Linda's Message Booklet

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR MESSAGES!!!  I REALLY APPRECIATED IT AND I BET LINDA DOES TOO :D  Hopefully Linda Chung Thoughts can continue to work on projects like this in the future :) haha
As many of you guys have seen beforehand already, this is the cover of the book!  And if you take a look at the second image, it surprisingly came out a lot thicker than I expected it too :P

-The first page on the left.  Ignore the horrible black writing though.  (Found out that day that I cannot free-write.)
- Flipping the green page from the previous image, on the back is actually an envelope.  One fan should recognize this? :P  Also the message aside it; the picture above was submitted by a fan along with her message.

- Onto the next page.
- The image of Linda from "Legend of the Demigods" actually flaps open because the message was longer.  (I just forgot to take a picture of it.)
- ALSO you may have noticed that if you've submitted in a personal photo, they will also be blocked in the upcoming images too.

- The page afterwards...

- Next...
- Notice once again the odd shape of the blue page ("thankU") is due to the fact that on it's back is an envelope.

- Next page....
- btw that is Linda and Ji sung.  I DID NOT realize that the pictures I chose of them turned out to be matching until I printed them off :P  Such a nice coincidence? haha

- Next...
- The message on the right; if you notice it, the lower part is actually an envelop.  Inside it is the fan's message :D

- I think this was my favourite page....lols my creativity just flew here.  Love the stick person x)
- The page where the stick girl is on actually opens to the message, since the message was quite long :P haha

- Next...
- Once again another flap and an envelope.
- Messages in the envelopes were the longer ones.

- Next page...
- A bigger envelope this time haha.  A fan scanned her message to me. 2 pages :)

- Next...
- One fans message on the top and another's in the envelop beneath.  The message underneath was actually a photoshopped message sent by the fan :)
- Also underneath you can see some sticky notes.  These were some quotes Michelle sent to me.  Unfortunately, there were only a few used...and I've also missed the ones mentioned by some others :(  Sorry guys!!! OTL

- Next page...
- the heart....pulling on that heart opens up the message :)

- As you may have noticed, the pages seems to have gotten duller and duller...that is because I soon got tired of gluing =.=;;;;;
- the images on the right were also suppose to be on colored paper and stuff....but that sadly did not happen.  Same goes for the picture beneath.

- The last two messages were mine and another friend.  I actually didn't write it until the day of the failure there.  And linda0409 was there to witness it all ^^;;;;;  I tend to leave things till the last minute...that's why I did 1/3 of it the night before...OTL

SO!!  I hope that you guys like it....and hopefully Linda liked it too :3  If anybody here have a chance, please ask her if she liked it.  Since she had to go to Toronto right after, I'm afraid that she may have left it in Vancouver and may not have seen it yet...but either way, was soo happy just to be able to give it to her :) hehe


  1. That's look SUPER DUPER HUPER AWSOME buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much :D

  2. Your AWSOME!! :D I love love love it! ;) Great job Lynne! :D

  3. The scrapebook looks amazing!! haha and same here it's much thicker that i would have imagined which is great! love all the pages inside so creative, haha Lynne you do have a creative eye and talent! I wouldn't have done better haha,like the envelopes they are brilliant! :D hehe i think I know what page mine is on :P Thanks Lynne sooo much for putting it all together!

  4. you did an awesome job!!! Thanks so much for your effort! Linda will be so happy to read it!

  5. wow.. thanks so much , i think so not only Linda wil love this note books, even i do love it so much :)

  6. THANK YOU GUYS!!!! I'm very glad to hear that all of you like it so much :D hehe crossing my fingers and hoping that Linda does too!!!

    Once again, thank you for sending in all your messages <3

    Lynne :D