

Last night Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Wayne Lai and nearly 200 artists attended the TVB Programme Presentation 2014 show. There were several rumored couples gathered together in one place including the former 'love triangle' Kevin, Charmaine and Niki and ex-couple Bosco and Myolie. Niki's boyfriend Jeremy Jones 'met' Kevin for the first time. Although Kevin and Charmaine were a pair on the red carpet, during the group picture they had zero interaction. Instead, Kevin chatted with Linda Chung more, while Charmaine chatted with Moses. As for Niki, she stood far from Kevin and Charmaine, and instead linked arms with Myolie's ex Bosco.

Later, Niki disclosed Kevin did greet her. Asked if they'll feel awkward portraying a couple again in the future? She said: "Its just work, can't choose the people. I don't mind working with him, but I need to know what the couple has to do." Asked what if Charmaine Sheh is added into the series? Niki paused for a moment and said: "That interesting?" Charmaine expressed during the rehearsal, she did chat with Kevin and does not understand why there would be awkwardness. When speaking of Niki being at the show too? Charmaine said: "Yeah, there's a lot of people. (Did you chat with Niki?) I've chatted with many colleagues, we're all friends. I don't even remember who I chatted with." Kevin said there is no awkwardness at these events: "When you're at that age, you have some history, its not a big deal." Linda and Charmaine were dressed the most conservative. Myolie had a large "knife cut" across her chest, quite enticing.

Next year TVB will be producing 16 series and 14 variety shows. Wayne Lai and Ron Ng had the most series, each had 3 series; Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu and Raymond Wong each had 2 series; Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui and Linda Chung each had 2 series; Kristal Tin, Eliza Sam and Samantha Ko are the heavily promoted artists and each got 2 series. Kenneth Ma had no series. TVB Programme Presentation 2014 will be broadcast on November 30th.

Source: Oriental Daily, Weibo
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums


[News/Pics] Linda Chung Follows the Black Outfit Trend to get TV Queen Award

Thoughts: ABSOLUTELY adore Linda's purple dress!!!  Loved the design and color.  Haha maybe a bit bias cause it's one of my fav colours.  Linda's hair also matches nicely :)  
Yesterday Linda Chung attended Emperor Jewelry "Art of Nature" event and served as their model. Linda modeled the 18K Rhodium & White Gold Natural Fei Cui Pearl necklace valued at HK$5 million. Linda expressed she doesn't own much jewelry, "I have a pair of sapphire earrings that my mother gave me. I bought some diamonds and rings myself. I'm actually saving up to buy a home first. (Has a guy given you jewelry before?) Never. Even if they did, I'm not sure whether I should accept it or not. I think its just too expensive. (How about a boyfriend?) I value his heart more than his gifts."

When speaking of the TVB Anniversary Awards this year, Linda is the hot favorite for TV Queen. She expressed: "I've asked one of my stylist friends to help me prepare my outfit. (Sexy?) I don't think so. (Do you have a lucky color?) I heard about a rumor that each year, the one who wore black gets the TV Queen award. I rarely wear black, I like white and pink, but I can give black a try. This year I hope to make a breakthrough. (Meaning you want to become TV Queen?) I'm not pressured about it. I've been in the industry for 9 years, and I think I've only worn black once, that time it was super sexy too. (Then you want a breakthrough in sexiness?) No."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


[News/Pics] Brother's Keeper Finale Dinner


Ruco Chan Fails on Proposing to Linda Chung, Picks Her Up Instead

Last night Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Ankie Belkie, Louis Yuen and Kristal Tin attended TVB series Brother's Keeper finale dinner event. The cast watched the two episode finale with the audience. Edwin's rumored girlfriend Gigi Ho was the MC of the night, thus the two became the center of attention. As for the "love triangle" Ruco, Linda and Ankie, they were not embarrassed at all as they linked arms to take pictures. Later, the three of them were back at their seats, Linda and Ruco were seen chatting nonstop.

Edwin joked thanking TVB for the arrangement [of the MC], he praised Gigi's beauty and talent. Asked if they're rapidly developing their relationship? Edwin appeared embarrassed as sweat came dripping down: "We're good friends. (Like family?) Hahaha!" As for Ruco's constant rumors lately, there were even rumors that he's a "brokeback"? Edwin expressed fortunately he didn't have any rumors and stressed that his career is his priority. Gigi jumped in and said focusing on career is a good thing, clearly supporting her 'boyfriend'. The two continued complimenting each other. Edwin got himself a bakery endorsement because of this series, but surprisingly Gigi mistakenly said she's also apart of this series, when she really wasn't. She said: "We had so many pasties to eat while filming this series. The only one I didn't get to try was the gingerbread. Maybe it was all sold out." Reporters asked Edwin if he had ordered wedding pastries before? He laughed: "Nobody uses gingerbread for weddings. Gingerbread is more for postpartum period, when you have a baby, I'll give some to you!"

During the voting part of the event, Ruco knelt down and asked Linda if she would marry him, but too bad Linda rejected him. Ruco immediately got off his knees and picked Linda up, it was a very funny moment. In the series, the scene where Ruco was in jail, apparently there was an iPhone seen in his pocket. Ruco expressed its been too long, he can't remember, but disclosed he forgot to zip up his pants during filming. As for the "brokeback" rumors, Edwin stressed he only likes women. Linda disclosed lately the paparazzi had been following her too much, but fortunately the people on the streets were kind enough to tell her. Asked if her boyfriend Philip Ng had complained about it? She changed the subject: "Not bad! I can spend more time at home to study the script. Can't even go on vacation."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


[News/Pics] 大藥坊 (The Great Pharmacist) Costume Fitting

Thoughts: Finally a NON-modern series!!!  Haha I think it'll be refreshing for Linda :)

Linda Chung New Love Interest? "He Went Down to Pick Me Up"

Yesterday Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Shirley Yeung and Natalie Tong attended the costume fitting of TVB new series The Great Pharmacist (tentative). After Brother's Keeper Linda and Ruco were rumored, and now that their portraying a couple again in this series, they appeared awkward. Linda explained: "Ruco and I chatted in the makeup room. (Has he started pursuing you?) You all ask him! After all, I hope we'll have a great collaboration."

All along, Linda Chung had claimed "work is my priority", but last night [Good News] spotted Linda with a 6-feet tall gentleman entering a factory building. Yesterday at the costume fititng of her new series, she was asked whether this 6-feet gentleman is her new love interest? Linda didn't want to disclose who that gentleman was. She exclaimed: "I'm so scared! I'm scared of a ghost!" Reporters gave the [Good News] headline to her, Linda laughed: "How is he 6 feet?" She explained that gentleman is costume designer, that day they were going into the building for costume tryout, but she did notice there were reporters following them. She hoped to have some privacy as she gets into the car, so she asked the costume designer to pick her up.

Ruco expressed he does not feel awkward seeing Linda. Asked if he's worried he won't be able to pull himself out of character? He said: "This is different from Brother's Keeper, my role's background is very realistic, so don't need to get so into character. (Are you pursuing Linda?) Nope! We've been filming together for several months and we know very well there's no romantic feelings." This time, Ruco and Linda are a couple again, but will be involved in a love square with Raymond Wong and Natalie Tong. Because the plot is refreshing, Ruco is not afraid the audience might get bored of watching him and Linda as a couple again.

It was said Linda's role is a copy of popular Korean drama Jewels in the Palace? Linda said: "There is only a slight similarity in my role's personality, she's good-hearted, has perseverance and a never giving up spirit. My role is a Chinese pharmacist, the most challenging part is remembering all the Chinese medicine names."

It was reported TVB intends to promote Linda to become their new music label "Star Dreams" Big Sister, but the only condition is to stop all the rumors. Linda said: "I didn't hear about that rumor. Its definitely made up. I've worked with Herman Ho for so long, he treats everyone equally. I believe he'll bring this spirit to TVB."

Shirley Yeung Finally "Unfrozen"

Shirley had been frozen for 4 years. This time, she's finally unfrozen and participates in this series as a mistress. She said: "Its been 4 years since I've been in a series, I feel pleased and excited. I've always liked filming series." Asked if she'll have any bold scenes? Shirley said: "I'm not sure, but I'm not afraid of those scenes. If I'm afraid of everything, then there won't be anything to do. Also with the limitations on TV, nothing to worry about."

Shirley disclosed her daughter doesn't have much hair, so she had a hairstylist shave all her daughter's hair off in hope she'll grow new hair. Asked whether Shirley is worried she won't have time to spend with her daughter? She said: "My mother is helping out, I'm not worried at all. I will balance my time."

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


[News/Pics] Linda Chung Supports Herself to Become TV Queen

Yesterday Linda Chung attended the grand opening ceremony of Hong Kong Jewelry Outlet. Linda has been a heavily supported to become this year's TV Queen, good friends Joe Ma, Fala Chen, Ruco Chan and Tavia Yeung have expressed their support. Linda felt very happy to hear that, but she won't get too pressured. It was rumored Malaysia's Astro My Favourite TVB Awards on December 1st is a battle between Linda and Kate Tsui, but Kate is getting more support. Linda expressed: "Doesn't matter, just as long as the audience likes it. Most important is fairness!" Linda likes the idea of letting the public vote for TV King and Queen.

It was also rumored Linda and Tavia are on bad terms because Linda is getting promoted more, but Linda denied. She expressed her friendship with Tavia will not be affected. Asked who she supports? Linda stuttered: "I support myself! Actually I don't have the courage to say it, but this year I got so much support from the people in the industry, I really feel touched. This support in the entertainment circle is hard to come!" Asked if she'll tell her parents to come back to HK and witness her get the TV Queen award? Linda said: "My parents came to HK a few months ago. My father had an injury and rested for several months, so I don't dare to ask him to take anymore time off. I'm afraid he'll get fired." Earlier Linda told his father to retire, but Father Chung said he's not a man if he doesn't work. She said: "I wanted to tell my father to come back to HK and be my driver, every time he sees me he smiles happily."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


[News] Linda Chung Prepared to become TV Queen: "I'm Ready!"

"Sorry, am I really late? Sorry! My previous interview went over!" Linda Chung's interview with FACE was scheduled at 6:30pm, but she was half an hour late. Upset? Of course not! Watching Linda Chung rush into the studio with her luggage and hearing her sincere apology, all the anger disappeared.

We know Linda Chung has been in the industry for 9 years and the "BB" still hasn't learned the pace of an average Hong Konger. She still speaks slowly, explains and explains again because she feared the reporter would misunderstand what she meant.

Fortunately, a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice will always be superior, everyone listens to her attentively. Petals were used to accompany Linda in the photo shoot. Linda asked: "Is the title today, 'Linda Chung Isn't Just a Pretty Face'?" We told her there are only petals, "Well its 'Linda Chung Will No Longer Be Just a Pretty Face'!" Yes, how can a petal become TV Queen? Is the 29 year old television actress ready to become TV Queen? Linda answered: "I'm Ready!"

Showbiz Rescued Me

Linda once said: "Many people think I'm well behaved and very genuine, but actually I'm just stupid, like a piece of rice!"

"Luckily I entered this industry, actually this industry rescued me! Before, I was a coward, a very shy girl with no self-confidence. Also in Vancouver, my life was usually at home, but after I entered the industry I was able to see the flowery world and I started becoming more positive and gained self-confidence. I realized I do have talent in singing or acting. More importantly, this industry helped me to be less autistic."

Linda grew up in Canada, she came to Hong Kong and have been living independently for 9 years. Even Linda noticed she changed, but she modestly said: "I still have a lot of weaknesses to work on. My weakness is I'm impatient, but not impatient to get promoted, rather I want everything to be done fast. Also, I'm so much in a hurry, I just answer questions without thinking and my answers aren't smooth enough. I just blurt things out without thinking." She is correct, in the past Linda did not know about the ways of the world.

In 2004, Linda gave up her dream on becoming a teacher after studying in university for two years and came back to Hong Kong to participate in Miss Chinese International Pageant. She said: "If I didn't enter the industry, I'll probably be teaching with two other best friends, who are teachers. What will I teach? Mm....I should be teaching English or biology! Actually I've thought of becoming a nurse before, but after my brother's accident one time and I saw so much blood, although nurses have meaningful jobs, but I lost my appetite when I got home. I couldn't eat the foods I usually enjoy eating, so I thought nevermind about being a nurse."

TV Queen Is About Fate

Linda has already launched three albums in the past years, and this August she held her first solo concert and Kelly Chen was her guest performer!

In Brother's Keeper Linda plays Rachel, who frequently shouts "Oh, My Gal". Linda portrays the role like she's actually Rachel. You have to know she was born in 1984, and has never been to HK until 2004. How was she able to get into character? She said: "Actually I came before in 1990! I watched TVB series when I was young. I really think the series set in the 90s are really good to watch. I also really like the heavy make up, high rise pants and the shoulder pads of that time. I think its very hot and the 90s really has deep feelings. My romance with Ruco Chan in the series spanned 18 years, that faithfulness got me very into character. My role goes from age 18 to 50, I put in quite of bit of hard work into it and had to ask my mother for suggestions!"

Linda speaks very slowly, but its unbelievable she changes clothing as fast as a model. She pulls the curtains and within 5 seconds, she's already done. In the studio, Linda started singing continuously like a bird. She first started with The Jewels in the Palace, then to Flowery World and other songs that she can't remember the names to. She sang some classics from the 80s until she forgot the lyrics, but she still continued singing some random lyrics. She then went to ask the photographer how to sing the songs, and the photographer opened his 'golden mouth' for Linda. "I sing like that when I'm home by myself too!"

The TVB Anniversary Awards is coming around the corner, this year she's a popular pick for TV Queen. Good friends Tavia Yeung and Myolie Wu have said they supported Linda this year. If she does get the award, will she be afraid her secrets may leak? She said: "Many friends and the media are helping me think. I really haven't thought about it myself! Until that day, its will come quick. Just in a blink of an eye and its that day. Well, regardless if I have a chance or not, I don't mind. The most important is I enjoy the process of filming and get to participate in great productions. I always think I'll be really happy if I get an award that night, but that night does not represent my hard work. My hard work is in the 9 years I've been in the industry! But I have confidence in the role, so this year I will have to see if there is fate to get that award or not! I'm ready to get it, and will just have to see how the night goes!"

Rescued the Whole Family Too

Linda was once a pure piece of rice, but after 9 years, she learned to become a Hong Konger. That day during the interview, Linda shouted in her sweet tone some of the Cantonese rough phrases, like "Lo See Fat" and "Dai Lap Lo".

When speaking of Linda's family, it turns out in the last 9 years, her whole family changed because of her. "My relationship with family had always been good, but after I entered the industry, my relationship with family improved three-folds. Its scary! In the past my parents were over protective, I would have report to them what I did on a daily basis. When I go back to Canada, I have to tell them everything, but now they've learned to not ask me as many questions and have trust in me. When I left for HK, they learned to let go and I like them giving me space. My elder brother used to very much of a big man, but when I was leaving home, he ran over to me, embraced me and cried like a woman. My elder sister is a strong sister who protects me. She's like the big sister in the triad, but after I left home, she writes letters to me and shares her thoughts. This type of separation, many do not understand, but its only after being separated, that they start to cherish the person. So, I think leaving Canada not only rescued me, but also my family."

Source: FACE Magazine, HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net