[Announcement] Send in Your Messages!! xD

The previous post about the idea: http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/2013/04/poll-gift-for-linda-chung.html
Hey guys! Thanks for all the positive feedbacks of the idea! Now that we've got everybody on the boat, let's start sending in the messages!!! :D hehee

***pictures above:  The very, very, very basic outline of the booklet (which I will bind in the messages later on).  It will obviously be decorated later (pics of Linda, borders etc)...but I'm going to be decorating the cover last :)  Aim to put together the messages first :D  

Also the two glass cello bottles on the right; I will be filling them up with stars for Linda too :)  Or what else do you guys think I should do with them?

'Form': please fill it out and send it into me at lynnetvbhorizon@gmail.com :)  Deadline would be the end of April!  But if you can, please send it in asap? :D
Age (optional): 
What animal would you be? Why? (optional):  (read about this below) 
LOVELOVELOVE: (read about this below) 
Message: (can be typed or written (scan - please ensure that the writings on your scan are clearly visible)) No limit on length. 
Picture of You: (absolutely optional.  I am going to put my photo on there, so I added this in just in case any other fans may want to share their picture with Linda.  It does not have to be of you either...maybe your pet if you want :) )
More info:
I think Linda would love to know about you guys too :)

1) What animal would you be? Why?
Haha this can tell her alot about who you are :)

Example: I would describe myself as a turtle. Though I would not say I am particularly 'wise', but I do try my best to learn from others. Turtles are slow at times and that's something that really fits me. My reactions are quite slow and I cannot act quickly on my feet. Another feature of the turtle is that when it's scared, it would hide into it's shell. I do that too when I am scared to try something new. Haha but the most important factor of all is the fact that I love turtles! It's my favourite animal :P

Linda often writes on her weibo about the blessings she sees in her DAILY lives; what are yours?

Example: Mine? Coming home everyday to eat my mom's cooking and the accompany of my shit-szu!

3) Other 'stuff': Got anything else? Questions?  Please tell me :)


  1. IDEA! Since you have two cellos, you can put stars in one and in the other little tiny scrolls with our favourite quotes or Bible verses for Linda to read :) (not sure if that's too much work for you though!)

    Also, for the animal, lovelovelove and message, do you want that all together?

    Can I mail you a handwritten piece for you to paste in the booklet? (if you tell me booklet size, I will make it fit the page :)) but will also send scanned version in case it doesn't arrive in time? :3

    1. That's a good idea! Though I think I'll only do quotes...cause I do not know any Bible verses :]

      Umm....all the stuff can be sent together in the email, except the message, which yes...you can mail it to me :D haha email me your....email? lols we'll talk more there x] The message can be 13cm by 15cm :D

  2. aww the glass bottle cellos are perfect! it's going to be amazing!
    haha and yes I was wondering if like Michelle I could actually mail you my message for you to stick in, I'll email you aswell :)

  3. This is a verse from the bible i learn today and i really like it, and off course i really want to share with linda

    Philippians 4: 6-7 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

    "I always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus." - 1 Corinthians 1:4 (this one i find on internet :D)

    1. Thanks for sharing the verses with us Phoebe :) I will write then down....and on the back, will write that they were shared by you :)

      (will be doing the same things for quotes shared by other :D)

  4. Name: Angie Wan
    I'm 17 years old, but I first remembered watching Linda Chung in the TVB drama << Legend of the Demigods >>.
    Country: U.S. and more specific Oregon

    Animal: Maybe I'd like to be a cat. I can be loved because I'm cute, soft, and curious. I can climb to different places, either outside or indoors.

    Although I haven't been on the Weibo site other than being able to browse through Weibo pics fans post on facebook or tumblr, I can still read Linda's messages translated from Chinese to English. I wish I could read Chinese but I have to stick with English for now.

    LOVELOVE: With each day, think about something special in your lives. There's gotta be something - like that door the stranger held out for you when you were a few feet away.

    Jars ideas: I first thought of pebbles, painted rocks, stones and rings. The stars idea is a great idea!

  5. A message to Linda Ka Yan
    Name: Ka Yan
    Hey we have the same Chinese name!:)
    Country: Australia :)
    Animal: I want to be a dog because they are loyal and charming. They can be fun and serious sometime.
    LOVELOVELOVE: My blessing for each day is to live to the fullest and make no regrets. This is your life, make it count.
    I like you Linda, you're amazing. I really like you in Witness Insecurity! :)
    Please come to Australia, its a beautiful country :)

  6. Name:Choo shyn yuen 朱心缘 country:M'sia. Started to be a fan of you since moonlight resonance!Animal:i want a poodle because i find that thy are so cute!.LoveLoveLove:Enjoy your life to the fullest ! And be yourself no matter what....this is your life not others......so make sure u live it the way u want! .....and please come to malaysia more often.......if you are really hving a concert in jan 2014 in m'sia... ill definitely be going!

  7. My god you guys have short messages to linda!!! Mine is like an essay!!!! hahaha... LIke 5 times a long as most of you!!! I hope Linda won't fall asleep!! haha

  8. A message to Linda Chung
    Name : Michelle Yam
    Age : 37
    Country : Malaysia
    Animal : Rabbit , i would address me as rabbit cos am vegetarian .. rabbit gives me a feel cute and sweet and i do felt Linda is just as sweet and cute as rabbit too. :)
    Love Love Love : Everyday wake up with a happy smile is .
    So , Linda first appearance to me is from Heart Of Greed ( Siong Joy Sum ) i really love her in the series .. she is cute and sweet ! wonder when could watch Linda pair with Moses again just as cute as in the series HEart Of Greed , but me personally , among so many siu sang pair with you, the most i like on screen couple will be you and Bosco Wong :) you both really awwsome in Witness In Security , Gem Of Life and Moonlight ! next look forward to watch movie Linda Chung and all of ur songs is great , Love Love Love your song :)

  9. A message to Linda Chung
    Name: Kelly Ngu
    Age: 18
    Country: United States, California
    Love Love Love: Every morning I try to wake up with a smile
    Linda first appearance was from Virtues of Harmony which was her first drama that she airs in and shes still one of my favorite hong kong actress. I like you Linda from every drama that she airs in because she has different role each year. Nonetheless, i really love your album. Hoping to hear from you in the future.