[Update] Upcoming Series in May..

A new producer will produce this upcoming modern drama. His name is 方駿釗 (Fong Chun Chiu). Linda Chung nicknamed the new producer as "Fat Fat Producer". Fong Chun The current confirmed casts are Linda Chung and Helen Ma.

From what Helen Ma said in her Weibo account, this upcoming drama will hold its costume fitting at May 16th.

It consists of 20 episodes.

Note: Fong Chun Chiu is the former script writer for "Man In Charge", "Best Selling Secrets", "Speech of Silence", "Rosy Business", "Beyond the Realm of Conscience", "Can't Buy Me Love", "Bottled Passion", etc.

credits jerebtvb@asianfanatics

Thoughts: argh! I want to know who Linda's co-star is going to be so badly!!! haha :)