[News] Linda Chung No Longer Wants to be Addressed as "BB"


Yesterday Linda Chung attended a Metro radio event with Alfred Hui, Jinny Ng and Hanjin Tan. She just celebrated her 29th birthday a few days ago. Her birthday wish was good health for all the people she loves and everything goes smoothly for them. She said: "I got a lot of candles, bananas, and some kitchen utensils birthday gifts because I just started learning how to cook. In the past, I just knew how to make cake and instant noodles." Asked if the everyone she loves include Philip Ng? She said: "All my friends!" Asked if Philip celebrated with her? Linda expressed "Private party remains private." She did not want to comment.

Linda was in a great mood yesterday at the event, she joked: "This year is my 19th birthday, I will be 19 forever. I hope to maintain a youthful and geniune state, regardless of my age. (Everyone calls you Linda BB?) There has been a lot more BBs recently, even Lana Wong is a BB. There are so many now, I don't want to be called BB anymore, I want to be an adult."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net