[News] Ruco Chan Escapes from Explosion Carrying a Heavy Linda Chung

Yesterday Ruco Chan and Linda Chung were shooting the finale car explosion scene for TVB new series Big Wheel. Ruco was the 'hero saving the beauty', carrying Linda with him as he ran away from the exploding car. The temperature yesterday was only 10 degrees C, Ruco had to pick up a Linda with thick clothing on, carry her and start running away. It looked like Ruco was having a hard time. Linda groaned on Weibo asking Ruco: "Why do I look so heavy!"

Later, Ruco reveals in an interview, that scene was about someone kidnapping Linda and when escaping from the bad guys, the two fell 7 stories down onto a van. When he was fighting off the bad guys, the van exploded, so he carried Linda and started running. He said: "The scene looked like it was really dangerous, but of course all safety measures were taken."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


Missing You's theme: 幸福歌 "Blissful Song" English Translation

假使天使 前來問我幸福嗎

能誠實確定的說 我走過是極其幸福的一趟

得到工作 慈祥父母在我旁

良善密友在我旁 那麼快樂地成長

Suppose an angel comes to ask me if I’m blissful
I can honestly definitely say I’ve been through extremely blissful times
I have a job, kind parents by my side
Good close friends by my side, I’ve grew up so happily

或我成熟了 人學會知足不再妄想

是愛情未滿 明白有時要耐心等半晌

Perhaps I’ve matured, I’ve learnt to be contented and not stay in an illusion
It’s love that’s not fulfilled, I’ve understood sometimes I have to wait patiently

心很慶幸了 人生很精彩了

落雨也可一個避雨 有天戀愛了再給照料

月滿太好 可照亮我 幸福得不得了

月缺也好 可當為我一直笑

My heart is rejoicing, life is splendid
When it’s raining, I have a shelter; I have God who loves and takes care of me
A full moon is very good, it can shine on me, whether I am happy or not
Even if the moon is missing, please always smile for me

未有人問暖 還是有冬衣給我去穿

夜半時悶了 還是有無數電影可以選

No one asks if I’m warm, nevertheless there’s still winter clothes to wear
Bored in the night, nevertheless there’s still endless movies to choose from

心很慶幸了 人生很精彩了

落雨也可一個避雨 有天戀愛了再給照料

月滿太好 可照亮我 幸福得不得了

月缺也好 可當為我一直笑

My heart is rejoicing, life is splendid
When it’s raining, I have a shelter; I have God who loves and takes care of me
A full moon is very good, it can shine on me, whether I am happy or not
Even if the moon is missing, please always smile for me

心很慶幸了 仍可聽到心跳
就算跌倒不會在意 有苦水送上最多喝掉

或會碰到 一個伴侶 和數千個幸福的一秒

就快拍到 心裡預設的合照

沒有拍到 只當命裡開玩笑

My heart is rejoicing, I still can hear my heartbeat
Even if I fall I won’t mind, if I’m given bitter water at the most I’ll just drink it
Maybe I’ll meet a companion, and many thousands of blissful one seconds
Very quickly I’ll take a photo together with you as I’ve thought so in my heart
If I can’t take that photo, I’ll just say it’s a joke in life

Lyrics translations credits: hopes.perspectives.@tumblr


[Album] Love Love Love

YesAsia's Editorial Description
A year after signing with Stars Shine, Linda Chung is finally back with a new album. Love Love Love is the popular TVB actress/singer's fourth album, which features the Johnny Yim-produced main plugs "Vaccine" (Track 2) and "You Are Half of Me" (Track 1), as well as her Witness Insecurity drama theme song "The Most Blissful Thing" (Track 4). Linda has written and composed a Mandarin number called "Friendship is so Simple" (Track 10), while also covering the Grasshoppers' "Forgive Me is Me" (Track 5) and Teresa Teng's "The Moon Represents My Heart" (Track 9) on the album.
The album comes with a bonus DVD containing 3 music videos.

*** highlighted = English Translation provided
***Without highlights, only the Chinese lyrics are provided

If you have the English translation for any of the songs, please email us :)
Email: lynnetvbhorizon@gmail.com

01. 你是我的一半 - You're My Other Half
02. 預防針 - Vaccination
03. Love Love Love
04. 最幸福的事 (TVB[護花危情]主題曲) - The Most Blissful Thing (Witness Insecurity's theme)
05. 原諒我是我 - Forgive Me for Being Myself
06. 落差 - (two translation ver.) 1. "Drop"  2. "Differences"
07. 就算沒有明天 - Even If There Is No Tomorrow
08. 死症 - Fatal Disease
09. 月亮代表我的心 - The Moon Represents my Heart
10. 友愛是這麼簡單 (國) - Friendship is so Simple (mandarin)
11. 你是的我一半 (國) - You're My Other Half (mandarin)

01. 你是我的一半MV - You're My Other Half MV
02. 預防針 MV - Vaccination MV
03. 最幸福的事 MV (TVB[護花危情]主題曲) - The Most Blissful Thing MV

Order from YesAsia
- CD and DVD
- CD, DVD and Album Poster

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[Notice] Layout Change for 2013

NOTICE: The site will be DOWN sometime tomorrow!  So if you can't access it, don't panic :)  I'm only changing to a new layout for 2013!
New Layout
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- I really wanted something for quick access whenever I am unable to post right away, that is why a twitter account will be created.
- did not make a facebook page b/c a fan stated a very valuable point: there are just too many fb pages.
- though not many fans are on twitter, there are not twitter pages of Linda either.  In the end, I found twitter to be the better place to start...
If any fans out there want to follow a facebook page dedicated to Linda, there are quite a few, but here are two that I follow:

Those are two things we're coming back for 2013 with!  If there are any suggestions for the site, please comment below or join us in the chatbox! :)

Thank you guys!


Metro Radio Hits Awards 2012

[Only excerpts.  View full article here.]
This year's first music 'report card' unfolds at the Metro Radio Hits Awards 2012. The 5 hour award show presented a total of 163 awards.

Khalil Fong won 3.5 awards; Raymond Lam, Hins Cheung, Kay Tse, Andy Hui, Kary Ng, Adason Lo, Fiona Sit and Eric Suen all won 3 awards. Kay expressed she's very happy to get an award despite not having any new albums. Dei Dik was surprised he got an award because he didn't have any plugs, but still won the duet award. However, the most questionable award was Linda Chung, she released her new album late in the year, but still shared the 'Metro Hits Female Singer Award' with GEM, Jade Kwan and Kary Ng.

This year Metro followed TVB and gave out awards to singers who were absent from the award ceremony including Leo Ku, Denise Ho and Miriam Yeung.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Thoughts: Wow...I didn't realize there were so many awards! 163!! o.O

Oh. Would anybody like to clarify if Leu Ko, Denise Ho etc actually received an award or not? Cause the article on Jaynestars stated that they did not while this one said they did. I am very confuse...

Anyways, congrats to our dear Linda! :)


[News] Ron Ng Does Not Believe Raymond Lam is Leaving TVB

Yesterday Linda Chung and Ron Ng attended a Christmas event in Tsuen Wan. Linda appeared in a sexy red outfit and did not fear exposure as she had on see-through parts in her outfit. She laughed: "I have underclothing on for protection I really have experience with exposures, I'm considered to be the Queen of Underclothing!" She exposed she met with an attached fan backstage, "The fan is handicap, spent 3 years looking for me and sent me a lot of letters. I didn't know until the reporters mentioned it to me. When I saw the fan just now, I was very happy and emotional too, he is very optimistic!"

Ron said he does not believe his good brother Raymond Lam wants to leave TVB because of the earlier award results, he said: "It's just a rumor. TVB treats him well. (Comfort him since he didn't win any awards?) I'll comfort him when I see him, I did watch his series. He and Kate Tsui did very well, it's quite disappointing!" Ron has been busy shooting in Shanghai, but he has been following Eric Tsang's recent slapping case and Oscar Leung, who had suddenly gotten involved. Ron said: "I don't believe Eric would do that. Whether Oscar's comments are too over or not, it all depends on how the individual sees it. I don't think it's a problem! (Oscar refuses to apologize?) I believe Oscar is supporting Eric until the end." Earlier Kelly Fu exposed because she was too into character, she actually fell for Ron while they were working on Triumph in the Skies II together? Ron laughed: "Thank you! But, I think she's just talking about the series! If a female confesses to me, I would feel shy and embarrassed, but she didn't take any actions. She's a good colleague, and handles the love scenes well. (Any love sparks?) We'll have to see if there is a third installment, talk about it then!"

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Related Post:  Pictures of Linda and Ron during the function.

Thoughts:  Referring to the fan that Linda was talking about, another translated article about this event over at Jaynestars stated that the fan got the chance to meet Linda through the Make a Wish Foundation.  From what I know (saw a presentation when volunteering), the organization works to grant one wish to children with serious medical conditions.  Wishes such as visiting Disneyland with their family, seeing their favourite idols and etc.  Personally, I am touched by the fan's dedication...spending 3 years of writing in hope of meeting Linda.  I'm very glad that his wish came true in the end and was able to see Linda :)


[Pics] Christmas function with Ron Ng 12/24/12

Our lovely Linda attended a function with Ron :)  If only Linda didn't wear her heels, since it made Ron seem quite short when he's beside her haha.  Anyways, it's nothing exciting to work on Christmas Eve but still hope she enjoyed the event! :)

Pictures credits I-HD and WoSoLoo


Merry Christmas Everybody :)

***this video of Linda is from a few years back
It's the time of year again where I'd like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas!! Hope that you guys are all enjoying the holidays with family and friends. Nothing better than a great turkey dinner! I am no big fan of turkey, but stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy are all super duper awesome! :D hehe anyways, have fun before school or whatever comes back to haunt you again! ;)

Oh!  I am making fans some graphics for New Year's.  So if you need a banner or something, check for more info at Tvb Horizon!


Best wishes to everyone!

Linda's weibo: 早阿!!! I'm so blessed to 自然醒, to be able to breathe in fresh air, to have hopes and dreams. Reach for the STARS!!!! Woohoo!!! lovelovelove -L-

Linda's weibo: 我今晚只想好好睡个好! 晚安everybody! SWEET DREAMS! lovelovelove -L-
"Just want to have a good sleep tonight! Goodnight everybody! SWEET DREAMS! lovelovelove -L-"

Thoughts:  Really wanted to share these pictures of Linda, who was filming 落差's mv.  So relaxing just looking at the pictures don't you think?  :)  Hehe hope everybody is enjoying their holidays!!!


[News] Jason Chan Touched by "Flower Buying Fate" with Linda Chung


TVB's 'best deal' Jason Chan possesses good looks, has a foreign educational background and a fluent English speaker. He's any girl's deal man. He is currently one of the rising Siu Sangs in TVB and takes on his first lead role in new series Missing You. In the series, he plays a lovable social worker and often helps the people around him.

Jason expressed before he started filming this series, he was very nervous: "Actually I started feeling very nervous a few days before the first day of shooting. I was really afraid I wouldn't be able to handle it and won't do well. However, the majority of the time while I was filming, I didn't think too much!"

When speaking of the interesting things that happened during filming, Jason frankly expressed he clicked well with his co-star Linda Chung. One time he and Linda were chatting about their small collaboration back when he first debuted. He said: "Back then I was still studying in the TVB Artistes Training class, and collaborated with her in one series. That time I just had a small role of the person selling flowers and she was my customer. That scene was just a short 1-2 minutes, I had to think about it for a really long time before I could remember, but I really felt touched that she (Linda) still remembers after so long."

But when speaking of touching moments, Jason said this year he is really thankful of all the opportunities TVB gave him. He said: "This year I had two series and I have hosting jobs. Really thank TVB. (Will you find a girlfriend to share the happiness?) Nope. If I get busier later, then I definitely won't have time to date. I rather just focus on my career."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Thoughts:  Aw, I am also touched by Linda for remembering the small event :)  Does anybody know the series Jason is referring too?  Haha I would like to screencap that!

For fans who're currently watching "Missing You" right now, what do you guys think of Jason's acting so far?    I really hope that he managed to transfer that offscreen sunshine personality of his onto the screen :)


2012 Best of TVB Awards @JayneStars

I am pretty sure Jaynestars is pretty well-known to all us fans here online :)  Since last year, Jaynestars have been holding their own online awards event where all categories were voted by fans!  I'd just like to share the results that came out for 2012 with you guys ;)

(see the actual percentage and number of votes)

Best Actress:  1.Tavia Yeung  2. Kate Tsui  3. Linda Chung
Best Series:  1. The Hippocratic Crush  2. Highs and Lows  3. Witness Insecurity
Best Themesong:  1. The Hippocratic Crush  2. Highs and Lows  3. Witness Insecurity
Best Onscreen Couple:  1. Tavia Yeung&Kenneth Ma  2. Linda Chung&Bosco Wong  3. Kate Tsui&Raymond Lam

The Hippocratic Crush, Highs and Lows and their respective casts were all hot favourites, so I was very glad to see that Linda, Bosco and Witness Insecurity did fairly good as well :)

Very awesome of Jayne and her helpers for pulling this awards event together!


[News] Linda Chung Refuses to Dine with Wealthy Businessmen

This article is not allowed to be reposted, so please read it at Jaynestars.

Thoughts:  The more I read about Linda, the more surprise I am how she's in the entertainment industry.  More than that, it's how well she's doing in it too!  

Refusing to see the rich businessmen for dinner and such, that is a wise choice on her behalf.  On the other hand, I can understand why the crew could be a little frustrated because of the need for sponsors.  I personally don't think the rumours about them giving her the cold shoulder are true though, especially after seeing Edwin Siu uploading a picture of his copy of LoveLoveLove signed by Linda, just a few days before the article published.  Therefore the rumours do sound a bit exaggerated to me.


Got "Love Love Love"? :D

If you've received "Love Love Love", share a picture of it with us!  All pictures submitted will be posted on this page :)  I just thought that this can be a fun way to keep a 'memory' of "Love Love Love", since each photo will represent a copy of the album bought by fans here :D

So if you've receive yours, don't hesitate to send us a picture!  
 We got one so far, so let see how many photos we will have later ;)

Shared by Wendy!

Share by Lynne!

Shared by Ginny!


Sharing the Love!


If you've got the time, check out what the fans over at Baidu had done for Linda!

Hehe includes all of 2012's memories! Very sweet of the fans eh? ;) There are also fans messages for Linda! Also must point out the amazing drawing of Linda from LoveLoveLove! Very impressive :D  Haha I am jealous of how good it is! x)


My copy of LoveLoveLove!

Thanks to the amazing Irene over at Cottage, I was able to get my own copy of LoveLoveLove!!!  Can't thank her enough for bringing it back all the way from HK!  xD  And to my surprise, it was even signed by Linda with my name as the recipient!!!  (I literally jumped in happiness seeing it!)  Hehe all in all, a million thanks to Irene and of course, our dear Linda!  haha...

Here are some pictures that I took to share it with you guys!  Got the poster, cd, dvd and there was also a small booklet that consisted of: a message from Linda, her thanks and more pictures!  The message she wrote was very cute and especially how it was written in an informal style, it felt very personal :)  

Referring to "Got LoveLoveLove? :D"  I just updated my picture onto the page!  If you've got the album, share a picture with us!


[News] Bosco's "Hui Sir" Comes Back to Life in Theatrical Version of Linda Chung's Song


There are only two days left before the TVB Anniversary Awards, Witness Insecurity starring Bosco Wong and Linda Chung is still the top rated series of 2012 to date, averaging 31.65 points. TVB anniversary series Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles and The Confidant tried to boost the ratings by hosting an event for the cast to watch the finale with the audience. To maintain the popularity, Bosco comes back to life in the specially recorded theatrical version of Linda's song The Most Blissful Thing (最幸福的事).

Regarding the special theatrical version of the song, Bosco's role "Hui Sir" comes back to life, Bosco admitted: "Linda asked for my help because the two roles Kiu Chi Lam and Hui Sir has left deep impressions on the audience, so we recorded a special version!" Linda was asked if this version is used to help get more votes, she frankly expressed the audience knows in their heart, there is no need for them to purposely ask audience to vote for them!

Witness Insecurity currently holds the title of the top rated series of 2012, but Bosco and Linda expressed they don't mind other series surpassing them. Bosco frankly said: "The rankings are not important, the most important is TVB series get good response and ratings. That would be the best for all of us! We don't have to be the top rated of the year." Linda agreed: "We are still the top rated up until now, I'm pleased with this result. Even if we get surpassed and end up in second place, I'll still be just as happy!"

Also, last night Bosco and Niki Chow were shooting the ending scene for A Change of Heart. The scene was about the couple enjoying a romantic night together watching fireflies. Before filming, Bosco just had a lunchbox to eat, he said he hasn't had time to celebrate his birthday because he is also working on the Chinese New Year film and immediately following, there are a lot of Christmas jobs. He said: "I didn't think I'll have to spend my birthday in the middle of nowhere. Yesterday the crew did a quick celebration with me, sang me the birthday song and gave me a Ma Lai Go cake. I even treated everyone for drinks, no problem! As long as we're all happy." Niki was asked if she got a birthday gift for her partner? She said: "After we complete this series, I'll treat them all dinner, no problem! We had a pleasant collaboration, can think of it as an end of filming dinner or a dinner to make up for his birthday. (You treat the dinner?) No problem." Niki expressed she wishes Bosco's career goes smoothly. When asked if she'll introduce him to a new girlfriend? She said: "I can't even help myself, how can I look after others? We are all single, and understand its the time to work hard on our careers."

Source: Singtao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Thoughts:  When I first read the article, I thought there was actually be a "mv"-ish thing where Hui Sir will appear back onscreen.  Unfortunately, it is not so Q.Q

"Love, there are many ways to love.
I've always thought that to love you, is just the same as protecting you
So you cannot get hurt.
But in the end I was the one who hurt you the most."

-The Happiest Thing: Lyrics-

"Some people said, if you cannot give happiness to your loved one, you should let them go.
But if I can start all over again,
I would choose to not let go of you,
And use all my effort to give you happiness."

Translated by Wendy@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca

Thoughts:  Aw, the lines added were so sweet!

Hmm...choosing to let go or not is difficult.  Of course if you like her and she likes you, don't let go.  But on the other hand, if you like her but she doesn't like you back...maybe you should let go?  Maybe not?  You don't necessarily have to be 'with' her, just be there to support her...even though that is quite unfair to you. lols so many difficulties :P  In the end, it all depends on the situation you're caught in and the perspective you're looking at it from.  In the end, just messy :P  Messy.  Lols.  Just go and listen to LoveLoveLove!  :)


Missing You Themesong plus Screencaptures


Anyone started on "Missing You" yet?  What do you guys think of the themesong?

The melody of the song is quite nice.  Sweet and heartwarming, fitting for the series don't you think?  As for the mv, I also like it as well.  Love the idea of the scrapbook, since the concept of the series is to help others find what they've lost (or so I think).  And scrapbooks are meant to store those special memories of our lives, which I find very fitting with the series :)

To View the rest of the screencaptures, please follow the the link: Missing You Themesong