[News] Yoyo Mung Praises Linda Chung's Sincere Acting


Yoyo Mung did an interview with NowTV's show, "Vinci's Code". After ending her contract with TVB, this is Yoyo's first time working at a different station and she states that her manager will be managing her contract renewals while she focuses on other things. Not wanting to think too much about it, Yoyo has been trying to find other interests. Recently she found out that people can plant rice in Hong Kong and there are even classes for it. Hoping to gain more knowledge while she's still young, Yoyo also expressed her desires to further her studies. There are also times when she wants to go out to the sea with Ekin Cheng. As of recent though, Yoyo have been planting potatoes in her backyard and playing mahjong with her mother-in-law.

During Yoyo's leisure time the best thing to do is watch TV and after watching "Office of Practical Jokes", she highly praised Linda Chung's acting. She said, "After watching Linda's acting, it was so unexpected. Her scared expressions were very real. Afterwards she said that she have 3 hamsters; can tell how successful her acting is from that. I really wanted to text her to tell her how great she was."

In addition, Yoyo was asked if she has any plans of having children. She said, "Still thinking. Most important is about finding a school, HK's education system...Currently have 3 cats in the house to play with me. I'm scared that after having children, they won't listen to me."

Source: sharpdaily, on.cc
Viet translation: longan@http://forum.dienanh.net/
English Translation by Lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/