[News] Linda Chung Often Going For Body Slimming, Reveals 23-Inch Waist

Linda Chung possesses a slim body figure, besides natural beauty, 'slimming' is tremendously important. She's often visiting the beauty salon for body slimming and her great efforts hve been appreciated by the beauty salon.

The constantly working Linda although does not get enough sleep, she still makes time in her extremely busy schedule to maintain a beautiful body figure by going to the beauty salon for slimming treatment. Also, she has a healthy image, therefore got the Beauty Salon's appreciation and asked her to be their body slimming spokesperson. At the scene, Linda was seen very familiar with the receptionist there, the two were chatting and laughing. Not long after, the receptionist took out a form and studied it with her. Then she took Linda's hand to apply hand lotion on for her, and introduced the newest product to her.

Later, Linda took off her jacket, leaving her with only a black tank top on. Her arms and 23-inch waist were revealed, the staff then did measurements on her waist, arms and thighs. Then Linda took off her shoes to get weighted, she clearly appeared wild with joy and was tremendously satisfied with her body figure.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/