Linda's Weibo Update 30/11/11

Linda: So thankful for so many things. Simple things: clean air, clean water, etc. It's hard to see the simple and essential goods until u live one day without them.

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Linda's Weibo Update 30/11/11

小時候, Barbie 是我最喜愛的玩具! 今天, I tried on december 5th's dress from Barney Cheng and I felt like a Barbie:)

English Translation:

When I was young, Barbie was my favorite toy! Today, I tried on December 5th's dress from Barney Cheng and I felt like a Barbie:)

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Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage


Linda's Weibo Update 28/11/11

感謝Astro給Miss Koo喜愛角色獎! 謝謝馬來西亞的朋友們, 你們的支持是一個很大的鼓勵。 希望你們會繼續支持我們TVB的節目:)

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@鍾嘉欣官方網站 : 恭喜@Linda鍾嘉欣 憑借 點解阿sir系阿sir 的MISS KOO獲得 #My Astro On Demand 我的最爱颁奖典礼2011# 我的最爱电视角色

English Translation

Linda: Thank you Astro for giving Miss Koo the Favourite TV Character Award! Thank you all Malaysian friends, the support from you guys is a great encouragement to me. I hope that you will continue to support our TVB TV programmes:)

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Linda Garden: Congratulations, Linda, for your role in Miss Koo in that got the Favourite TV Character Award in the My Astro On Demand My Favourite Awards Ceremony 2011 *claps*

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Translation by ibellchu@Linda Cottage


Linda Chung Acknowledged Getting An A, Flaunting Tv Queen Regalia

[TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony 2011] Linda Chung had relatively good results in the entertainment circle this year, especially for her acting in in which she portrayed the character of Miss Koo, which elevated her status to yet another higher level, and showed her true potential to get the TV Queen award. However, Linda is taking this in her stride, and places particular emphasis on her netizens having accepted her, saying that this is already considered an A for her. A few days ago, she chose out her battle regalia for the Awards Ceremony after careful consideration.

Linda Chung, banking on her role as Miss Koo in [Yes Sir], competes for the title of TV Queen in this year’s Awards Ceremony. Due to the good response and reputation of this role, Linda has confidence in winning the award on that night, especially requesting for a specially co-designed outfit from her good friend and designer Barney Cheng.

Linda feels that this year, getting top-notch results would be being accountable to her supporters.

Linda’s shimmering dress has not reached Hong Kong yet, but Linda could not help herself from trying on other pretty dresses of Barney’s.

Being Nominated Would be Having Won Already

Having previously being sexy to the max, Linda plays with ‘bling’ (accessorized) this time.

As to the TVB Awards Anniversary this time, Linda frankly responds that she has confidence and takes it all in her stride. She says, “Whether this character of Miss Koo can win an award is one thing, but this year’s result is already an A, and I am very satisfied, and I really want to thank all my supporters.” The thing that makes Linda the happiest is that all along, even in forums, netizens have had good comments on her acting this time round.

Although this year’s results were good, Linda still feels that there is a lot of room for improvement. She laughs and says, “Some new pageant queens who come here to develop their careers ask me how they can act well, and quickly, but in actual fact I myself have only gained the experience firsthand over the seven years, and this needs experience, to slowly cultivate the confidence needed.” Despite having confidence, would she be disappointed if she didn’t get the award? Linda responds, “I am afraid that my fans would be the disappointed ones, I myself don’t think too much on it, I consider being nominated already having won, and getting A results already!”

Filming for Spin-off, Playing The Cello

Linda doesn’t focus much on the award, and conversely hopes to prepare fully, and act well for the [Miss Koo Spin-off] that begins filming next month. This all-new Miss Koo does not play around with bowling, but switches to the cello, and will have even more psychological drama.

As to the Awards Ceremony outfit, Linda hopes that her design will allow herself to express her own personality. Although it is not considered especially sexy, she laughs, “Previously, it was so flamboyant, this time I’m using specially-ordered crystals to glimmer my way through.”

Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage

Thoughts: I love the grayish dress with the flowers that Linda is wearing. It looks gorgeous on her :) Let's all support Linda for the awards!!!!!!!! IT"S COMING SO SOON! :D


2011 Astro On Demand Television Awards Results

My Favorite Series: Ghetto Justice
My Favorite Actor: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
My Favorite Actress: Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)
My Favorite Supporting Actor: Raymond Wong (Twilight Investigations)
My Favorite Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)
My Favorite On Screen Couple: Michael Tse and Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)
My Favorite Promising Actor: Vincent Wong (Gun Metal Grey)
My Favorite Promising Actress: Nancy Wu (Gun Metal Grey)
My Favorite Series Theme Song: Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)

Top 15 My Favorite Television Character Awards:

Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)
Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)
Wayne Lai (Forensic Heroes 3)
Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)
Ruco Chan (The Other Truth)
Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
Chilam Cheung (The Rippling Blossom)
Tavia Yeung (The Other Truth)
Kate Tsui (Forensic Heroes 3)
Kenneth Ma (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)
Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission)
Moses Chan (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
Ron Ng (Forensic Heroes 3)
Raymond Lam (Men With No Shadows)

Thoughts: Congrats to Linda!!! :)


[Pics] Golden Mile's 5 Years Anniversary Concert

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Thoughts: Linda with Bosco! :D Haha....


Linda's Weibo Update 26/11/11

大提琴練習時間:) 很興奮, 我成功play到半個verse! ,一定要繼續努力!

Translation: "Time to practice the cello :) Very excited, I've successfully play half of the verse! Will definitely continue to work hard!"

Thoughts: Hope I was close with the translation :) So excited to hear more about this series!


The Dazzling Dance of Chang'an - Drama Synopsis

Main Actors:
Bobby Auyeung, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Sire Ma, Makbau Cheung, Angela Tong, Grace Wong, Yoyo Chen, JJ Jia, Cheung Gok Keung

In the Tang Dynasty, there is peace and prosperity in the world of dance. The Imperial Palace places much emphasis on the art of dance, and this time period is one in which the arts flourish the most in history. The stage is set in a distinguished officials’ academy, one of the three most prominent in Chang’an during the Tang Dynasty, the ‘Cheuk Lai Yuen’. The Imperial Family organise an event, in which a winner of the contest would be dubbed a Princess, in order to encourage dance and the arts. The academies that could train the winners of this contest would become that used by the Imperial Family, to prepare people about to enter the palace. In addition, the government officials and teachers of the academies would be regarded of national standard, and enjoy fame and fortune.

Main Storyline:
Ko Yan is a prodigious music composer, who had been preparing take office in Cheuk Lai Yuen in Chang’an. Kiu Bo-lung is a wandering musician, and was on the run because he had killed a corrupt government official. Incidentally, the two of them ran into each other, and Ko Yan became the scapegoat for Kiu Bo-lung, and took his identity, becoming an official. Unexpectedly, Ko Yan did not die, by some miracle, but lost his memory, and began wandering around Chang’an. Bo-lung met Ko Yan once again, and having discovered that the latter had amazing potential to be a composer, Bo-lung welcomed him into Cheuk Lai Yuen, in an effort to develop his own career. The two of them then build up a mutually appreciative friendship.

Ko Yan has a fiance named Yeuk Yin, and because of a guilty conscience, Bo-lung cancelled the wedding, causing Yeuk Yin’s hatred of him to turn to love instead. Ko Yan conversely began liking her immensely, and pined for her. On the other hand, Yeuk Yin’s good sister Zoi San also joined Cheuk Lai Yuen in order to train, hoping to become a professional dancer. She and Bo-lung turn from enemies to partners… In the end, the enmity of the two men over their identities, the relationship tangle of the two women and the fate of the four of them all come to a resolution through the event organised by the Imperial Palace.

Through the song and dance of Cheuk Lai Yuen and rivalry of the dancers, the lead characters singly hunt for their own individuality and identity, self-worth and goals in life, resulting in conflict, tension, love, all making up a riveting and captivating story.

Translated by Bell@lindathoughts


Yes Cards Nov. 2011

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Jessica Code Vol.111

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Thoughts: Linda looks beautiful :) I love her braids :D


[News] Linda Chung accepts a challenging role a depressed cellist

TVB new series Dangerous Protection will start shooting, the majority of the cast is from Yes Sir, Sorry Sir with Linda Chung leading. This series is regarded as the 'Miss Cool Spinoff', but the lead actor is switched to Bosco Wong. Yesterday at the costume fitting event, Linda performed on a cello, while Bosco got on his knees to propose to her.

In the series, Linda plays a cellist who suffers from clinical depression. She is much stronger than Miss Cool and plus playing cello will be the greatest challenge for her. She is taking a speed course and only took one lesson of cello. She hopes to take a few more cello lessons, so her performance can look just like a real cellist. Bosco is longing to wear a police uniform, but because he's on the Witness Prosecution Unit, his wish didn't come true.

Queenie Chu was involved in a car accident earlier in Okinawa, Japan. She reveals she is currently receiving a mix of Chinese and Western treatment, and is doing physical therapy every day. As she is also part of the cast of Policewoman Love Battlefield, and plays a motorcyclist police officer, will she be able to handle two series simultaneously? Queenie expressed she has confidence tht she can handle it and promised she won't affect the filming progress.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Thoughts: My only concern is wether playing a depressed character would effect Linda or not. Hopefully it won't :) Really hope for a breakthrough role for Linda out of this series :)


Flower Protection of Dangerous Love Costume Fitting

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-Lau Ka Ho's new series: Linda Chung, Bosco Wong. Linda will reprise her role as Miss Koo. Films at the end of November.
- Bosco Wong will play a member of the Witness Protection Unit (WPU). During the time in which he protects Linda Chung, a love story ensues.
- Linda will play Kiu Chi Lam (喬子琳), a particularly wealthy cellist who is diagnosed with depression. When she was younger, she caused her elder brother's death, so she became depressed; playing the cello is the only thing that vitalizes her and makes her smile.
- Cilla Kung will play Lee Hau Yan (李巧欣).
- Brian Chu will play Lee Man Kit (李文杰), Cilla's younger brother.
- Ronald Law will play Yeung Yiu Tung (楊耀東), a member of the WPU and the Major Crimes Unit.
- Savio Tsang will play a Superintendent.
- Queenie Chu will play a psychiatrist.

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[Clip] Linda Chung Signs New Music Record Contract


Linda is so cute :D


[News] Linda Chung Signs New Music Record Contract

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) announced yesterday that she has joined Star Shine International, hoping to release a music album next year as a creative singer. Asked whether rumored boyfriend, Raymond Lam (林峯), served as her inspiration, Linda stated that they were only onscreen lovers. There were numerous moving scenes from their onscreen collaborations and she will incorporate those romantic feelings into her new songs!

Appearing in a white Christmas outfit yesterday, it was announced that she had officially joined Star Shine International. At the event were Star Music’s boss, Herman Ho (何哲圖), TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), and music producer, Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉). Artists under Star Shine International’s music management, Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜), Fala Chen (陳法拉), Alfred Hui (許廷鏗), and Famma recorded congratulatory video clips to welcome Linda in joining the company. However, rumored boyfriend, Raymond Lam, did not have any noticeable actions.

Regarding her new music contract, Linda said, “It is a very warm feeling to join this big family. Two of my earlier music albums were produced by Herman Ho and thus, we have established a tacit understanding. I followed him to the new music company so we can continue to cooperate.”

Will Miss This Year’s Music Awards Ceremony

Herman revealed that Linda’s new music album will be released in November 2012. As a result, Linda will not be attending any music awards programs this year. Linda expressed the desire to work slowly to focus on fine-tuning the details. She will incorporate her own creativity into the music production. “If suitable, I can also write for other singers. I have written a lot already and will write down the [lyrics] whenever there is inspiration.”

Asked whether Raymond Lam was part of her inspiration, Linda said “Regarding Raymond Lam, I will have to borrow the scenes from our television series. In the series, there were many unforgettable images that I can write about!” (Will you dedicate the song to anyone?) “That is a very private matter. I will put my emotions into writing [the lyrics], but I will not reveal the person’s specific identity!”

translated by jayne@

Thoughts: YES!!! Congrats to Linda :D Can't wait for her album next year!! SUPPORT!!


[Pics] Linda Chung Signs New Music Record Contract

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