[Pics/Clips] International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship

Lols Poor Linda had to hold in her laughter when Jason Chan and Anderson Junior wrestled to throw each other shoes off the stage :P haha I laughed throughout the whole clip....dunno how Linda managed to hold in hers! haha With Jason there...knew that there were going to be a few laughs since he's such a big ball of sunshine xD course there's the comedian Anderson Junior too!

I thought it was so funny when the two rolled on the floor and in the end, Linda had to step off stage to escape their grasps :P haha xD This video made my day!

video credits jcywu@youtube

Pictures credits World TV Limited's FB

More Videos credits DEARCHlANG@youtube


  1. Love Jason Chan. SO funny! Love how they tried to get each other shoes off. And the fact that Jason pretend that he got shot. So funny! Love Jason Chan!