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Linda's Message:

Hi everyone! Hi all fans! Am really happy to be able to attend Metro Radio’s 21st birthday celebration concert, and to see everyone again! Well, I’ve always been looking at the forum posts and I’m really thankful for the suggestions from everyone and for the supporting me all along. And I would like to thank all my fans once again, as I know you guys are really passionate and each time you see me you’re really happy! No matter what happens, once you guys see me you’ll always have a big smile on your faces and I thank you for supporting me all this while. And what else…hahaha!

And besides caring about me, I hope you’ll care about your own personal lives as well! I know I’ve been really busy recently, and have had lots to do at work. But I really hope that everyone is happy and healthy…am I beginning to sound like a mother? Haha!

But anyways, I really hope that all is well for everyone!

Anyways, I’d like to introduce my new song, “Vaccine”, to everyone! And what this song is trying to say is…it’s a very tragic and sad love song. If only one could have a vaccine that would make one numb, with regards to the bitterness of love. But after taking that vaccine, it still hurts! So you can imagine how painful and sad it is. I hope everyone likes this first song I’m plugging! The second song will come soon!

When will it release? I’m not sure, most probably in a month’s time. There will be a song entitled “Missing You”, and I really really like it. And I think everyone will like it too! And for the album, I asked my boss just now and he said the tentative release date is on 23th November. I really, really hope we can make it on time, as I only have a month before I’ll begin filming another show. If I can do everything within this month – film all the MVs, record all the songs and take all the pictures needed for the poster – then it will be possible! Because I know that you’ve all been waiting for so long and support me so much, I hope I will be able to produce a good final product for you guys! I really enjoy singing, and I hope that everyone will be able to see my improvements. I still get a little jittery – I don’t know why – maybe it’s because I haven’t done anything related (to albums and singing) in a while, but I will get used to it really soon! I hope everyone’ll support me! But besides supporting me, I hope that you will love yourselves before loving me, you hear? Okay bye bye!!

-Linda is sooooo cute, especially in the final part of her message where she suddenly gets enthusiastic! – Audrey


Yes Magazine Vol.1120



Drawing attempt of Linda :)

So I'm still a beginner at portrait drawing...I started last month and did this drawing of Linda :) Hope you like it!! Here it is, with the picture were I took it from.


Metro's Concert - 08/23/12

**credits ycdenny@youtube

Linda singing Vaccine

Linda singing The Happiest Thing


[Pics] JSG recording - "Vaccine"



Vaccine MV


Linda's MV of her new song Vaccine is finally here!! Check it out :D


Linda & Moses’ “My Favorite Couple” award + Best Smile award Acceptance speech

-credits josiebubu@youtube

Host: Alright. My Favorite TVB Couple award goes to…Yes Sir Sorry Sir’s Moses Chan and Linda Chung!

Host: Congrats! Lets invite Mr Chan to give out the awards, there are two as they are a couple!

Host: Alright, thank you Mr Chan. Okay, tell us your thoughts!

Linda: Yes Sir Sorry Sir is a TV show that I really like. I’m really happy to be able to win this couple award with Moses Chan. Although we didn’t end up together in the end, but everyone supported us. I really thank Moses, because I think you’re a little like my lucky star! Why? Because all the series that I’ve starred in with you have received very good audience response, and many people liked it! So thank you!

Moses: Thank you all for your support and resulting in us winning this couple award. Umm, do you guys like to see me bully Linda Chung? I realized in all the shows that we play a couple, I seem to be bullying her. And now I’ve won this award. So does that mean that if I keep on bullying her, I’ll continue to win awards? Just kidding!

Hosts: Wait, so the theory goes that if you keep bullying her you’ll get awards? Then we should win awards too! (Host 2: Ya! Why don’t you hit me, and we try? Haha!)

Moses: But really, I’d like to thank Linda for being such a wonderful partner. I hope to be able to continue working with her.

Host: Alright thank you.

Linda: Oh and I thank Starhub too!

Host: Okay, next up, you two need to stay on stage, for we are going to need your help in giving out the next award, the best smile award. Lets invite our next guest of honor, Miss Huang.

Host: Alright, now let’s invite Moses Chan to give out this award.

Moses: Alright. Starhub TVB Awards 2012 Best Smile Award goes to…Moses Chan! Thank you!! Haha. Okay okay, it goes to the lady next to me, Zhong Jia “Yin!” (Linda’s mandarin name)

Linda: It’s Zhong Jia Xin!!

Host: Let’s invite Miss Huang to give out the award. Thank you Moses. Thank you thank you! Linda, don’t go!

Linda: Actually I think Moses should win this award! Because he’s really adorable when he smiles. Thank you Singapore Starhub for giving me this award, actually I think the people I really should thank the most are my parents, because my smile is from them! Because I inherited their smile! And especially my Dad, because he always said to me, “Daughter, I’d like to make a request, you have to be a happy girl. Why waste your time, you know, grinning and frowning, when you can be smiling, you know?” I hope everyone will smile more, because, if you put it simply, there are so many things that we can be thankful for! So I hope that everyone will cherish and be thankful for the things we have. Yup! Smile, smile, smile, I love you!!

Translations by Audrey@

Lynne: Linda is so cute! Especially in her Best Smile Award's speech :) Hehe loved how she also spoke in English here. Very sweet :D


Yes CArds

Linda is so cute!!! HEhe :D 


[News] Jason Chan & Linda Chung waiting to be a couple team


A few nights ago, Linda Chung and Jason Chan hosted an end-of-filming dinner for the cast and crew of TVB new series Ferris Wheel Happiness. Linda praised Jason for performing well on his first leading role, but he was stressed because he had too high expectations on himself. Jason was asked whether if he had fallen for Linda after their collaboration? Jason blushed and expressed embarrassingly: "I should say we had a great time working together and quickly developed chemistry." Linda added: "Yes, luckily we didn't have any arguments."

The single Jason expressed he has never met with Linda in private before, but they had a pleasant collaboration. In the future, he will invite Linda and other friends out for dinner. He also welcomes advertisers to hire them as a 'couple team', so they could earn money together. In regards to rumored girlfriend Sarah Song spotted on a date with Kevin Cheng? Jason said: "We are just friends, but we're been rumored for so long, it's not convenient for me to comment on her matters."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @


Linda Chung at her sexiest (StarHub TVB Awards 2012)

***Translated by Audrey@

(Linda’s video interview with The Straits Times – RazorTV)
Q: Other actresses went sexy today, but you decided to go with the sweet look. Why?

No, actually with regards to a sexier look, I really don’t mind it! But when I went to look at the dresses, I like to go with what I think looks best in the first impression. If I like it, I won’t think about it, I’ll just take it. There were a lot of sexy dresses on display, but the moment I stepped into the shop, I went, ah, I like this, I don’t need to try anymore dresses, just help me alter it and I’m good to go.

Q: Some say your recent slimming advertisement is your sexiest ever. How did you convince yourself to reveal so much?

No, actually I really don’t mind it! Really! I’m okay with it even if it got a little sexier. But it really has to be something that I think is beautiful on the first impression – then I’ll wear it.

Q: What are your limits when it comes to acting?

Television’s limits…I’m not sure but every year, it just gets lower (for clothes), and a lot more outrageous. In the past, it was already shocking for (actors’) lips to just touch, now, they can French kiss passionately and it’s okay! I think, for clothes, I don’t mind revealing my back, or my stomach, as long as it’s covered over here! (her chest)

Q: Have you thought of telling your company that you’d like to try a different image?

I had this thought in the past, if I should tell my company that I can be like this or like that, but when I was having a talk with the more senior actors, they often told me to take things naturally.

Q: You always seem to play girls who need to be protected…any plans to change that?

No! You see…in The Gem of Life I played a really bad girl, in A Journey Called Life I played a wayward Mongkok girl, and then there was Miss Cool, she doesn’t…oh, wait, a little I guess, but she’s different! I’ve acted as a very stupid model, as a ghost, basically I’ve tried many different roles. So, in the future, I really want to be a villain, and also an assassin. I think I should be able to do it. Yup, a villain, bang bang bang bang, and kill everyone!!

Q: Earlier during the show, the host made fun of you, that you need to be protected…

Many people say that too! At the very mention of my name, people will be like, oh she needs to be protected, and cannot be set up, etc. But off stage, actually I can protect others! I don’t know why they would have that impression. For those who really know me very well, they’d know that actually I can be very “man” too! I have a very “manly” side. How so? I whack people really hard! You can ask Bosco Wong, Jason Chan, Raymond Lam, etc, when I hit people, I hit them really hard!!

Q: In real life, have you found a guy to protect you?

I’m still looking, but there are a few whom I think I need to get to know more first, but there are lots of guys who are capable of taking care of others.

Reporter: So do you mean there are a lot of guys who’d like to take care of you?

No no no! Hahahahaha! I meant, when I get to know some male friends, generally they will take care of me. But all of them will tell me, actually you’re really strong. Hahaha. But they all want to take care of me, so thank you!! Just like Steven Ma, he’s just like my brother, he likes to take care of me. But I’m actually really “man”!! It probably stems from the roles I get! In my roles, I’m all of “ohh, I’m going to cry” or “Ahh, you hit me! It hurts!”; or things to that extent. But in real life, even if you hit me, it wouldn’t hurt, and if I bleed, it doesn’t matter!

Q: Earlier you said after winning Best Smile Award, that it’s important to keep smiling…

Actually, for many of us in this line, as we’re so busy, we tend to lose sight of our direction. Even I did, too. There was a point in time for me, when I first entered the industry, I was often very unhappy, and I didn’t know why. Many people asked me, “Why are you not happy? You need to laugh! Laugh! Laugh!” and I said, “No, I will not laugh. I don’t want to laugh! I’m not happy!” But what I want to say is, actually, when you’re in control of your emotions and emit positive energy, many things will come your way naturally. It’s weird, really. So be happy! And smile more :) Thank you!


[Pics] Starhub TVB Awards 2012

credits Rollypokky-sj, LindaGarden, 欣蕊Rae, itshannah, LingShadow_TwiDiaries, Linda CLub

**more photos will be added later


[News] Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng win big at the StarHub TVB Awards 2012

Hong Kong celebrities Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan, Linda Chung and Kenneth Ma were among the many Hong Kong stars who made their way to Singapore for the StarHub TVB Awards 2012, held at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom on Saturday.

Wu and Cheng were the biggest winners at the awards, which is held annually to accord recognition to Hong Kong broadcast giant TVB's productions and its artistes, for their performances over the past year.

Wu took home the My Favourite TVB Actress award while Cheng, her "Ghetto Justice" co-star, won the My Favourite TVB Actor award.

Other notable winners include Ruco Chan, who was named Best TVB Male Newcomer, and Aimee Chan who won the Best TVB Female Newcomer award, as well as Moses Chan and Linda Chung, who won the My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple award for their performance in "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!".

"Do you guys like to see me bully Linda? Why is it that I always win awards for shows in which I bully her?

"If I bully her all the time, will I always win awards?" mused Moses Chan, drawing loud laughter from the audience.

Hosted by Astrid Chan and King Kong, the StarHub TVB Awards Gala 2012 featured spectacular performances by Grasshopper and Fala Chen, who performed a song from her new album.

But it was Moses Chan who had the 6,000-strong audience bopping along when he gave a rousing performance of "Ignorance of Youth", the theme song of the hit drama "When Heaven Burns", with his co-star Kenny Wong.

The awards ceremony will be aired on StarHub TV Channel 885, 7pm on August 25 and will be offered over StarHub's video on demand services from September.


Thoughts: No Moses! You should not bully Linda :P Haha Moses is so funny :)


[clips] Starhub TVB Awards 2012

***clip credits josiebubu

Linda accepts the award with Moses Chan.

Linda sang "The Happiest Thing" near the end of the clip. Linda looks beautiful...she reminds me of a princess from a fairytale! haha.

**clips credits starhub. More will be updated onto this post later :)

Red Carpet

Cocktail Reception

Linda Chung and Myolie


TVB StarHub Awards Results


My Favourite TVB Male TV Character
1.SUNG YI-LONG (Moses Chan), “When Heaven Burns”
2. CHEUNG YAT-KIN (Kenneth Ma), “The Hippocratic Crush”
3.LAW LIK-AH (Kevin Cheng),“Ghetto Justice”
4. SO SING-PAK (Bosco Wong), “Lives of Omission”
5. Emperor TO KWONG, MAN NING (Chan Kam Hung), “Curse of The Royal Harem”
6. PO KWOK-TUNG (Lai Yiu Cheung), “Forensic Heroes III”

Star of Perfect Poise Award: Kate Tsui
Most Glamorous Female Artiste Award: Tavia Yeung
My Favourite TVB Variety: “All Star Glam Exam”
My Favourite TVB Mega Variety Special: “TVB 44th Anniversary Gala”
Best TVB Male Newcomer: Ruco Chan
Best TVB Female Newcomer: Aimee Chan

My Favourite TVB Female TV Character
1.KWAN KA-LOK (Linda Chung),“L’Escargot”
2.YIU HO-HO (Kate Tsui), “Lives of Omission”
3. FAN TZE-YU (Tavia Yeung), “The Hippocratic Crush”
4. WONG SZ-FU (Myolie Wu), “Ghetto Justice”
5. YIP CHI-YAN (Charmaine Sheh), “When Heaven Burns”
6.CHUNG MO-YIM (Fala Chen), “Queens of Diamonds And Hearts”

Most Improved TVB Female Artiste: Selena Li
Most Improved TVB Male Artiste: Wong Ho Yin
Most Energetic Award: Wong Tak Bun
My Favourite TVB Theme Song: “Lian Xu Ju”, Joey Yung
My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple: Moses Chan, Linda Chung
Best Smile Award: Linda Chung
Singapore Media's Favourite TVB Drama:  Ghetto Justice
My Favourite TVB Actress: Myolie Wu
My Favourite TVB Actor: Kevin Cheng
Professional Spirit Award: Bowie Wu
My Favourite TVB Drama: When Heaven Burns

A few videos:


Vaccine Full Version


credits siew wai, cdsjf@youtube

What do you guys think? ;D I need to get the eng translation of this first! haha.


Vaccine's 5 sec. Preview

credits 憶珊susie
Can the preview be any shorter? =___=  Aren't they usually like, 30 secs or so?  *sigh* anyways, sounds nice though!!  Can't wait for the full version to be out!!!!!!!! YAH!


[Clip] Linda talks about her new song

**credits lindaclub for the video
View here:
Haha I did not really know about this until Abby and Kimng told me on the sideboard :P Anybody want to clear up for me...the song's name is Shot right? I saw on Linda Garden's banner..."Vaccine". Is that the album's name or something? lols Anyways, looking forward to the song's release! Will post it right away when I find it :D


[News] Jason Chan makes a public love confession to Linda Chung

Yesterday Linda Chung and Jason Chan were on the busy street in Mong Kok shooting for TVB new series Ferris Wheel Happiness. The scene was about Jason on the street looking for Linda, but since he had no luck, he climbed up on the rails and publicly confessed his love for Linda. When Linda heard the touching confession, the two ended the scene with a hug.

Jason and Linda were shooting the same scene over and over again, from the beginning to the end of the street. There were over 10 extras serving as their 'bodyguards' and over a hundred 'volunteer extras' (bystanders) madly taking pictures on the side. At one point, there was a confusion with everyone surrounding their idols. When Jason jumped on the rail to confess his love, he accidentally bumped his head on the street light, but he continued shooting as if nothing happened. As for Linda, despite many people surrounding her for pictures, she was still able to get her emotions out for the shoot. Very professional!

Since the street was crowded, Linda joked she turned into 'Kiu Chi Lam' (her Witness Insecurity role), she said: "There are many staff protecting me, so I'm not afraid." To prevent disturbance, Linda hid herself behind the people to study the script, and rehearsed the scene with Jason. When asked if there was ever a guy who made a love confession to her in public? Linda said: "My first boyfriend, gave me flowers on the street once. I was very touched because we are both shy people!"

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @

AW this will be a cute scene xD


TV Funny Episode 06

This is the episode Linda is in! Sorry for such a late post on this...I don't pay much attention to variety shows, since I don't watch them ^-^;;;;

---clip credits alyssalonelyblogger@youtube. Linda's skit is in the second part of the clip.

---This clip is viet subbed, credits keobonggonyokin@youtube

Even though I know how to speak Vietnamese, I cannot read it...unfortunate Q.Q So yah...


[Filming Pics] Blissful Ferris Wheel 3

***credits as labeled and lindagarden