[News][Pics] All that is Bitter is Sweet Promotion Event 07/09/14

Today, the cast of "All that is Bitter is Sweet" attended their first promotional event. Ruco Chan appeared with a shaved head since he is currently filming "Cheung Po Tsai". As for Raymond Wong, he was unable to attend the event due to tonsillitis.  In response to Raymond's condition, Ruco says that health is the most important and that Raymond should rest more.

At the promotion, Ruco gave Linda Chung a foot massaged.  When asked whether he was afraid of the two generating more rumours when the series air, Ruco said that he is not worry.  He expresses that it is good that there are rumours because it means that his pairing with Linda is well received by the audience.  As for the rumour about "All that is Bitter is Sweet" copying South Korea's hit drama, "Jewel in the Palace", Ruco defended the series saying it resembles more to Hong Kong's 80's series.

Linda's Kissing Scene in Taiwan

Linda also talked about her concerns over Raymond Wong's condition.  She said, "I only found out about it after I finished filming "Gorgeous Turnaround" [華麗轉身] in Taiwan. I hope that he can recover soon." At Taiwan, she filmed a kissing scene with Alex Fong. The scene talked about them being drunk and so Linda drank a bit of alcohol before filming.  The two successfully finished the scene.

Viet Trans: HongKongfilmVietNamfanclub
Translation: Lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.com