[News] Rumored with Jason Chan, Linda Chung Claims: "Johnson Lee is my Boyfriend"

Linda Chung (Linda BB) was crying severely on Johnson Lee's Office of Practical Jokes, but turns out it was all an act, she fooled everyone. Netizens and friends from the industry praised her great acting and supported her to become the next TV Queen. Popularity will always come with gossips. It was recently reported she and rumored boyfriend Philip Ng broke up, and her new love interest is rising TVB Siu Sang Jason Chan. Despite all the rumors, Linda was still all smiles, and even dragged Johnson into the water. She also didn't forget to promote for her upcoming photo book to release in July and her mini concert in August. Linda BB is a big girl now, she knows how to grasp onto opportunities to get promoted to a 'goddess'.

Earlier, while shooting for TVB series Missing You, Linda reportedly kept in touch with the TVB 'seun poon' (best deal) Jason Chan more often and apparently the two have been dating in low-profile for the past six months. However, many are fighting over this 'seun poon', Jason previously had rumors with Sarah Song, Lily Ho, Becky Lee and most recently with "Wa Wa" Sire Ma. The many angle relationship is just too complicated. It was said Jason drove Linda BB to her Tseung Kwan O home and were spotted directly by reporters. Linda BB appeared embarrassed at the time.

Yesterday reporters contacted Linda BB, but she did not seem bothered by the rumors at all. She laughed and said its rare for her rumor to be on the headlines. She thought the new rumor was really funny and believes its due to Office of Practical Jokes. Linda BB joked: "Johnson Lee is my actual boyfriend! I already said that on the show!" Linda BB expressed Jason took her home after the Missing You promotional event, which happened six months ago. At the time, Jason was driving a group of colleagues home, and she happened to get off at the last stop. She added she frequently rides with her colleagues home, Jason is not the only one who had taken her home before. When reporters were taking photos, she had a wide smile on her face, there was no embarrassment at all. This time, the rumor did not upset her, actually she thought its a cute rumor. She expressed she and Jason are good buddies and she understands the nature of the entertainment circle, that one must keep their distance, but excessive worrying can get too difficult.

When speaking of Linda BB's other rumored boyfriend Philip Ng, did they break up already? She said: "I had always been happy. (The relationship is ok?) Whether the relationship is ok or not, I am not responding. After all, you all do not have to worry about me." She expressed any questions relating to Philip Ng, it is better for him to answer them himself.

Linda BB is going to launch a new photo book at this year's Book Fair, she hopes to take this opportunity to let people get to know her more. In the book, she disclosed a secret odd behavior of hers.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net