[News] Linda Chung to Hold First Concert "Love Love Love" In August


Linda Chung has been in the music industry for 5 years and finally gets the opportunity to hold a solo concert. She announced yesterday at the press conference that her Linda Chung Love Love Love Concert is held on August 22nd and 23rd at the KITEC. TVB executive Virgina Lok and her record company boss Herman Ho were at the press con to support her.

Aside from starting on her new series Tiger Cubs II, Linda will also be rehearsing her singing and dancing for the concert. She does not find it difficult to be handling two things at once; she had confidence she can handle it. Linda BB excitedly expressed: "I've been looking forward to this for 5 years. All of a sudden, so many things are coming at me. Although I have to be filming and rehearsing, I still find it enjoyable! I will personally make the phone calls to invite guest performers, one of them is a female senior that I really like. She also has a well-behaved image, but she hasn't agreed yet. (Will you ask rumored boyfriend Philip Ng to be a guest?) I want someone who can rap, I don't think he can rap."

Linda also participated in the costume designs, but because she fears her dress may slip off during her dance performances, she does not dare to wear sexy costumes at the concert. Does Linda plan to invite Philip Ng to attend and support her? Linda said: "Everybody needs to come support me. We all support each other. He should purchase his own ticket and tell his friends to come show their support."

Source: Mingpao 
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net 


[News] Linda Chung a Violent Inspector, No Longer a BB


Joe Ma returns to TVB for new series Tiger Cubs 2. Yesterday the press conference was held, the cast including Joe, Linda Chung, Oscar Leung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Christine Kuo, Benjamin Yuen, Timmy Hung and Grace Wong attended. TVB also pushed out a birthday cake to celebrate his 45th birthday.

Joe said: "I'm happy to be back at TVB. I have a 2 year per-series contract with them. I'll shoot one series per year. I wonder if there will be Tiger Cubs 3? But its difficult to have a breakthrough in my role this time. I feel a little pressured." As for the female lead, Linda Chung replaced Jessica Hsuan. Linda plays a hot-tempered and violent CIB inspector. She showed the fake scars she had on her two arms, and joked: "I'm no longer a BB!"

Linda was asked about the rumor that her record company favored her more and made the other singers leave? She helplessly said: "Actually my boss cares about all his artists. I'm not a favored one. I've been with the company for 4 years before I get my own mini concert. The rumor has been a slight impact on me, covering up my hard work."

It was reported Christine has been madly letting out her "electricity" on Oscar Leung. Oscar joked after Christine "electrified" him, their relationship went a thousand miles. In the sequel, the two are a married couple, Oscar hoped there will be a bed scene. He said: "I can reveal my chest muscles and let Christine cuddle on my chest. We can sit on the bed and watch TV together. My nipples are pretty good looking." Christine looked like she had gained some weight, it was rumored she injected 'catgut' to lose weight? She said: "I don't know what catgut is. I am seeing a Chinese doctor now."

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (images) 
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net 


Hiatus - Vacation

THIS POST IS REFERRING TO "LINDA CHUNG THOUGHTS" GOING ON HIATUS, nothing to do with Linda's own schedule.
Some of you may know already, since I've mentioned on twitter, but I will be going on vacation starting June something!  So in a 5 days, I will completely disappear.  I estimate it to last around a month (though I am hoping to convince my parents to extend it till the end of August).  So if you need to email me about anything, pls do so by this weekend!

While I'd like to ask for your continuous support,  nothing will be going on during this upcoming month.  So it would be more than enough if you guys remember to come back in a month haha.

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For those of you who will also go on vaca, have fun and safe trip!  As for those who aren't, start a blog!

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Fans Submission: Stickers and Posters by Nicole

Nicole kindly emailed me about her merchandises and here I am, talking about it :)

She produces a variety of stickers, which I find are quite cute. Haha where do you find tvb stickers nowadays? :P As for posters, she got tvb drama posters, mosaic posters, drama posters and customizable quote posters. The coolest I find is definitely the mosaic poster, which is made up of a BUNCH of tiny pictures to make up the whole portrait. Lols I didn't notice until zooming in on the poster :P This is quite a business she have right? haha and fans in Singapore are quite lucky since Nicole lives there, no need to pay for mail :P

Here is her site if you want to check out more of her merchandises: http://tvblovers.blogspot.sg/


[News] Linda Chung Unable to Answer When Asked About Marriage Partner


Linda Chung was shooting an advertisement with Slim Beauty when she revealed that she just recently returned from South Korea. There, Linda recorded a traveling show with 2 fans. They helped her with the itinerary and gave her many surprises. Linda said that it was a very memorable trip, one that she will always remember.

When asked what are the memorable moments her boyfriend has given her, Linda explained that the men she dated before has always been very practical. They were not too romantic. So even the most romantic moment she remember is simply walking on the beach and watching the sunset. Linda does not mind though and said that if she is with the person she loves, even the simplest things are memorable. It is not too hard to satisfy her or to make her happy. Just being able to take a nice picture with her partner would already make her very happy. Following that statement she was asked whether she'll take pictures of herself naked? That is not going to happen.

Speaking about what Linda would like her boyfriend to be like, she commented that it would be great if he knows how to play an instrument. He can then play and sing to her. So does her boyfriend often do that for her? Linda awkwardly replied that she does not know.

As for marriages, Linda mentioned that she is not a materialistic girl but there must be a wedding ring. The diamond size is something she have not think of yet. In the end, the most important thing is that he loves her! So have she found a marriage candidate yet?   Linda was unable to answer.  Any proposal yet? Linda said that she only wants to focus on her career right now.

It is said that Elanne Kong will be leaving their music, Stars Shine International, when her contract expire. Rumours has it that it is partly because she's unhappy with the company's favouritism towards Linda. Linda expresses that the rumours are quite unfair to her; whether a singer leaves or does not release a new song is not up to her. More so, she and Elanne are good friends. Aside from Elanne, there have been other singers such as Joyce Cheng and Alfred Hui, whose names have been dragged into rumours similar to this. Linda does not know how to compete against others, she just knows that she have to work hard.  As to whether her boss is particularly bias towards her or not, Linda expresses that he treats her very well but it is not exactly favouritism. She herself worked hard to get where she is today and will even hold a concert in August.

Source: On.cc
Vietnamese Translation by Longan@http://forum.dienanh.net
English Translation by Lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.com/

More pictures credits HK's Slim Beauty FB Page


Weekend with Linda, Kenneth, Ruco and Sonija in Vancouver! - DAY 2

Knowing myself, of course I didn't write this post until a week or two later...and I am too lazy to edit anymore pics...most of them were taken by my phone anyway, so no matter how much I edit...so nothing's going to change :P 

Okies! So here's a basic breakdown of Sunday, where my friend and I were lucky enough to get some tickets to the extravaganza!!!

- Meeting my friend and her parents at the skytrain station, they drove us to The Centre (where the thing was held). Things were pretty exciting and there were already a ton of people waiting outside!!
- So when my friend and I were greeted by this giant billboard (the one the artistes signed the day before at the autograph event)!! WE started taking pics like crazy :P When I got home though, I realized all of mine were just with Linda's and Kenneth's cardboard. Go figure..haha
- While we were taking pictures though, we were constantly disrupted by a security guard who pushed us out whenever the VIPs (ie. Virgina Lok and friends) wanted a picture :P Still a nice guy though. haha
- Waiting for our turn, I suddenly saw THIS GUY! Have no idea what is name is but was definitely sure he is a retired actor. Remember liking him a series....but can't remember which....I wanted a pic with him, but it's awkward to take a pic with someone when you don't even know his name. So yah...
- More pics, more pics....and on the look out for more random actors appearing..

Entering the theatre!
- Before entering, they gave us these loud clappy thingys that also light up :D AND best of all, a folder of the artistes. I swear I'd keep it all my life lols
- OH one more thing happened, my friend and I got asked by fairchild's photographer to take a picture (will tell you guys why later).

Officially Entering the Theatre
- Our seats were in the second row to the back =.= Not a pleasant seat BUT no problem, cause at least I was there :) haha Honestly, the only thing that I didn't really like is that we were right beside the camera man...aka stuck. It was quite inconvenient to get in and out...
- ANYWAYS more pics and more pics...not much going...

- They're the reason why we were there so it was pretty exciting to see them cross the stage ;D haha
- After them, 4 singers (from the Voice or something? I dunno...cause I don't know Chinese :P). Pretty good and I like the song choices. I'm actually kind of curious about them, so may look into more details (ie their names) later.
- After the singers, the artistes reappear again and each had a little speech of their own (they had speeches throughout the whole thing so I can't remember the order, so will talk about all the stuff I remember:

- When KEnneth talked one time, the host started to make fun of his incident with the grandma from the day before. (Lols thank goodness I had my friend to translate to me what's going on here.) So after talking about the grandma, the host asked Kenneth who's allowed to kiss him (something along those lines lol...I think he was also referring to the age aspect). Kenneth's reply? Something along the lines of; there is no rule to who can kiss me. lols I just remember the audience bursting out with laughter. Argh! Seriously wish I knew canto at that moment :P Either way, KEnneth is so respectful (towards the grandma incident) and super sweet :P

- Linda's speech was the other memorable one because her mom came onstage and both were just tearing up! I had no idea what they were saying but at the end of their speech, my immediate response to my friend was, "that's sweet." lols

- Have no idea what was going on with the other two haha

THE FLYING GIFTS: Aka the artistes standing on stage and throwing gifts into the crowd (they had two rounds of this, one in the beginning of the show and one near the end of the night)

- The ladies tried their best but their gifts didn't make it too far haha xD There was actually one time when Sonija attempted to throw a bit further but it landed right near the stage :P That was pretty funny haha.

- While the other three were just throwing the gifts...they all did it in a very casual manner compared to Kenneth :P Since all the other artistes threw the gifts to the audience in the ground level, Kenneth tried to throw some gifts to the audiences in the balcony. Unfortunately to his dismay, the firs tone didn't make it :P The second one did though! (or was that Ruco's throw near the end of the show? I'm mixing them up...)

- During the round near the end of the night, Kenneth once again attempted to throw as far as he could (but to the back of the theatre (ground floor)). LOLS HE TRIED TO HARD!!!!! But 3 TIMES IN A ROW...all the gifts landed in the EXACT SAME group of fans. haha I was just laughing looking at him throw because he was obviously aiming for the people on his right but the gifts always flew to the centre :P too bad...he tried his best though haha. I think that this is one of the best moments of the night!

- Each of the artistes had a 'segment' of their own, with games and other performances from diff. groups in between the artistes' performances.

1. First artiste up was Sonija Kwok.
- First thought; gorgeous dress!
- Second thought; she sings?
She sang two songs: 至少還有你 and Close to You.
- I was surprised when she sang an English song but later found out at AX3 BAttery that she is actually a graduate of SFU, so of course her English was fine! Haha proud that she's from SFU xD
- As for her singing, I can't help but feel it was recorded before hand...same goes for Kenneth Ma. Maybe I'm not used to these kind of live shows? Meh I dunno...either way, I enjoyed all of their performances :D
- During her singing segments, she also went down to the audience to hand out some gifts.

- After Sonija, Kenneth and Ruco went back on stage along with the hosts and two other people who were carrying flags.
- Kenneth and Ruco had to copy (waving flags) what the two other people were doing with their flags.
- When they were looking at the people waving the flags, trying to remember the moves (since they have to copy it later), they looked so LOST!!!
- So when it was their turn, Ruco tried to imitate the moves while Kenneth was just standing their looking clueless. (lols or maybe it was vice versa.)
- Either way, Kenneth soon tried out the moves...instead of looking at the person waving the flag, he kept on looking over at Ruco :P
- Soon enough, Ruco gave up and started making his own moves while KEnneth struggled to continue :P
- haha I thought it was quite funny how KEnneth followed Ruco's last move :P

After the waving flags, it was game time!!
- Remember how I told you guys about Fairchild's photographer taking pics of everyone (when we got in the theatre)? Well, they used those photos to select the participants for all the games throughout the show! Slides of pictures were shown onscreen and anybody in the picture, who had a diamond marked around their head were the ones chosen.

- So the first game; relay. It involved: blowing down all the foam cups with a balloon, stacking these boxes and lastly hula hooping (can't remember how many..).
- The participants were divided into 4 teams (with the 4 artistes). So each team basically had 3 people. There were two seperate rounds:
Ruco's vs KEnneth's: KEnneth lost badly haha
Ruco's team: they won quite easily haha. Too bad Ruco wasn't the one who did the hula hooping :P
Kenneth's team: it was so funny seeing KEnneth's team.
- The lady that was suppose to blow down the foam cups with a balloon had a bit of trouble, which sucks because it's actually the first part of the relay. During this time, Linda actually went up to her to rub her back and told her to not rush. I thought that was the highlight of Linda for me...so attentive towards the elders :) Thought that is was quite sweet of her.
- Kenneth Ma was the one who hula hooped. First of all, I was surprised that he could. Secondly, he was ALSO surprised that he could :P lols Definitely one of the best moments of the night :D

Sonija's vs Linda's: I can't remember who won..I think Linda's?
- Not too much happened here...Linda hula hooped though! haha :D

2. Ruco Chan's turn to rock up the stage!
- he seriously rocked that stage! HE was SOOOO INTO the song! Also so powerful...have I mention that I LOVE HIS VOICE!!! damn it was nice!!
- btw he sang, "我甚麼都沒有" and "小草” (themesong of Reality Check)
- Returning home, I realized that he's the only one that I didn't record. Why in the world?!?!! The reason I came up with...I was lost in his singing. Seriously!!! His voice was so nice!! You just kind of get lost in his performance...
- While I get overwhelmed with Kenneth's dorkiness, I got stunned by Ruco...this is the second time :P
- Ruco also went off stage too give out some gifts :)

- A game soon followed after Ruco's singing; questionnaire.
- Each artiste was paired up with a participant and they had to answer some questions (course tvb related). There were some laughs here and there but I had absolutely no idea what was going on :P
- One thing I remember about this game is Kenneth and his partner. haha during the game, I noticed that Kenneth is constantly answering into the microphone :P (the other artistes only answered once or twice while their partners answered more) Thought that was kind of funny haha
- Oh! also one of the questions, my friend translated for me: "In which series did Ruco not wear glasses." Lols at that moment I realized that he wears glasses alot doesn't he?!!? Hmm...Three Kingdoms RPG, Only You and Every Move You Make are the ones I thought of at that time haha

- Afterwards, there was the martial arts performance. Personally, I loved the performance very much. I love how soothing the music was and the martial arts moves incorporated into the 'dance'. Very nice flow ;)

- Sonija then did a magic show (with a guy who I do not know the name of). Very interesting how the magician turned everything into cash :P I wonder if those cash were real cause during his lat trick, he had a cape made out of cash!!! That's one expensive cape :P

3. Linda's time to shine! She sang one of our favourites, "A Blissful Song" from Witness Insecurity and "傻女". Personally I enjoyed the second one more cause I've heard the other one on a daily basis already :P lols. Really love the song and the background that was chosen for it :D
- The crowd really pumped up during her second song
- Of course, Linda also went off stage to give out more gifts. Something that surprised me though was the way she handed out her gifts. Both Ruco and Sonija kind of tossed the gifts to the people around them but Linda on the other hand, gave the gifts directly to the people (ie hand to hand). I noticed that Kenneth did the same as she did too :) Thought it's sweet of them to directly hand over the gifts. haha

- After Linda's performance, there was this AMAZING acrobatic show with some people from the circus!
- They were hanging from these fabrics, swinging around and doing all these cool things! So amazing!
- Their moves were so graceful and beautiful to watch
- I especially like the part where they had this fire ball in the background.

- Now for the last game!!!! Guess who was picked? :P
- My friend was picked!!!!!!
- She went up there and I noticed up on stage, there was also one of the fans that I talked to the day before (Linda fan too) haha.
- With around 12 people onstage though, they all picked out a card and only the 4 who had an ace were able to go onto the next round. My friend AND the fan I met made the cut ;D haha
- So with only 4 participants left, the all got to pick a key to unlock this box. Whoever can unlock it gets the big prize.
- So once again, the artistes paired up with one of the participants. My friend was with....
- I find it funny that Kenneth was paired up with an elder lady (joke from the day before)...haha
- Anyways, in the end it was Linda's partner who one with the lucky number 7 (Key Number).
- BUT my friend got the GIANT tvbuddy (wah!!!!!!) and a set of tv dramas!!

4. It all comes down to Kenneth....I think his segment was the most pumped up..or maybe it was Linda's? hmm..
- Kenneth first sang "仍能情深愛上" and you know what happened? He suddenly grabbed Gloria Tang's hand and they walked on the stage together....that caused a very loud uproar in the theatre :P Well, I was kinda jealous of Gloria there :P haha
- The second song he sang was A fistful of Stances' themesong :D
- Ok...during the part where Kenneth got off stage to give out presents, he was SWARMED with people!! BUT in the audience's defense, KEnneth was trying REALLY HARD to make it as far back as he could (to the back of the theatre). While doing that, he was shaking everybody's hand and giving out the gifts (directly like Linda did). Looking that the crowd of people, I then understood why Linda tried to stay close to the stage (when she was giving out the gifts)...especially since she's a girl too haha.
- Anyways, Kenneth ACTUALLY made it half way across the theatre!!!! I was...surprise. Lols compare to all the other artistes, he made it the furthest. Ruco made it 1/3 of the way? I think Sonija was the same as Ruco's while Linda stayed the closest to the stage.
- Looking at Kenneth being swarmed, I also wanted to go up there...but didn't cause I was 'stuck' :P haha
- Seeing how he was shaking all the hands and literally trying to get to the fans in the back, it made my heart skip a beat xD So adorable haha.

And so, we soon came to the end of the show. Honestly, I didn't realize how fast time was going by until my phone was like, "low battery". lols I wish it was longer :P but no big deal....still a fantastic and UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT (the experience...not details :P)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I will just have to wait until Fairchild's 30th Anniversary to go again :D Will wait...no matter how long ;) haha

Thanks for reading the post everybody :D

PS behind the scene story? One the way out, my friend and I bumped into the fan (that I met the day before...who's also my friend's friend and the one that did the game segment with my friend...if that makes any sense) again. Yesterday she said that she didn't have any tickets (or was that a diff. fan...ugh I dunno anymore). ANYWAYS, in my previous post I mentioned that during the autograph event, one of the fans got hurt right? Well, she's the one I was talking about. So after I left the autograph event, she was actually in the security office (area-ish) and of course complained to the securities for pushing her (she has crutches). She then told us (my friend and I) when we were talking after the performance, that Ruco Chan was actually the one who gave her the tickets as an apology (from the day before)!!!! Thought that was very kind of Ruco...and even during the game segment (where I mentioned that she and my friend were chosen), he also chose her as his partner :D haha how sweet right? :)

So that's the end of my behind the scene story...

After this event, I've found myself loving all these 4 artistes even more than before :) hehe


Weekend with Linda, Kenneth, Ruco and Sonija in Vancouver! - DAY 1 (Wendy)

Here, Wendy will share with us about her experience at the artistes' conference in Toronto!  So thank you Wendy, for your write-up (very detailed!) and awesome pictures!!! :D Leave comments for her! haha
Basically the break down of Monday, May 27, 2013.

The artist were schedule to arrive at 7 but they delayed to 7:30-ish.

My mom, sister and I all did half day at work/school. So we got to First Markham Place around 2. I also brought two of my friends along, May and Carmen. So since we were early, my friends and I went to go eat first, then went back to First Markham Place to meet up with my mom and sister. We notice how people already left their belonging in the line, so we quickly placed our backpacks down and continued to kill time.

Then my friends and I roamed around the mall, then we walked right beside a photography store and the best idea every hit me! Why don't I get a Polaroid camera, take an instant picture with the artists, then get them sign it. Since I was running low on money, May got it for me as an early birthday present!

By the time we got back it was around 4, so I suggested for us to go in line since its only about 3 hours left. So we got in line then I turned around from facing the front to the back and a flash of 100 people just got into the line. Then there was a lot of waiting, the people in front of us kept on letting people cut in, then May's friend came and joined us.

As the time got closer and closer to 7, the draw to get a picture with the artists and the draw for tickets arose. I quickly got my mom to get a lot of ballets, but sadly the workers said that you're only allowed to put in one ballet each. But I put fake names so I can put in more.

Anyways, at 6:30 the mc said that they'll allow the first 80 people to sit and get a ticket guaranteeing us a autographs from the artists. So then we got in and took our seats. When everything was settling down the mc started asking questions are the event and each artist individually. Obviously being a crazed Linda fan I knew every answer about Linda, so I was waiting for the opportunity. Finally after 3-5 questions about the event he asked, "In which year did Linda win the title Miss Chinese Vancouver?" So I stood up on the chair so I'll be noticed then I answered with "2003". Then the mc goes and says, "That's incorrect, does anyone want to provide another answer?" For a split second I thought I was wrong or heard the question wrong, but my mom confirmed the question he asked and I was furious. I knew I was right but yet I don't get my prize (which were tickets for the concert). I wanted to leave my seat, and go up to confirm but I wasn't allowed to. After a few other questions, the mc had to go to the side to get more questions from the TVB co-workers, and then he looked up, looked at me with a sorry face but that didn't mean anything to me anymore. I didn't get tickets! At that point, I was sad, and angry but then I remembered that Linda will be here soon so it enlightened my mood.

Then we had a 15 mins break and then the mc came back and said really corny stupid jokes like, "They've arrived.... Into the car which just drove a distance... Which is now at another distance... Which is a bit closer to First Markham Place." He repeated this a few times, and then asked more question but they were mostly Kenneth question. I knew the answer and put my hand up but he didn't pick me...

Anyway he went off stage and then came up and said, "The artists are here! I'm kidding but the order they're going to come out will be: Kenneth, Linda, Sonija and Ruco". Then finally after everything, the artists came.

So after they all got on stage, the mc asked for them to give a intro, first up was Kenneth he said "Hello everyone, so happy to be in Toronto again, Hello!" Then it was Linda, she tried to speak with her mic but it didn't work so she quick traded with Kenneth and asked, "Hello to the audience of First Markham Place, how are you?" It was Sonija's turn, but first she looked at Linda and said, "that's all? No more?" Then Linda responded with, "yeah, no more!" Then Sonija proceeded, "Hello Toronto, how are you? The last time I came here was 2007 and it was at this very stage, I'm very happy that I'm here once again to see all of you! Hope you all are well!" Then it was Ruco's turn, "How are you all? I'm Ruco Chan, can you give us a round of applause?"

Then the mc asked each artist to ask the audience a question each and pick a winner so they can get a prize. So first up was Kenneth, he asked, "Is Ruco handsome?" Then everyone was screaming yes! Then Ruco stopped them and said, "Hey Kenneth, you asked the question I wanted ask." Then Kenneth was like who's the winner they all got the correct answer.

Then the mc was like, "Then let me ask them a question, is Kenneth handsome?" The crowd went wild since it was mostly populated with Kenneth fans. Then the mc picked a Kenneth fan and gave her the prize. All of that commotion interrupted Linda's question but she said, "I wanted to ask if Ma Ming was handsome or not but anyways, okay, uhm okay, then I'll ask this question, it is, I have a nickname, do you guys know what it is?" The entire crowd screamed out, "Ka-yan BB" then Linda was like, "They all got the correct answer, what do we do now?" The mc was like "They're all die heart fans, so all of you who loves Linda the most?" Then Linda looked directly at my sister and I since my sister and I were jumping like no tomorrow, and Linda commented, "I love the people who like to bounce around," then one of the VIPs started jumping and Linda picked him instead.

Then Sonija asked, "Name one of the dramas I was in." This one was done more orderly and we got an actual winner and not just a mob screaming out answers.

Then it was Ruco's turn and a fan already had their hand up and Ruco's like, "You already have your hand up, alright I'll ask you! Which is your favorite most recent drama of Kenneth?" The crowd said "The Hippocratic Crush." Kenneth then asked, "Which is your favorite most recent drama of Ruco?" The crowd said "Slow Boat Home." Ruco was like, "alright since I asked you guys, obviously I'll choose my fans."

Now, it was time for the draw for tickets and the group picture. Ruco and Sonija got to pick the winners for the tickets, and Linda and Kenneth got to pick for the group photo. When they were pulling up the ballets, Linda accidentally said the winner's full cell phone number! And her first reaction was to go into Kenneth's chest because she was so embarrassed.

Anyway now it was time for the signing, after a very long time we finally got to go up. At this point of time everything was really rushed, so the workers on stage were like no pictures and kept on shoving me, so I didn't get any photos with the artists but I got one blurry picture of Linda. But my friends and family got 3/4 of my albums sign, and on lovelovelove my name is also on it, my iPad and 3 photos they gave out. I was really disappointed since all I really wanted was Linda's autograph on my phone. Then my mom told me to go up near the stage, since they're leaving. So I was patiently waiting there, and Kenneth was leading out the exit, then followed by Linda, I was screaming Linda!! And stuck out my hand and she didn't just touch it but she held it for a bit! I was so happy and surprised I started hyperventilating, and almost fainted. So in the end, despise the fact that I didn't get my phone signed, I got many of my albums signed and my hand was held by Linda!