[News/Pics] Linda Chung Wears Jewelry Worth 300 Million HKD

Linda Chung appeared at a jewelry showcase wearing a jade Guanyin that's worth 300 million HKD. She was constantly touching it, worrying that it's going to fall off because it's quite heavy. Still, Linda thinks the piece of jewelry is very pretty. She then revealed that her mom loves jade and has save some as a dowry for her daughter.

A few days ago Linda went to Guam Island for a photo shoot. When asked, Linda said that she wore a bikini but also had on layers of fabric because the photo shoot focuses on the feelings of happiness, not the body. Since Guam Island is full of sunshine and sandy beaches, of course she couldn't go into the water with something like a sweatshirt on. The most enticing shots of Linda will likely be her eyes since the rest of her body was underwater the whole time. Will rumoured boyfriend, Philip Ng, complain about her wearing a bikini? Linda awkwardly replied, "Don't know how to answer." As for the photos, she says that they will be release in July and the money that she earned from the job will be donated.

Original Source: http://orientaldaily.on.cc
Vietnamese Translation: longan@http://forum.dienanh.net/
Translated by Lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

Pictures credit: WoSoLoo@wosoloo.mygallery.biz