[News] Next TV Awards 2013 Results

Thoughts:  I initially thought Next TV cancelled the awards since TVB boycotted out of the award :P  But apparently not....unfortunately though, there won't be any photoshootings and such.  Anyways, congrats to all winners and of course, Linda!!!!!  Hehe...happy for her ;D

Top 10 TV Artistes
01. Linda Chung
02. Kenneth Ma
03. Tavia Yeung
04. Wong Cho Lam
05. Myolie Wu
06. Joey Meng
07. Wayne Lai
08. Raymond Lam
09. Moses Chan
10. Kate Tsui

Top 10 TV Programmes
01. "Inbound Troubles"
02. "Witness Insecurity"
03. "The Confidant"
04. "Friendly Fire"
05. "Highs and Lows"
06. "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles"
07. "Divas in Distress"
08. "The Last Steep Ascent"
09. "Ghetto Justice II"
10. "Telling Maria"

Most Promising Male Artiste: Sammy Sum
Most Promising Female Artiste: Christine Kuo

Most Scene-stealing Supporting Actor: Power Chan
Most Scene-stealing Supporting Actress: Mandy Wong

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[News/Pics] Recording for "Cook away Lady May"

Yesterday Linda Chung and Shirley Yeung participated in the variety show, "Cook away Lady May". During Linda's trip to Malaysia (for Bioessence) a few days back, where she attended two public functions and one fans meeting, the actress was actually suffering from a high fever. So when she returned to Hong Kong, Linda was quickly admitted to the hospital.

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[News/Pics] Linda Chung Holding Her Own Concert in Malaysia Next Year


***In Malaysia, Linda attended two funtions for Bio-Essence and also a fans meeting:
-One Utama Shopping Centre (HighStreet Zone),Kuala Lumpur
-AEON Ipoh Station 18 ,Ipoh
-AEON Seremban 2 Shopping Centre ,Seremban

Linda will be holding her own concert in Hong Kong this September, and is hoping to hold another one next year at Malaysia, to let her Malaysian fans see her perform live!

It’s been quite a while since Linda has been to Malaysia. There, she used her spokesperson title to help promote Bio-Essence's two new products and before the promotion event, she went to Utama Shopping Centre to meet her fans.

In the beginning of June, Linda will start filming her new drama, “Tiger Cubs 2”, and her new drama, “Brother’s Keeper”, would start airing in September (not yet officially confirmed though). At the same time she would be holding her concert in Hong Kong in September. Linda is very nervous, but she will change that nervous feeling into a form of motivation and make her solo concert a success. She was very happy when she was spreading the good news to her Malaysian fans, “I know that a lot of my Malaysian fans are really looking forward to the concert. Her boss (Bio-Essence’s Managing Director) said next year at the end of January, a solo concert will be held in Malaysia.” Talking about June, it will be the start of the filming of “Tiger Cubs 2”. She said just the thought of wearing the costume in summer will give her a headache. She’s really concern that she won't be able to handle the heat.

At the promotion, Linda shared her way of maintaining her skin, “if you want to be beautiful you cannot be lazy!” She also expressed that to maintain healthy looking skin, "eating and exercise are very important!”

“Celebrities continuously pull on all-nighters and going on late trips, which make their skin very dry. So finding a beauty product that works for you is very important!” She cannot forget that she’s the spokesperson, so she promoted Bio Spring Water and mentioned its 20+ benefits. “It is really convenient, and really helps your skin!”

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[News/Pics] Construction Industry Safety Award Scheme 03/17/13

Linda Chung Will Consult Philip Ng For Filming Action Scenes

Linda attended the promotional activity for construction safety held by the Radio Television Hong Kong on Sunday. Linda admitted she is a the kind of person who is easily terrified and fears death. Therefore, she is very careful at work. She recalled that she was a lot braver when she first started acting back when she was 19 year old. She was shooting a scene for ‘The Biter Bitten’ in 2005, where she was supposed to swing in circular motion while hanging in mid air . There was no wire assistance or stunt double used for the shooting. Linda performed the stunt herself by holding on to a string with her own strength. She remembered that as a fearful and dangerous experience. However she has never refused to shoot action scenes. Linda will be involved in the new project, 'Tiger Cubs 2' and may consult Philip Ng for advice regarding action scenes when necessary.

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