JSG Best Ten Music Awards Presentation 2010 (Winners List)


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Thoughts: Linda's and Stephanie's song =D Congrats to both Linda and Stephanie!!

Top 10 Gold Songs

01. Ivana Wong - Open Bird Cage (開籠雀)
02. Leo Ku - No Regrets (義海豪情)
03. Miriam Yeung - Dau Ling Jan (斗零踭)
04. Raymond Lam - Until You Can't Find Me (直到你不找我)
05. Andy Hui - Gold Bellen (金鐘罩)
06. Joey Yung - Disfigured (破相)
07. Janice Vidal, JW - What Men Believe (男人信什麼)
08. Justin Lo - Love Test (愛的習慣)
09. Stephanie Cheng - Karaoke Queen (K歌之后)
10. Charlene Choi - Can Put It Down (放得低)

Most Popular Commercial Song Award: Joey Yung - The Wizard of Oz (綠野仙踪)

Newcomer Recommended Star Award: Alfred Hui

Most Popular Newcomers Award
Gold: JW
Silver: Khloe Chu
Bronze: Jinny Ng

Most Popular Mandarin Song Awards
Gold: Joey Yung - Believe This Life Loved Before (信今生愛過)
Silver: A-Lin - Before, After (以前,以後)
Bronze: Sugar Club - My Favorite Sugar (我最愛糖)

Most Popular Singer-Songwriter Award
Gold: Hanjin Tan, MC Jin
Silver: Louis Cheung
Bronze: Jonathan Wong

Most Popular Song Adapataion: Jade Kwan - New Start (重新出發)

Most Popular Group Awards
Gold: RubberBand
Silver: HotCha
Bronze: Benji and Lesley

Most Popular Duets Award
Gold: Raymond Lam, Miriam Yeung - First Meeting (初見)
Silver: Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi - Always Been Here (一直都在)

Bronze: Linda Chung, Stephanie Cheng - Give Love (愛得起)

Outstanding Performance Of The Year Awards
Gold: William Chan
Silver: G.E.M
Bronze: The Voice singers

Most Popular Male Singer: Leo Ku
Most Popular Female Singer: Joey Yung

Asia-Pacific Most Popular HK Male Singer: Raymond Lam
Asia-Pacific Most Popular HK Female Singer: Miriam Yeung

Gold Song Gold Award: Janice Vidal, JW - What Men Believe (男人信什麼)

Behind-the-Scenes Awards

Best Song Producer: Mark Lui (Greatly Unlimited 無限大)
Best Lyrics: Eva Chan (No Regrets 義海豪情)
Best Composition: Hanjin Tan (What Men Believe 男人信什麼)
Best Arrangement: Leung Chi Yam (Chow Sing Ne 周星呢)

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU