[News] 5 questions with ... Linda Chung

SINGAPORE — TVB actress Linda Chung has stolen the hearts of many with her sweet demeanour and girl-next-door roles. So when the 29-year-old donned a bikini for her latest commercial and her yet-to-be-published photobook, it naturally caused a stir. But those hoping that Chung will shed her virginal image will be left disappointed.

“Only my head will be shown while my body is still in the water,” she said of the pictures in the book. And if all goes well, Chung would like to set up her charity foundation with proceeds from the book.

“There are too many unhappy incidents in April — Boston, Sichuan ... I thought maybe I could share the profits of the book if it does well, and this is my first step.” VINCENT LEE

Were there any concerns about your Slim Beauty advertisement because you’ve always been seen as the girl-next-door?

Linda Chung: Why, was I frightening? I should pass you a photograph of me when I was 19 and took part in the Miss Chinese International Pageant because I wore the same red bikini! I don’t think that this is unusual or that I’m spoiling my image. But for the audience who are more familiar with my obedient-girly look, they would think that “Oh dear! What happened to Linda Chung? Why is she going all out or has she changed?” But I haven’t! I feel that the advertisement represents the female’s curves and there’s nothing unusual about one being in a bikini.

How does it feel to put on the bikini for the public again?

When I was 19, I felt very weird and nervous — I was very shy like “Oh don’t look at me, don’t look at me!” But now, I guess I exude a certain sense of confidence. Girls should not be scared. When you’re overseas, it’s actually very normal to wear a bikini to the beach.

Compare your personal style back then and now.

Back then, I was very obedient and shy. I didn’t even go out at night! I’m a nerd and I wore huge spectacles and was always in overalls — as if I had nothing to wear! I’m more confident after joining showbiz. I’ve learnt from stylists and I’m more experimental.

What are some of your beauty secrets?

Avoid food that is too oily or salty, moisturise your skin and get enough sleep. I try to minimise having make-up when I’m out. I think that you don’t have to pile on a lot of make-up if your skin is good. If I really need to, I will just apply some BB cream and chapstick, and I’ll be good to go.

What beauty product is essential to you?

Sunblock is very important, especially in Singapore and Hong Kong to prevent drying of your skin and causing dark spots.

Credit: Vincent Lee at http://www.todayonline.com/