[News] Linda Chung gets 'groaning skills' advice from Bobby Au Yeung


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At the TVB series House of Harmony and Vengeance promotional event yesterday, the ratings for last week were announced. Last week, the average was 30 points and peaked at 34 points. In episode 15, there was a bed scene with Linda Chung and Bobby Au-Yeung after being drugged. When the drugs kicked in, Linda started groaning: "So hot!" Then she said to Bobby while giving him a hug: "I want it!". Netizens turned this part of the scene into a spoof, a 10 second clip called "Brainwashed Linda Chung Groaning". Some Netizens said the clip insulted Linda! Yesterday at the promotion, everyone made Linda into a joke. Bobby claimed he taught Linda how to do the groaning. Linda laughed and said she learned a lot from him and praised how good of a teacher Bobby was. She said: "Thanks to Bobby's teachings, that time there were some areas I didn't know how to portray. I would have never thought there would be such a big reaction when it broadcasts. In fact, that day when we were filming, we were laughing so hard our stomachs were hurting. As for me, I have little experience in this area, Bobby is full of experiences, so I went to ask him for advice." She said she's not upset with Netizens' behavior, but she won't recommend audience focusing too much on this aspect.

As for exposing her 'career line' in the series, Linda frankly expressed in usual days she shows "a little", and she does not mind healthy sex appeal. When asked how her boyfriend sees it? Linda said: "Huh? If I had a boyfriend, he can have an opinion and if it's not too over, I should be happy."

It was reported Bobby's wife went to HK Sanatorium & Hospital to seek assistance from an infertility doctor? Bobby said: "I don't know whether or not she went to that hospital, but sometimes when I have the cold or flu, I would go too. Actually, I don't want children. If we wanted children, we would have had one earlier on, and won't have to wait until now. We have consensus already, it's better for us to play with other people's children." When speaking of a magazine reporting that Michael Tse had an affair behind his wife's back? Bobby laughed and said he doesn't have enough guts to do that: "Mrs. Tse is beautiful and powerful, I believe Michael won't make unnecessary sacrifices."

Source: Mingpao, The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/