[News] Linda Chung believes she’ll be a little woman whining to future boyfriend

Yesterday Linda Chung and former Olympic gold medalist Lou Yun (gymnast) attended an Olympic event remembering the past medalists. Linda expressed she was pretty athletic back when she was still in school. Volleyball, basketball, track and field, she could do it all. She said: "I was really a tomboy back then, always played ball with my male classmates. It was like I gone crazy, I would get hit and then I go hit others back like it was nothing. My classmates were all afraid of me, and told me to calm down too. So, even if I went to a co-ed school, I didn't date anyone." Asked if she scared a lot of boyfriends away? She said: "No, I was frightening in the past, but as I'm older, I'm not like that anymore. If someone bullies my family, my boldness would come out again."

Linda does not have much dating experience, but she believes she'll be like a little woman in front of her future boyfriend. She said: "Because I'm the youngest in the family, so I'm used to relying on others and have a whinny voice. Hopefully my future husband won't mind me being too attached and won't find me annoying." Asked if rumored boyfriend Phillip Ng thinks she's whinny? She said: "It's just rumors, ask him. There's not much between us."

Source Oriental Daily
Translated by aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

haha I can't imagine Linda being...so bold. Tells us she knows how to defend herself though :) Oh...I believe every girlfriend would be whiny to their boyfriend :P