[News] Jason Chan promoted to TVB lead actor; Ivana Wong to be in her first TVB series

During the great war in the HK television industry, many artists have moved over to Ricky Wong's new free TV station CTI and there has been a lack of Siu Sang and FaDans within TVB. Of course, TVB won't just sit there and do nothing. The best solution now is to promote their 'own people', following Natalie Tong and Sire Ma taking on lead actress roles, handsome and healthy image actor Jason Chan (Chi San) is also being heavily promoted.

Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui are seen in 90% of TVB's series. However, to compete with the future competitors, TVB will of course have to first put out their 'own people' policy and promote the 'second line' artists.

TVB is now targeting the one who possesses a filial image, Jason Chan. With his success in last year's sitcom Be Home For Dinner, Jason accepted two series and three endorsements shortly after in which he rapidly gained 6 figures in one breath. Since TVB is currently lacking Siu Sangs and Jason is favored by TVB's two executives Catherine Tsang and Virgina Lok, he rapidly gets named as the next 'first line' Siu Sang. Late May, Jason will be starting his first series as a lead actor in new modern series Ferris Wheel Happiness, pairing up with Linda Chung.

In regards to the news of becoming lead actor, Jason frankly expressed he feels blessed: "Since my debut in 2006, my progression had been going pretty well. TVB gave me a lot of opportunities. From the hosting job on the TVB Pearl channel, to shooting series on TVB Jade, the jobs have just been coming continuously. I personally didn't have too many down times, I know some colleagues that didn't get any jobs for several months, I just feel I'm very fortunate. I really want to thank Miss Lok, but I also feel very nervous taking on the lead role for the first time. I'm worried I can't do it, and this is my first time collaborating with Linda. I don't know how our chemistry will be like. However, of course I will try my best to try out different roles and opportunities. I hope my acting in the future will be like Ah Mo (Moses Chan) and Ah Fung (Raymond Lam)." Jason might have a youthful look, but it turns out he's already 35 years old and is only starting to become a Siu Sang now, does he feel it's rather late? He said: "Although I am not considered young, I still have a baby face. Since I've entered the industry, I learned a lot. Perhaps its because I entered the industry late, so I have mature thoughts and whenever an opportunity comes, I will grasp it and do even better."

Aside from TVB's own people, it was said during the series production preparation, the producers are courageously using new faces. Just like Roger Kwok, Joey Meng and Wong Cho Lam's new comedy series Cousin, You Are Good, the search for a female lead had been going on for a while. It was said, Wong Cho Lam saw Ivana Wong's musical performance and immediately recommended her to the producer. Results, she was successfully recruited into the cast. Regarding this, producer Wong Wai Sing admitted: "I did indeed watch her musical. I saw how freely she portrayed the HK Girl role in the music and is different from her usual image. It was truly an eye-opener, but Ivana was reluctant at first because she has never been in a series after all. Later, she learned her role will be a music college graduate and likes to compose music, which is similar to herself and she'll be collaborating with the two artists that treats newcomers well, Wong Cho Lam and Roger Kwok, so she eventually decided to take part in this series."

Source: Mingpao Weekly, TVBChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/