[Sept1] Linda Chung: “I Am the Lucky One”


Born in a middle-class family and loved by her parents and older siblings, Linda Chung Ka Yan grew up in a “greenhouse” and was especially protected by God. Due to her good grades during her school years, Linda was favored by her teachers. When Linda turned eighteen years-old, she entered the Miss Vancouver and Miss Chinese International Pageants with a care-free attitude. Signing with TVB, Linda was heavily promoted and did not experience any hiccups in her career. At twenty years-old, she became a lead actress in series. Quickly gaining popularity, she entered the music and film industries four years later. Linda’s ventures in television, music and film have all been successful.

Linda said gratefully, “Since childhood, everything in my life has gone smoothly. There has not been any tumult or great challenges. The biggest frustration was experienced at the start of my career, when I was living alone, without the care of my family. I was lonely due to the new, unfamiliar environment. Compared to other people’s situations, my experiences were not very frustrating in retrospect.”

Although Linda’s career has been smooth and she was quickly elevated to leading actress, she did not initially envision a long-term career in the entertainment industry. Linda’s original intention was to quickly earn enough money to allow her to retire early in Canada . Did Linda’s goal remain unchanged? “Haha! Several years ago, I thought this way. I wanted to only stay in the industry for two to three years. Gradually, I realized it was very difficult to withdraw from the industry. I grew to love this industry and the people I work with. Now, I can not give up my acting career without care. The good actresses in the field, such asCharmaine Sheh Si Man, Jessica Hsuan, Tavia Yang Yi, and Maggie Cheung Ho Yeeinvested over ten years to refine their skills, gain a strong footing, and establish their fadan status. This can not be accomplished within a short time. I need to invest a long time in order to acquire their acting achievements. Until then, I will not have the courage to refer to myself as a ‘fadan.’ A leading actress is not an automatic fadan. Currently, I am just a little, little, little fadan.”

Although Linda’s work schedule was busy and colorful, her love life was boring. Since her debut, Linda had romantic rumors with Raymond Lam Fung, Philip Ng Yun Long, Ekin Cheng, Steven Ma Chun Wai, and Johnny Tang Siu Chuen. Denying these rumors, what was Linda truly looking for in a partner? “My parents have urged me to date, but love can not be forced and worry about. The time will come when God is ready to grant you a boyfriend.”

Linda’s rumors with Raymond were the most persistent. Puzzled, Linda said, “I possess a quiet personality and do not understand why these type of rumors arise so frequently. Each time I film a series, I will be linked with my male co-stars. Since I will be filming with Ron Ng Cheuk Hei shortly, perhaps I will have rumors with him next! Although rumors can be used for promotion, they often frighten away genuine pursuers. Many people thought that my rumors with Raymond were real.”

Although her love life is currently empty, Linda’s ultimate goal is to get married and have a family. “For a woman, the most satisfying thing in life is to get married and have children. I am afraid of loneliness, so I will definitely get married and have children. When I grow old, there will be family to take care of me. In the past, I wanted to get married before turning thirty years-old. Now, I will let God make the arrangements.”

Source: Mingpao Weekly # 2181
Credits: Jaynestar@http://www.jaynestars.com/