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Linda is nominated for the Top 10 Artiste, (her series) Top 10 Drama, and 維多C健康防衛大獎 (I don't know what this is....something to do with health??)

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[Clip] Detectives Liza and Gods Costume Fitting



[Official Drama Page] Super Snoops

Previously Known as: Detective Liza and Gods
Official Title: Super Snoops
Chinese Title: 荃加福祿壽探案

Script Writer:
Poon Man Hung

Kwan Wing Chung

Episodes: 20

Cast: Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee, Toby Leung, Aimee Chan, Christine Kuo, Linda Chung, Shek Sau, Wilson Tsui, Ella Koon, King Kong, Elvina Kong, Tsui Wing

SUN CHIU TUNG (Liza Wang) had resigned from her official duties as a madam cop due to an investigation in a mysterious case, she decided to own a private investigation centre. With fate, she met three pitiful persons - GUNG ZAK LAM (Wong Cho Lam), GUNG DUK LAM (Louise Lee) and CHUI SUI (Johnson Lee). Due to this, TUNG acquire a premonition power ability. In addition, the three of them have their own special power abilities as well. They have "intangibility or phasing" ability, "superhuman fighting" ability and "mind control (to tell the truth)" ability. Four of them use their powers, creative disguises to solve cases. The process is funny to watch....

credits jerebtvb@asianfanatics

- 20 episodes long.
- The series will be in the format of case investigation.
- Liza Wang will play San Chiu Tung (辛潮彤), a deputy from the '60s. Because of an error in judgment on a case, she left the police force, and started a detective firm instead. She also took in three silly orphans, Kung Chak Nam (恭澤嵐), Kung Tuk Nam (恭犢嵐), and Chui Sui (崔湑), who are played by Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen, and Johnson Lee respectively.
- Christine Kuo will play Chap Yau (習柔), a first-line actress. She will have a romantic storyline with Wong Cho Lam.
- Toby Leung will play Ngok Kau (岳皎), Liza's daughter. She invents things that are useless.
- Aimee Chan will play Ling Miu Sat (凌緲薩), a rich girl. When she discovers that her husband married her in a plot to take her money, she disguises as a ghost to scare people.
- Ella Koon will guest-star as Chow Kui Yeuk (周莒若), the manager of a nunnery, who waits on Liza. She will like Johnson at first sight.
- King Kong will play King Chau Gor (勁揪哥), a bad cop.
- Elvina Kong will guest-star in the first case as Sing Nui (盛女), King Kong's wife.
- Tsui Wing will play Lee Da Chai (李打豺), a triad leader who is faithful. He is the third party in King Kong and Elvina's relationship.
- Linda Chung will guest-star as Si Ying (詩影), a third or fourth-line actress. She is Christine's body double.



[News] Linda Chung Will Miss Charmaine Sheh’s Departure from TVB

Rumors circulated that Charmaine Sheh Si Man will not be renewing her TVB management contract upon its April expiration date. Allegedly, Charmaine was offered a $15 million (HKD) contract by a mainland production company interested in signing her. Charmaine’s former Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到 >co-star, Linda Chung Ka Yan, congratulated Charmaine while indicating that her departure will be truly missed if the news turned out to be true.

At a Commercial Radio interview, Linda said, “I will miss Charmaine!” (Does Linda also want to do the same?) “I also want to earn some Yuan. Two years ago, I was offered a role in a modern mainland drama. The filming fee was quite good.” (TVB did not allow you time to film the drama?) “No, that was not the reason. God will make arrangements.”

With Charmaine leaving TVB, this will increase Linda’s opportunities within TVB? Linda replied, “Every year, there are a lot of new female artists entering TVB. [With Charmaine’s departure], there will be one less good actress.”

There were rumors that Charmaine was being pursued by a wealthy heir. Was Linda interested in dating a rich man as well? “Since I was raised in Canada , I would prefer a man who can speak English more.”

Source: Orientaldaily
Translated by Jaynestar@

Thoughts: I do wish the news of Charmaine not being in TVB anymore to be untrue....but I guess the possibilities would be quite high, since it's a really good pay from mainland. Hmm..wonder when the confirm news would be out.


Fun With Liza & Gods' Drama Costume Fitting

The success of variety show "Fun With Liza & Gods" brought new job opportunities to hosts Liza Wang, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee, and Wong Cho Lam. After holding a concert last year, now they moved on to their own television series--<荃加福祿壽探案>. [rough translation for now: Fun With Liza & Gods Detective Cases]

The four hosts attended to the drama's costume fitting yesterday. The drama tells a detective story happened in the 60s, so the drama's fashion style is quite retro. The three "Gods" said they group as one this time and challenge other TV Kings to win big in the Anniversary Awards.

"We three can't be better than just one Wayne Lai?," joked Louis. "Wayne, Moses Chan, and Raymond need to be careful this year."

Besides the four main characters, other actors are making their guest-appearance as well. Toby Leung, Christine Kuo, Aimee Chan, Linda Chung, Ella Koon, Elvina Kong, and King Kong, etc are confirmed to join the cast.

Toby plays Liza's daughter in the drama. Ella plays a maid and falls in love at one sight with Johnson. As for Aimee, who looked like a mad ghost at yesterday's costume fitting, she plays a married woman whose husband takes all her money away; that's why she has to scare people with that look.

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Thoughts: Wah! I never heard of Linda participating in this before @___@


Yes Magazine - Yes Cards



[News] Linda sighs 'High technology means less privacy'

Regarding the recent leaked photographs on the new TVB series ‘The World of Sister Fa’, where Raymond Lam’s character pictures were circulated online. Rumoured girlfriend, Linda Chung replied: “As artists, we cannot control these situations. The series has not been scheduled to be aired yet and already there are large amount of photographs circulating. When the series airs, these photographs will spoil the suspense and the attraction of the storyline. ” She sighed and continued: “Now that technology is so sophisticated, with even mobile phones being able to take photographs, its difficult to avoid.” Asked if Linda hear any fans buying these photographs, she replied: “I haven’t heard.”

Bowie Lam uploaded a photograph of himself and Linda sporting old drama costume onto Weibo and had put the caption, ‘Today is Linda’s Big Day’. As a consequence, friends and family went to TVB city to see Linda and gave their best wishes.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

Thoughts: *sigh* yah. With the way technology is developing's actually kind of scary. I remember reading an article how there's a camera that sees through people's clothings?? Or something along those lines...since it's been awhile already and I can't remember exactly. Also something related to mainland's actress's pictures are being taken. Is there really that kind of camera though? Let just hope not.


Linda Chung is born with a handicap

In the new drama series (Jiujiang’s Wine), Linda Chung has a breakthrough role, playing the role of a rich young lady living in Jiujiang. Because Linda was born with one leg shorter than the other, she has trouble moving from place to place, and as she is afraid to be labelled as an invalid, she go out very occasionally. In order to portray this character well, Linda had to specially learn the gait and stances of one with a leg length discrepancy. She says, “When I go out, I will carefully note the walking motions of those with the same handicap, and most of them have large tilting and bobbing momentums. However, the director (Wong Wai Sheng) feels that I just need to twist my leg around to imitate the motions.”

Overcoming many obstacles
In the drama, Pierre Ngo and Linda Chung were originally biological siblings, but were separated when they were young due to a boat accident. They went through many trials before being reunited.

Experiencing a large blow
When Sunny Chan and Linda Chung were married, he accidentally made public Linda’s natural handicap, which was to her a large blow.

Source: Tvb Weekly (weibo: keithma1991)
translated by Bell@


[News] The Top 10 Most Anticipated TVB Series of 2011

Following last year's Can't Buy Me Love and No Regrets being the hottest series of the city, this year TV King Wayne Lai and TV Queen super candidate Maggie Cheung got the essential attention. The other TV Queen Charmaine Sheh encounters the most difficult role to portray of her life, the female version of Ah Wong in Flower Sister Flower World paired with Raymond Lam for a 'sister-brother love'. For publicity, there are Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen and Wong Cho Lam's comedy series version of Fun With Liza and Gods.

YES SIR, NO SIR (點解阿Sir係阿Sir): Hilarious Moses Chan
Producer: Lau Ka Ho
Starring: Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung
Broadcast Period: April or May

Moses Chan's hilarious kung fu develops vividly. He left deep impressions on viewers' hearts for his comedic roles. In the series, Moses plays a police officer, but because he was investigating a case involving a school teacher, he went into the school to be an undercover. This series slightly resembles Stephen Chow's film Fight Back to School, just that this time Moses is an officer and a funny one too.

JIUJIANG TWELVE SQUARE (九江十二坊) (Tentative): Brothers fights for property
Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Starring: Bowie Lam, Sunny Chan, Pierre Ngo
Broadcast Period: September

After over 10 years, Pierre Ngo finally makes a breakthrough for his roles in Rosy Business and No Regrets. This time, in this new series he takes on the lead actor role alongside Bowie Lam and Sunny Chan. The three of them fight for if 'you die, I live', the theme of the series is fight for property. Also, the series is shooting in Jiujiang for something new to audience.

Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Thoughts: I only included series of Linda's, if you want to see the others, visit here


[News] Flu spreading in TVB, the source points to Linda Chung

TVB artists Linda Chung and Sunny Chan are currently shooting for new series Jiujiang's 12th Square and was cross contaminated, both caught the flu. This led to many of the cast and crew of the series to have fallen ill as well.

Linda was called 'Chung Source' by the series crew. She said: "They are just joking! I am not unhappy, I went to see the doctor three times and took a day off. Last week I got better, but my voice still has not recovered."

Sunny said: "I have experienced a lost voice in my life. I lost my voice 4 days and finally got better on the 11th day of CNY. My wife had a fever on the 4th day of CNY (the 7th). The doctor confirmed that it was the swine flu. (Wear mask after recovery for prevention?) Nope! I rely on my deep breathing exercises to maintain a strong body."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Thoughts: Aw, hopes the whole crew will get better soon! Horrible to work while being sick!


Video Feature - RayDa Sketch

credits to Darwin

Just to go along with our new banner, here is an amazing drawing of RayDa by Darwin!! One of the best artistes around xD Love the drawings!!

Check out Darwin's website for more drawings of Linda and other TVB artistes!!


RayDa Banner

I got bored of the new banner and wanted to make a new banner! So here it is! This banner is featuring one of the most popular Linda pairing, Rayda!! I absolutely adore that pic of Linda!! Nice hair and really bright smile =) Also those pics of Raymond are some of my favourites ;) I hope you guys all like the new banner ;)


Mahjong Flying Southeast Programme Highlights

credits kuangaitvb,


Yes Magazine Vol 1039 English Translation

Nowadays, when youth date, most of them are looking for a ‘fresh and new’ feeling, thus they consistently change partners, hopping from one to another, looking for one that suits oneself, is good to oneself, and loves oneself the most; even better, if the partner treats oneself like a goddess to be in awe of.

This year, 26-year-old Linda Chung is considered half of an adult, but of all things, she does not go for the ‘fresh’ feelings, but instead seeks a lifelong partner and committed relationship. On the topic of commitment, Linda’s rumours have always been pretty ‘committed’, mostly being only about Raymond Lam and herself. However, after many years, everyone is getting bored, and Linda herself is also beginning to feel bored, therefore her resolution for the new year ahead is to find a new partner. I wonder, who would be so lucky as to have Linda as a partner then?

Not concerned about looks, but about matters of the heart
Linda could be said to be today’s embolism of the woman of the house (playing on the words in the name of her new drama series ). To become a goddess of a lover, I believe certain criteria has to be met. Then, would it be like Linda’s lately-filmed , a mature and stable typed ______ (name in show)? Or would it be early previously pranked MV move ‘scandal’? However, Linda remarks that she looks at the inner beauty of a person rather than his outer looks, “I don’t really believe in ‘love at first sight’, so handsome men may not be the first thing that attracts me to him. I feel that love must be cultivated through a knowing each other more, from normal friends with a heightened sense of mutual understanding slowly progressing to a love bond between the two persons. One’s life is a long period of time, so when choosing a partner, one cannot be too reckless. For example, my first boyfriend was also my friend in the beginning. Actually, Linda does not really look at the outward appearance of a person, so this “new lover” could be from a much larger scope! Looking at the “Wong Cho Lam-Leanne Li” example, it looks like pretty girls go for ‘Feel’ more [than outward appearance]!

(Captions: Linda recently filmed with Sunny Chan, having quite a lot of interaction with the latter
Linda earlier filmed the MV for her new song , and was unexpectedly wrongly accused of having a row in the street by a member of the public)

Linda does not go for romance
Since the basic criteria for Linda’s new lover is set, although the field of reference is large, but Linda says that she does want to ‘try out’ a few more men just because there are many to choose from. Linda says, “I feel that love should be a lifelong commitment, in sickness or in health, no matter what the circumstance, there must be love and devotion between the two. In brief, the covenants and marriage vows made during the marriage ceremony are all my views on the topic of love. In addition, my work in the past few years has been hectic and the hours long, so the feelings of romanticism and such have already been absent, so I am not in the situation where I would detest dating, I hope that all can progress in nature’s course.” That’s true too, Linda has already gotten a fair share of the so-called “romanticism” and the feeling of being wooed during filming of drama series. For example, in , Ron Ng had to piggyback Linda in public for the filming, and in , Linda got to sit in a carriage to “get married”. What else hasn’t she tried before?

(Captions: Being carried through the streets by a guy, any girl would feel ‘in love’
Linda has already acted in marriage scenes countless times, and tried it once more in her new drama .)

No Valentine’s Day
Although Linda’s “new partner’s” conditions seem simple, Linda remains single till today due to the fact that she is too busy to date. As Valentine’s Day draws near, how would Linda spend this “Lonely Valentine’s Day”? Linda replies, “ever since entering the entertainment industry, I have to go to work almost every Valentine’s Day, because Valentine’s Day is different from Chinese New Year, there is no fixed off-day. If I had a boyfriend, then Valentine’s Day would clearly be a very different occasion; a grand one. However, things are just the opposite—for single people like me, this occasion practically does not exist, because forcing another friend out to celebrate might prevent him or her from being able to accompany his or her other half, or may prevent him or her from advancing further in their relationship [by playing gooseberry].” “Not behaving as if something exists is equal to the inexistence of the same”, although it feels similar to the concept of an ostrich [sticking its head in the ground], but to a single person, this is a good way of not restricting other people!

It’s best to keep it simple
To Linda, Valentine’s Day is only a very ‘caring’ occasion, but nevertheless, all girls will have wild thoughts about it. How would the best Valentine’s Day be for Linda? Linda responds, “before, during Valentine’s Day, I would really hope that my other half would spend a lot of effort and heart into doing many special, romantic things for me. Despite that, now as I grow older, I wonder if I am seeing things in a more broader perspective, but I seek simplicity. Maybe it could be a simple and common outing to see the movies, or even staying together at home, just the two of us, and watching TV or DVDs together. I would feel very happy and satisfied already if I could do that.” At times, the simpler the actions, the more meaningful the time spent together; think about it—which old couple would climb up to the Peak to gaze at the stars just for the ‘romantic feel’? On the flipside, staying at home together to analyze drama serials would be even more sweet, wouldn’t it?

Loving and being loved
Linda is 26 years old this year; the last time she dated was about 10+ years ago (with her first boyfriend), and following that she had put in her all into working hard. Lonely? Linda does not feel that is so, because even though she has no lover, she still has many people who love her by her side to support her. She comments, “sometimes when I see a crowd of fans carrying boards and standing on the streets waiting for me and calling my name, I will feel so touched and happy. I love the feeling of being loved, but sometimes in reflection, when I look back to my persona of a normal person, I would logically ask myself why I gain the support of my fans. There is nothing unique about me, I am only a normal person too, and I often worry that they might spend too much time on me. This might cause them to neglect their own families, schoolwork, careers and dreams, so I would remind them from time to time to study hard first, and only go to functions to see me when they have the time.” Why is Linda such a popular actress with her fans? Look at her and how much she loves her fans, and you would already know! Why would you still ask such a question?

(Captions: Whenever Linda goes anywhere, there would be a large crowd of fans following her to give her support.
Seeing the support of so many fans, giving her so many gifts every time, it would be a surprise if Linda was not touched.)

translated by Bell@


Happy Valentines!

Tomorrow is Valentines DAy!!! I hope you guys all have a wonderful and sweet Valentines =)


Dwelling Choice of Men and Women Programme Highlight

Synopsis: To Chinese people, having your own house is more important than anything else, even if it means paying a high price. In this drama, our characters face all sorts of troubles and money temptation for the mere sake of buying a house.

Cast: Michael Mui, Sonija Kwok, Michael Tse, Joyce Tang, Linda Chung, Ron Ng, Mandy Wong, Leaung Lit Wai,

credits RonOnline


Yes Sir No Sir Programme Highlight

Synopsis: A teacher-turned-cop is taken aback to know that he is going back to school! Going undercover as a secondary school teacher, he's never for a moment imagined he would one day fight with his hopeless students when the government decides to close down the school.

Cast: Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng, Linda Chung, Lee Kwok Lun, Cheung Chi Kwong, Law Lok Lam, Lo Yuen Yan

credits RonOnline