[News] Linda Chung Welcomes Rumoured Boyfriend to See Her Concert


This upcoming August 22 and 23 Linda Chung will be holding her first mini concert, "Love Love Love". Since this is her first concert, Linda is quite nervous. So aside from filming Linda have been saving time to practice for the concert. Talking about the concert, Linda smiled sweetly, "Have been in the music industry for five years and the goal is to hold a concert. So thanks to my company for giving me this chance."

With such a rare opportunity, Linda will be giving all her best and will not neglect her practices nor her health. Linda wants her audience to see the best of her, "My body is not as good as before. That's why even though I am filming Tiger Cubs 2 right now, I'm still saving time for practices. I know how to play the piano but that was so many years ago. So I am practicing and hope to do well for everybody to listen to."

Linda Chung revealed that she'll be inviting two guests to perform at her concert. When asked about her parents Linda says she does not plan on inviting them because that will be too much pressure for her. AS for her rumoured boyfriend, Linda will welcome him if he attends.

Source: IHKTV
Viet Trans: TVBVietnamFanClub
Translated by Lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

Thoughts:  I wonder if Raymond Lam will be one of her guests? xD


[Pics] 'Happiness' Autograph Session

Sorry for not updating much.  Not in the mood for posting lately haha  Either way, Linda recently held an autographing session for her newly released photoalbum, Happiness.  For all you lucky fans out there who got her autograph, good for you!!!! :D  I gotta get ordering on yesasia lols.

Hmm...is it just me or has Linda been looking more vibrant than before?  Maybe it's the new hair cut, which seems to make her look younger?  Also I loved her her outfit's colour.  A very lively colour and is easy on the eyes :)


[News/Pics] Joe Ma Hopes For a 'Triumph in the Skies 3'

Yesterday TVB new series Tiger Cubs II was shooting in Sha Tin. The big bad guy Johnson Lee was seen in a black hoodie, surrounded by a group of SDU members including Joe Ma, Him Law, Oscar Leung and Benjamin Yuen. Due to the thick and heavy SDU uniforms, the men were sweating nonstop. Joe kept eating to replenish his physical strength and avoid a heatstroke.

Joe played the pilot Vincent in Triumph in the Skies ten years ago, but did not participate in the sequel. Today, the sequel is well-acclaimed, does Joe feel he lost out on the opportunity? He said: "Vincent from TITS died, and also when TITS 2 began filming, I had some issues with my TVB contract and didn't make a decision yet." TITS fans really miss Vincent though, Joe expressed he hopes there will be an opportunity to shoot TITS 3. He also praised the TITS 2 cast looking very hot in their uniforms and it had triggered his good memories too.

Linda plays a police undercover in Tiger Cubs II. Although she is paired with Joe, they do not have any kiss scenes. She laughed: "The plot will explain my role is very man, so there will not be any kiss scenes. There will only be expression through the eyes."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


[Pics/News] Linda Chung Shakes in Fear Filming Thrown in Water Scene

Yesterday Linda Chung began filming TVB new series Tiger Cubs II. The scene was about the bad guy Johnson Lee discovering her identity as an undercover; She gets beaten, shoved in a black trash bag and tossed into the sea. Linda appeared at the location with makeup of a bloody face full of wounds. She frankly expressed she cannot swim, but fortunately the director found a stunts double to do the scene for her. "I just have to do the close-up shots. Actually I was really scared, I have never opened my eyes underwater before. The director treated me very well, he put a 5-inch block under water for me to stand on, but I was still very scared of danger because the previous scene was about me trapped in the car's trunk, then me and the car fell in the water. I was so nervous, I drank a lot of water and choked. Before when I was still in Canada, I took swimming lessons, but no matter how much they tried to teach me, I didn't learn. One time the instructor threw me in the deep end of the pool, and since then I feared water even more. So, I don't like water events." On the first take of the scene, Linda got into the water and held her breathe, but 3 seconds later she had to come back up and stop the cameras from rolling. She said with a suffering look: "I can't do it!" The director asked an instructor to come assist her. Before the cameras rolled again, Linda took in some oxygen, but that apparently didn't have much effect since she still couldn't complete the scene even after 3 takes.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net