Hiatus - Vacation

THIS POST IS REFERRING TO "LINDA CHUNG THOUGHTS" GOING ON HIATUS, nothing to do with Linda's own schedule.
Some of you may know already, since I've mentioned on twitter, but I will be going on vacation starting June something!  So in a 5 days, I will completely disappear.  I estimate it to last around a month (though I am hoping to convince my parents to extend it till the end of August).  So if you need to email me about anything, pls do so by this weekend!

While I'd like to ask for your continuous support,  nothing will be going on during this upcoming month.  So it would be more than enough if you guys remember to come back in a month haha.

Keeping 'Linda Chung Thoughts' Alive?
If you think you can help us update the site during this time, feel free to email me this weekend!  I'll just add you as a blog author and you'll be free to post on the site.

To do so though, there are two basic 'rules' to follow.  One is giving proper credits (for pictures, news etc).  Giving back credits is very important!  The second concerns your writing, which has to be clear with little grammar mistakes.  (Grammar only applies for certain posts since my grammar is pretty bad too.  As long as your writing is understandable, it'll be fine.)

Anyways, I'll try to update what I'm up to here and there but no guarantees since it all depends on whether I have wifi or not haha

For those of you who will also go on vaca, have fun and safe trip!  As for those who aren't, start a blog!

Adios amigos,


  1. where did linda chung go to for her vacation?

    1. This post is about MY vacation (therefore, Linda Chung Thoughts will be on hiatus). This has nothing with Linda's vacation...which she is not. She's already back in HK.

  2. for real where did she go, she said shes gone this month

    1. This post is NOT talking about Linda. THis is MY vacation (therefor Linda Chung Thoughts will be on hiatus).