[News] Linda Chung Looked Her Worst Like a Zombie in "Brother's Keeper"

Yesterday Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu went back to their primary school to promote for TVB new series Brother's Keeper along with the other cast including Linda Chung, Leanne Li, Louis Cheung and Kristal Tin. It turns out Ruco and Edwin used to be classmates in primary school, they sure do have fate!

Recently, TVB's current broadcasting series aren't doing so well in the TV ratings, it appears grand production Brother's Keeper will have to come to the rescue. When the cast accepted interviews, they expressed they have confidence. Ruco said: "The series is very dramatic, I believe there will be resonance in the audience!" Its been over 10 years since Edwin had been back in his primary school, he explained he didn't know how to get there and was late to the promotion: "I don't know my roads. If I didn't have a GPS, I wouldn't know how to go anywhere! (What about rumored girlfriend Gigi Ho's house?) Where? She moves so often!" Asked if he hopes to get an award based on this series? He said: "Hope to take the 'Best Series' award!"

Linda disclosed she plays a SARS patient in the series, "This is my ugliest look in all of my career, the makeup looks terrifying! When I don't speak, I look like a zombie!" Having a series broadcast near the TVB Anniversary period is an advantage to get the year-end awards, but Linda feels normal about it: "I don't put so much weight on the awards, I just hope the audience enjoys watching the series!"

Louis Cheung said when he was a young student back in 1993, Lan Kwai Fong was crowded with people on New Year's Eve, but he had never been to Lan Kwai Fong before, he urged the students not to go either. The MC Becky Lee teased him: "Boys and girls, you must learn not to tell lies!"

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net