Linda's Weibo Update 31/12/10



New Layout...Happy New Year ;)

0 comments are the 2 beautiful new layout ;)
Both site are back on early....because I am just too lazy to do the other things I wanted to do ^^;

Hope you guys all like the new layout =)

Also Happy New Year Everybody!!!! Hehe...loving Linda very much in Twilight Investigation so drew this!! Does it looks like her?? it doesn't -.- btw...Hope everybody have a good year!! Work hard and wish you guys all good health ;)

This was the banner that originally wanted to use...but then made a new one when I saw Linda's new pics =)

Some new graphics of Linda =) Feel free to use!


Clothings photoshoot?

credits Chicloe@weibo, Linda Garden@weibo

Thoughts: I am not so sure what this is for...but guessing it's a photoshoot for a clothing brand?? Love these pic SO MUCH!!! Especially the ones of the spring-ish clothes. Kinda brings back the old Linda image?? =) I think I love the lime green dress the best!! and then there's the blue shirt and yellow skirt one! Which one is your fav?? Linda also looks really nice in the hot pink too!


Linda's Weibo Update 30/12/10

credits Linda's weibo

Linda's weibo updates!!! Probably of her young look in Dwelling?? She is so adorable in the uniform! I always love Linda in braids! It always looks so cute on her ;)



Linda Thoughts is going to have a full layout change for the new and upcoming year! I know that all of you guys are going to like it! So please visit back when it's up! thanks ou!

So.....from Dec 30 and on...BOTH TVB HORIZON and LINDA THOUGHTS will be closed, and both will be open again on Jan 1 (when I wake up xD) Beside layout though...I have a few things to clear up =)

~lynne =)


Twilight Investigation Ep.1 (part2)

Somehow...Linda magically survived the crash without a scratch on herself. She then took the bus home. While on the bus, she saw a mother and daughther and flashbacks of her past mother appears.

*I found it really odd how Linda did not get hurt even though she got in an accident 0.0 Doesn't Linda look so cute staring into space like that?? Haha, I do not recommend sleeping on the bus like that. Not a good idea xD*

It appears that Linda grew up with her grandmother and her mom ran away when she was young. Linda doesn't have any memory of her mother until the car accident....which gave her flashbacks of her past as a child. Linda's grandmother doesn't like it when Linda talks about her mother though...

Linda slept in the next morning and was late for her photoshoot. Nobody talked to her when she arrived...

After the photoshoot, Linda overhears the head model talking on the phone with the company owner (a conversation not appropriate for children xD).

Linda got onto Wong Hei's car without his notice, while he's trying to investigate the adultery case). They almost got into an accident because of the heavy rainfall and in a split second, the car did an 360 degrees turn and everything was normal again. Wong Hei then notices that Linda was in the back.

Linda finds out that Wong Hei is a detective and she asks him to find her mother.

Wong Hei agrees to help Linda, so they both went to see Linda's grandmother for more info on her long-lost mother. Her grandmother finally talked. She said that Linda's mom was a money lover and worked at the bar. When she and her dad had a fight, she left and never came back, leaving Linda. Her dad afterwards committed suicide because of that...

On the road out....Linda suddenly saw a glimpse of her mother on a bus, wearing white with a bouquet of flowers in her hands...