Can't Buy Me Love Ep4

After Moses, Louis and Raymond rescued Linda, they found out that she was kidnapped and the thieves wanted to sell her. Luckily she escaped......they are now treating her to supper. They never knew it but Linda eats ALOT! She finished 3 catties of dumplings before they can put one in their mouth. Linda came to the city to find her the guy she had once rescued and whom promised to take her in.

When Raymond took her to see that guy, he pretended to not know Linda and kicked them out. Raymond then offered Linda to become a maid at his house....

At the house, Linda got hired by Selena but she only get to eat half a bowl of rice a meal!! Linda got dizzy and fainted.....

Thoughts: Linda was so funny when she tried to lie to Selena! Selena wanted a maid who didn't eat alot but Linda....eats alot. Linda got scared so just went along with whatever Selena wanted. Hehe, was so cute how she started stuttering and blinking non-stop xD

At the part where Moses talked to Linda....I don't know why but I thought that he'll begin to like her....didn't happen though xP