[News] Linda Chung Extremely Nervous Performing in Korea

Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu and Linda Chung were in Seoul recording for TVB's Chinese New Year show Golden Viva Spectacular. The TVB artists performed in collaboration with local K-Pop groups such as SISTAR, U-KISS and SS501's Park Jung Min. Linda performed the English song Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You and Myolie performed I Dreamed A Dream. On stage, Linda appeared tensed and nervous the entire time. She sang the song from beginning to end, all in one breath, but did not get off-key at all and won applause from the audience. Facing the local K-pop singers, Myolie laughed during her interview: "It went by way too fast. Just singing one song wasn't enough."

During Chinese New Year, Raymond has a break and will be spending the holiday back home in Xiamen. He said: "My sister had two babies, so I have to go back home for new years. (Are you going to spend New Years with BB?) Yes. Where ever my family goes, I'm going with them. (Going to send new year greetings to Karena Ng?) I will send greetings to many of my relatives and friends. (Is Karena family or friend?) Don't ask me these questions, I have ear plugs on and suddenly only understand Korean." Raymond said because of the language barrier, it was difficult to communicate with the Korean singers. However, he did praise girl group SISTAR's lead vocalist for having a pleasant voice. Raymond revealed earlier the boy band BIG BANG invited him to their World Tour concert in Nanjing as their guest performer. Unfortunately, it didn't work out due to schedule conflicts.

During Linda's interview, she expressed she was still shaking from her nervousness after she got off the stage. She said: "The Korean singers have been training since youth, they are all so amazing. Before I went on stage, I gave Myolie a hug to give some support to one another." On stage, Linda and Raymond were spotted chatting nonstop, Linda explained its because they haven't seen each other in a long time, but she didn't gossip about his rumors. When speaking of Raymond's new song BB, will the female lead be "Linda BB"? She laughed: "No, artists' privacy is better to keep it low-key, I understand how he feels." Linda feels her rumor with Raymond is already the past and should be removed from the list. She said there is now a new generation BB.

Myolie revealed she has a pursuer, someone outside of the industry, but she's not sure whether he's wealthy or not. After her break up with Bosco Wong, does she not want to date another artist again? She said: "Well can't say that, it all depends on fate. We are happy as friends now, still getting to know each other. If I really do get in a relationship, I will announce it. I'm already at this age, not going to play with an underground relationship anymore."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


[News] Myolie Wu and Linda Chung Enthralled by Korean Male Celebrities

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Linda is just too cute!!! Lols I loved the part where Myolie teased her! Her reaction is so adorable! haha she's a fangirl too! Anybody here watches Korean dramas too? Lols I love Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho! Their smiles are deadly! xD hehe so handsome!

Haha kinda went into fangirl mode like Linda did :P Too bad that she didn't get to see Ji Sung though D;


Linda's Weibo Updates - Jan 2013 (21st onwards)

Haha I didn't update the ones before the 21st because I'm lazy :P  Also, feel free to correct the translations  ^^:;;;  

I translated these weibo messages from the Viet trans by LA@http://www.facebook.com/lindachungvn

January 21, 2013

Linda: I Love you babies, you make me feel alrite, I need you babies...

Linda: 是的, 还在通宵 然后再接外景厂戏!! ! 我要继续加油 :)
Still filming at night *screams* Afterwards will be shooting outdoors!!! Must keep it up :)

Linda: 早安 你们今天睡得好吗? 睡了几个钟?
Good morning Did everybody have a good sleep? How many hours of sleep did you guys get?

January 22, 2013

Linda: Ummmm.... 你想点呀?
Ummmm.... what is it/what do you want?

January 23, 2013

Linda: 你们最喜欢看我那一套电视剧呀?他们喜欢溏心风暴
Which series of mine do you guys like to watch? They like Heart of Greed

January 25, 2013

Linda: 拍广告中! 跟我很爱,合作了很多年的护肤品Bioessence拍新的平面照。 大家快快去用吧 :)
Shooting an ad! Taking photos for the skincare product, Bioessence, who I have worked with for many years. You guys should try it out :)

January 26, 2013

Linda: 有饭吃是最幸福的事:) hehe: ) thanx @@GreenCheung for the pic
Having a meal is the most blissful thing :) hehe :) thanx @@GreenCheung for the pic

Linda: Plz 停雨。 我们还有一场戏
Plz stop raining. We still have one more scene to film

January 27, 2013

Linda: smilesmilesmile: it's the best remedy for everything

Linda: 我今天收到我小時候的白馬王子的專輯,裡面有一百零一首情歌,令我懷緬白馬王子來臨的心情。sweetsweetsweet
Received a cd of my childhood prince charming today, there are 101 love songs in there, reminds me of the feeling when prince charming was about to come sweetsweetsweet

Linda: 时间飞逝! 但是很多开心的回忆在心中 :) 怀念巨轮! 卓静, 阿信, 阿英, 天生再见!
Time just flies by! But it left alot of happy memories :) Remember 巨轮 [Brother's Keeper]! 卓静, 阿信, 阿英, goodbye!

January 28, 2013

Linda: Happy together!!!!!!!!!

Linda: Crazy yummy!


[News] Linda Chung Expresses Admiration for Ruco Chan

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Hailey was indeed one of Linda's better role this year. Personally would like to see Linda steer towards stronger characters (like her role as Kaka). A handicapped role is also interesting, but I don't really want to see her in evil roles. Rebellious roles, yes....but not evil because her smile kind of gives away everything xD

To be honest, few of the fadans can really play evil roles. Kate would be one of them because of her unique eyes, but the rest is kind of debatable. Tavia was alright in Beyond, though I thought alot of credits should've been given to her make-up artist. Myolie in Curse? The role itself should not be defined as evil.


[Pics] Love Love Love Happiness Autograph Session

Linda's hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!! So lovely ;D