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So I just heard about this scrapbook project idea...and thought some of you might want to answer this survey if you like this idea! :) I think it'd be so's such a special gift. Many fans could participate since it doesn't require money (I personally couldn't participate on giving a gift to Linda if it required money; my parents wouldn't let me) so I think giving Linda a scrapbook is a wonderful idea! :)
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Lynne:  Thanks Ginny :)  I'd also like to add that this project is planned by Linda Cottage's staffs.  If there are any questions on this, please head over to  Definitely agree with Ginny that this is a very worthwhile gift for Linda :)  Hope all fans could participate!


[News] Netizens Vow Not to Watch Ghetto Justice 2 Because of Witness Insecurity Ending

After news broke out that Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu ended their 8-year relationship, rumors had it that it was due to a third party on Bosco's side. However, it doesn't seem to be affecting his career too much as he is continuing to film dramas in China and also achieved great ratings for "Witness Insecurity." His role of cool and affectionate Hui Sir won the hearts of many audiences. In the finale aired last night Hui Sir unfortunately had a tragic death, causing netizens to explode in criticisms. They criticized that it was far-fetched and unreasonable when wounded Hui Sir was trying to find Kui Chi Lum (Linda Chung) on his motorbike. They complained that this was the worst finale ever and fans requested them to refilm the ending or film a sequel to bring Hui Sir back to life.

Netizens vow not to watch Ghetto Justice 2

Netizens pointed out that because TVB is in a hurry to broadcast Ghetto Justice 2, they cut Witness Insecurity from 28 episodes down to 20 episodes; thus leaving the drama to this choppy ending. Some netizens even went further and vented, "Let us protest by not watching Ghetto Justice 2!"

Producer Lau Ka Ho expressed his satisfaction for the drama for causing such a big response and also for achieving over a 30-point average rating. He admitted that the ending may not be the favorite for some audience, but revealed that he also received alot of congratulatory messages on Weibo.

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[Pics] Witness Insecurity's Finale, Cast Dinner

TVB Rating Reports (23/07/2012 - 29/07/2012)

Witness Insecurity Finale - 護花危情大結局 (EPS 19-20) (FRIDAY 2HRS) - 32 PTS (Peaking at 37 PTS)
Witness Insecurity Finale Week - 護花危情 (EPS 15-18) - 33 PTS

- 'Witness Insecurity': 4 complaints on the ending, where Bosco Wong dies. Viewers hoped he comes back to life.

Source: Oriental Daily, CSM(bywacow)
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[News] Linda: Bosco Is Not Unfainthful


Linda and Bosco have cooperated in three drama including the latest, Witness Insecurity. However, they have never been involved in rumors of romantic affair. Linda stressed that Bosco is not unfainthful and felt pity for his breakup with Myolie Wu. She has left them messages to express her consolation. Linda also felt that the breakup is an unhappy event, but Myolie is a tough girl and both of them are still young. Therefore, there no need to worry. As a friend, Linda will support their decisions. A breakup is an event between the two of them. They have deal with it in a mature way.

Besides Bosco, Raymond Lam and Ron Ng have also recently been submerged in rumors of romantic affairs. Linda expressed that she does not have a deep understanding of the rumors. Only the persons involved know the truth. Regarding the three TVB young actors having affairs with actresses from mainland China, Linda laughingly expressed that HK girls can also be very gentle and soft. Therefore, she does not worry about her boyfriend getting lured by Chinese girls while working in China, which is also related to the character of the person. Linda will keep up her beauty and won't be beaten by girls from the mainland. When talked about the attractiveness of full figured body, Linda said this can be kept up by doing exercises. Linda attended the promotion for the medical cosmetic shop yesterday where she expressed her satisfaction of her facial features that require no augmentation. Linda's mother is a conservative person and voiced her opinions regarding Linda's decision to undergo hair removal treatment. Linda has been laughed about her dense arm hair by male friends, so she is considering the hair removal treatment.

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Slim Beauty Medical Event 07/28/12

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Witness Insecurity Ending Write-Up

This is a write-up that Audrey wrote for us on Witness Insecurity's ending, expressing her thoughts. (I hid the content because I know there are fans out there who still have to watch the series.) So yes, SPOILER ALERT! You guys have been warned :) Don't click the button if you don't want to be spoiled!

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Have a fun read and freely express your thoughts with Audrey's! Haha I have not read it yet (to limit myself to as little spoiler as possible) but I will join you guys in the conversation soon!

Audrey's thoughts on Witness Insecurity's Ending

Yes the ending was tragic. But maybe Witness Insecurity wasn’t meant to be a love story from the start after all.

Producer Lau dropped a few subtle hints through the show that the focus of WI was not the love story. Yes there were sweet scenes between Hailey and Hui-Sir…but they never lasted long. Just when you’re about to go “Awww…” and melt away when Hailey smiles so sweetly when she talks to Hui-Sir, cut! The scene changes and the tone’s a lot more somber – music and all. There’s a balance of sweet and bitter in the series and Producer Lau kind of emphasizes that this isn’t going to be your regular sappy love story. Because it really isn’t so much a show about the love between a rich sheltered girl and her too good to be true bodyguard. This is a show about a family, broken at so many levels, and how one often finds his destiny in the path he chooses to avoid it. (Anyone find this quote familiar from Kung Fu Panda? Haha). Mr Kiu could have avoided all of his trouble had he not covered up his crime with even more crimes. Another hint from Producer Lau was the lack (I hope this was intentional…) of development in the love story between Hailey and Hui-Sir. Maybe it was meant to be that they did not have the chance to develop their relationship – they weren’t officially together and Hui-Sir didn’t explicitly show that he loved Hailey too. To an extent, both of them might have been transferring their love for the ones they’d lost, over to each other. For Hailey, she started liking Hui-Sir when he showed mannerisms so similar to that of her deceased brother. For Hui-Sir, I think the turning point in his “feelings” for Hailey was when he rescued her from the mountain – something he’d always wanted to do for his deceased girlfriend.

I guess, after re-watching the last scene a couple of times, it was the only plausible way to end it. At least the one that made the most sense to me, even if it meant sacrificing the lead. Before Hui-Sir gets hit, Mr. Kiu pretty much tells him to go look for Hailey. There’s a certain sense of remorse in Mr. Kiu’s eyes – or is it that he’s just resigned to his fate? Then bam! Hui-Sir prevents Mr. Kiu from getting hit by an oncoming car driven by Shawn, now deranged from hatred. He knocks out, but miraculously wakes up again. I choose to think he refused first aid knowing full well that he may not make it past the day. He probably knew his time was about to be up, but no matter what he had to see Hailey. Even if it meant dying in her arms, which he did, but isn’t that (sort of) a happy ending, albeit a rather morbid one? Plus, he was wearing the blue helmet Hailey got him from Germany, and Hailey did tell him that “if there’s ever a day where you find that I can take a place in your heart, wear the helmet and come look for me.” or words to that extent. Although I suspect he was wearing that helmet partly because his own black helmet got broken during the assault scene in Ep 19. But I’m sure he did have a special place in his heart for Hailey, and at least he had the chance to let her know. Now why do I say that Hui-Sir’s untimely death might be the only plausible way to end it? Consider a scenario where Hui-Sir survives. Poor Hailey would eventually find out what her “awesome” Daddy was actually like, together with all that he had done to Hui-Sir, as well as all that Hui-Sir had done to incriminate her father. Knowing Hailey’s occasionally unstable character, this might have been way too much for her to take. She had already expressed her confusion when she didn’t know who to trust – Hui Sir or her beloved father. She was torn between the two – and if Hui-Sir had survived, there would always be this burden between them. Of course the ultimate happy ending would be to have Hui-Sir and Hailey visit Mr Kiu in jail and obtain blessings from him – and having Mr. Kiu finally “see the light”, repent of his crimes and forgive Hui-Sir for putting him in prison. But isn’t that too good to be true? Producer Lau probably opted for a more realistic ending.

Producer Lau’s come full circle with Witness Insecurity, his last modern drama with TVB if I’m not wrong. I see what he did there, for both “Moonlight Resonance” and “Witness Insecurity”, where he ended both series with the same song – but evoking totally different emotions. Moonlight Resonance’s last scene saw the main couples singing along to “The Moon Represents My Heart” and there were flashbacks of each couples’ memorable moments. On the other hand, in Witness Insecurity, you hear the same song, sung this time – in tune - by Bosco (if I’m not wrong) and Linda. But it brings along an impending sense of doom, of the tragedy that is about to put a full-stop to Hui-Sir’s life (I refer to the DVD version, not the one TVB broadcast. They’ve got slight differences in editing and music). The series ends with the song playing through the credits, as memorable moments of Hui-Sir and Hailey’s short relationship are shown. It’s as if it was a mini-memorial service of their ill-fated relationship – and of Hui-Sir as well. As bittersweet as it was, the photo slideshow during the credits did make me feel a little better about the ending.

In all, I did enjoy Witness Insecurity. It said so much about the love a father had for his daughter and family – but at the same time finding a hard time balancing his ill-gotten wealth and the secret behind it. I guess the main message of the story is, in Mandarin, 若要人不知,除非己莫為 – or, if you don’t want anyone to find out about what you’ve been doing, don’t do it in the first place. (Loose literal translation there, my apologies!)

On a related note, I absolutely enjoyed listening to Linda’s rendition of “The Moon Represents My Heart”! Her voice is so clear and I could feel her emotions as she sang the classic song. Hope she does a version and releases it in her upcoming album or something =)