[News] Linda Chung and Philip Ng’s 5 Year Relationship Over?

Since filming Love All Around <十分爱> in 2007, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) has been romantically rumored with martial arts star, Philip Ng (伍允龍). In January, the pair’s old dating photos at a karaoke bar circulated widely online. According to an anonymous source, Linda and Philip may have broken up recently, with Linda asking to end the 5-year relationship!

As per his typical response when asked about Linda, Philip responded, “It is not convenient for me to respond.”

Linda’s decision to return to Canada for a short rest was now speculated as to whether she was in fact attempting to heal her love wounds.

However, just three weeks ago, Sina.com had reported that Linda was in good spirits at a charity ball. She even responded in good humor when asked about rumored flame, Philip Ng. When asked whether she wished her significant other to possess good martial arts skills such as Philip, Linda had responded, “That’s a good idea, so he can protect me. However, I am still looking for Mr. Right. Thank you for your concern. My relations with him are very good. As to further development, I wish to preserve my privacy. If we were to date stably, I will definitely reveal it!”

Linda normally maintained a low profile in her love life. With the sudden allegations that Linda and Philip have broken up, she was unable to be reached for comment.

Sources: 21CN.com, 21CN.com
Translated by Jayne@ http://www.jaynestars.com