[News] Linda Chung releases album, Fala Chen can't compare

Linda Chung and Edmond Leung were recording for JSG last night. Linda appeared in a black outfit, and expressed she hopes to have a different image than the past. As she had been busy shooting series, she had not release another music album for nearly half a year. She expressed that her new album will release in March. There will be one song that she wrote herself. Speaking of Fala Chen is to release her debut album soon, is Linda afraid of being compared with her? She said: "This is my 3rd album, how can a 3rd album be compared with a debut album? I have always tried my best, that is enough."

Yesterday Edmond made a special trip to Taiwan to be the guest performer at Eason Chan's concert, he expressed that they will be performing their 1999 duet Tug-A-War. When asked if it would be possible to duet with Eason after several years? He said: "Can be considered. Before it was easier when we were both with Capital Artists, but now we're in different record labels it's going to be rather difficult. (Tell your company to sign him too?) I don't dare to get into it, wait for my company to consider it. (Be the middle-man?) Most afraid, don't get me into it."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/