[News] Plagiarizing Jewel in the Palace?

*Roughly Translated
Linda Chung's role in "All that is Bitter is Sweet" was tailor made for her by the producer. She thanked TVB's senior managers and executives and the producer for giving her the role.  The drama started airing this week and in there, Linda plays as a female pharmacist and her character will be undergoing a lot of hardships. When asked what she feels about the drama being rumoured to have copied Korean drama, "Jewel in the Palace", Linda says that she think the two has a different storyline, time setting and the characters are also different. She is not worry that the drama will be criticized because of this. The drama's focus is different too as it features Chinese medical.  Linda does not mind the comparison though and if anything, she hopes that the ratings for "All that is Bitter is Sweet" will also do well like "Jewel in the Palace".

Since "Brother's Keeper", rumours has been circulating between Linda and Ruco Chan.  Is she worry that more rumours would emerge between the two?  Linda says she is not worry and it is getting old anyway.  Towards Ruco, Linda praised his ability to immerse into character and stated that he is a very serious and hard working actor.

For the Best Actress Award this year, Linda modestly expressed that she will continue to work hard and try her best with confidence. As for Linda having less productions aired this year? Linda says the number of dramas this year are around the same. The broadcast time though is determined by the company and not within an artiste's control. She expressed the this year is a happy one and that it's not bad to appear lesser onscreen because it'll be boring for the audience to see her every night.

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Translation: Lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.com


[Episodic Thoughts] All that is Bitter is Sweet - Ep.1

**I will edit the post with the summary of the episode and my thoughts later!  FYI my favourite scene so far is the one where Linda bumped into Ruco :D haha it was cute!  Though the scene where Linda shield her face when she met up with Raymond was also sweet haha

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