[News] Linda Chung Exposes that TVB Cars Have No Seatbelts

Linda Chung (left) is a VIP guest for the ribbon-cutting ceremony

Linda Chung was at Central yesterday for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a fashion chain, and Jacquelin Chong was there for a fashion show of the 2012 Spring-Summer range. Lately, Linda, who has been filming the TVB Drama , says that behind-the-scenes crew were involved in a traffic accident the previous day on the way. She also received a message from a PA saying that they were injured and admitted to the hospital. Luckily, the wounds were only superficial. She frankly spoke that the company cars have no seat belts installed, so when she is in the car she does not dare to fall asleep.

Source: 21cn, http://et.21cn.com/t.../10084385.shtml
Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage

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Linda brought to light that she is required to film during the Christmas season, and the drama's behind-the-scenes crew were in an accident earlier, but fortunately they only sustained minor injuries. After this incident, she does not dare to fall asleep on the minibus, and hopes for a peaceful and safe new year. As to 'Luk Shuk' Mr Run Run Shaw retiring in glory, Linda has only congratulations, and is extremely grateful for his contributions to the entertainment industry. However, she has not officially made any contact with Chan Kwok Keung, the official successor. She hopes that she will be able to get a salary increase, and hopes that the company's 24 minibuses will have seat belts installed.

Source: 21cn, http://et.21cn.com/s.../10082592.shtml
Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage